1 Day Hakka Discovery Tour

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Tour Highlights

  • Hexing Station Landscape Park
  • Neiwan Branch Railway Line (Hexing to Zhudong Station)
  • Zhudong Cultural & Creative Park
  • Hakka Food Tasting at Zhudong Tradional Market* (incl. 3 kinds of food)
  • Historical and Culture Walking Tour at Beipu Old Street
  • Hakka Lei Tea DIY Experience
  • Seasonal Fruit Picking (Optional: NT$100 p.p.)

 *If Zhudong Traditional Market is closed on travel date, other tour stops will be arranged.


Hexing Railway Station: The power of love that keeps the journey continues...

Neiwan Branch Railway Line: First railway constructed by Taiwanese after Retrocession of Taiwan

Zhudong Traditional Market: The largest Hakka traditional market in Taiwan over 60 years.

Xiao Rusong Art Park: A beautiful Japanese style building which is belong to a famous artist.

Beipu Old Street: Beipu is a Hakka township in the west of Hsinchu County.  Many buildings dated back to Qing dynasty and Japanese Colonial Era are still well preserved around the local belief center: Beipu Citian Temple.  One of the historical buildings, Jin Guang Fu House not only functioned as an office in charge of land development, but symbolized the cooperation between migrants from Guangdong and Fujian at that time.  Its role is very similar to "The East India Company" in Western history.

Lei Tea: A traditional Hakka drink made by grinding pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds, tea leaves and other food ingredients softly blended with hot water.  Easy to make and nutrition rich makes it like an energy drink to the Hakka people back in the old days.

Seasonal Fruit Picking: Taiwan is a "Kingdom of Fruits".  Fresh fruits are available all year round.  Get some freshly picked seasonal fruits, bring them back home with warmth and hospitality of Hakka people.


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Price guide

Adult: AU$130
Child: AU$105
Product Code: T1DDB
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Duration: 10 hours
Departure: Daily
Meet Up Time: 7:30-8:00AM  
Pick Up & Drop Off:

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Child Rate is applicable when child is under 12 years old. 

Prices listed are correct as at 11 JAN 2019, but may change without notice due to exchange rate fluctuations.  



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