Taiwan 4th Most Desirable travel destination in Asia

Taiwan ranks as the fourth most desirable destination in the Asia Pacific region among people who plan to travel in the next six months, according to a recent MasterCard International survey.

Hong Kong was the top choice for such travelers, followed by Singapore, New Zealand and Taiwan, the biannual survey on travel trends in the Asia Pacific region showed.

The other destinations on the top 10 list were the Philippines, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and China.

The survey, which was conducted between March 15 and April 12, showed that most Taiwanese travelers prefer short regional tours, with 92 percent of them picking countries in the Asia Pacific region as their most desirable destination.

The top two destinations for Taiwanese travelers are Japan, as indicated by 57 percent of the respondents, and China, selected by 27 percent.

According to the survey, Asia Pacific consumers are now more willing to spend money on travel as the economy in the region has been rebounding, and one in four consumers in the region is planning to take an overseas vacation in the next six months.

Taiwan was listed as the third most desirable destination among travelers from Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

Some 20 percent of the Chinese respondents said they would like to travel to Taiwan, which was a 7 percent jump from the previous MasterCard survey.

(Source: 17 June 2010)

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