2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Historical Town of Lukang

The 2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival got under way in Changhua County Jan. 29, with major cities across the country joining forces to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

“Taking place at three separate venues in Lugang, this year’s festival will see the quaint historical town decorated with thousands of beautifully crafted lanterns,” Changhua Magistrate Cho Po-yuan said at the opening ceremony.

Running through Feb. 19, the 23rd edition of the festival is expected to draw over 5 million visitors to the Central Taiwan township, sources said.

Lugang, famous for its temple culture, was an important trading port in the 18th and 19th centuries. At the height of its influence, Lugang was the second largest city in Taiwan.

Southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City lit up with its own version of the Lantern Festival Jan. 27 with a water show and fireworks at the harbor city’s docks.

“The lights will pave the way from the riverbank downtown to the mountainous Qishan District,” said Mayor Chen Chu. Water lanterns will be seen floating on the Love River for the first time, bringing good luck to the citizens, she added. The Kaohsiung festivities will continue through Feb. 6.

In Taipei, National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, featuring an enormous dragon-themed lantern, will be the main venue for celebrations from Feb. 2 to 12. The world’s largest virtual lantern will be projected outside Taipei City Hall, resembling the Louvre Pyramid by day and a flying dragon at night.

The Lantern Festival, the traditional culmination to the Lunar New Year period, takes place on the 15th day of the first month of the year in the lunar calendar. The festival falls on Feb. 6 this year.

Lukang is a historic town located in the western county of Changhua. The Tourism Bureau announced that Lukang will host the 2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival. According to the bureau, Lukang was selected for its rich history, folk customs and architectural assets.

Year 2012 will be the Year of Dragon, and the main lantern next year will be in the form of a dragon. The traditional and modern Lukang will be blended to transformed this historic town into a fascinating lantern wonderland, combining floriculture and lantern festival.

The 2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be occupying the Lukang Old Street next to Tienhou Temple and Zhongshan Old Street. The entire venue will covers an area of 22.35 hectares, and feature a number of display zones. It is expected to attract over five million domestic visitors and nearly a hundred thousand overseas tourists descended upon the venue.
(Source: FEB2011)

Lukang Welcome Warm Up Party for 2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival
To promote the tourism in Lukang and warm up for the 2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival, Changhua County Government invites 500 foreigners to be the ambassadors of promoting Lukang to the international. They will start their journey in Lukang and experience the life, culture and delicacies. The county government had a welcome party on August 5 in Lukang and had 139 ambassadors from 16 countries.

Changhua County government indicated that in order to show people the attraction of Lukang, there are many new routes and trips that lead you to explore the place. The featured route is to visit temples, art village and Lukang old street etc. Tourists can have all the fun in one time by visiting Lukang.

The ambassadors will share their experiences via internet and promote the town. The county government would like to use different perspectives to attract more tourists, and make the town become the new spotlight of the central area.
(Source: Aug 2011)


Lukang (literally "Deer Harbour") is an urban township in northwestern Changhua County, Taiwan. The township is on the west coast of Taiwan, facing the Taiwan Strait. The township's name came from the port's trade of deerskins during the Dutch colonial period. Its old Taiwanese name was Lo̍k-á-káng. Lukang was an important sea port in the 18th century and 19th century. It was the most populous city in central Taiwan until the early 20th century. In 2011, the Ministry of Interior decided to keep the historical Wade-Giles spelling (Lukang), and abandon the change to the Pinyin spelling (Lugang) that had been gradually taking place since Taiwan switched to Pinyin in 2009.



Where is Lukang in Taiwan?
File:Taiwan ROC political division map Changhua County.svg

Images of Lukang Changhua Taiwan

File:Lukang Lung-shan Temple 2004.jpg


Longshan Temple, Lukang Changhua Taiwan 

File:Lugang Koo's House.JPG

Koo's Family Old House in Central Lukang Taiwan

2011 Taiwan Lantnern Festival in Miaoli

Sky Lantern in Pingxi






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The Lantern Festival is held each year in a different county or city on the 15th of the first month on the lunar calendar. As an event with prominent cultural and local folk features, the event always draws participation by both local and foreign visitors and is an important tourist draw. During the night tens of thousands of colorful lanterns hang out for appreciation and children go temples to carry the paper lanterns and solve riddles on the lanterns. While the mainland Chinese celebrates as Yuan Xiao Festival, the Taiwanese have stayed true to the ancient rituals and rites of these impressive celebrations. Experience Taiwan Lantern Festival with TaiwanHolidays.com.au tours.

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