2017 Christmas Holiday in Taiwan 10 Days Amazing Tour

Day 1 - Departure from Australia
Depart flight from Sydney/ Brisbane / Melbourne, Australia with China Airlines CI56 22:10 to Taiwan.
Day 2 - Arrive Taiwan / Sun Moon Lake / Puli / Chiayi (B/L/D)
B: Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast
L: Oriental Lunch at lakeside restaurant
D: Taiwanese Gourmet at East Garden

On arrival into Taipei International Airport at approx 5AM in the morning, you will be met by your friendly Taiwan Holidays & Travel Tour Guide who will greet you at the Taipei Airport lobby. 
You will be served traditional Taiwanese Breakfast, then be transfered to Nantou, where Sun Moon Lake is located. It is Taiwan's largest lake with the east side shaped like "Sun", and West side shaped like "Moon", hence the name "Sun Moon Lake". Sightseeing around the area includes:  famous Wenwu Temple and Literature Warrior Temple dedicated to Confucius as Master of Pen and to Kuan Ti as Master of Sword, Holy Monk Shrine and Peacock Garden. After touring round Sun Moon Lake, you will be transfered to the "Taiwanese Gourmet Restaurant" to have lunch, then depart for "Nine Aboriginal Tribes Culture Village" to see the shows and beautiful garden of the theme park and Aboriginal culture village. Experience Sun Moon Lake Sky Ropeway (1878m length) for the beautiful panoramic view of the lake. Tonight you will stay at Chiayi City, there is a night market near your 5 star hotel.
Hotel: Maison de Chine Hotel, Chiayi (5*) 

Day 3 - Chiayi / Alishan / Kaohsiung (B/L/X)
B: Buffet Breakfast at Hotel
L: Alishan Gourmet at Alishan House
D: Liuho Night Market (your own expense)

After breakfast, you will depart for the  "Eight Wonders of Taiwan - Alishan", which is located at the end of the Alishan Forest Railway. If the weather permits, you will be able to see the eternal sea of clouds and sunrise on Jhushan after an early morning walk through a spectacular landscapes of valleys and trails. Sightseeings around the Alishan National Scenic Area including: Cherry Blossom (Season: Mar-Apr), Sister Lake, Zhaoping Park, Sochun Temple, Old Alishan Tree Site, Eternity Bridge, Alishan High Mountain Tea Farm, ... just to name a few. 
After the experience the amazing Alishan,  you will be transferred to Kaohsiung City, where will have the City Tour of Kaohsiung, see the largest industrial harbor - Kaohsiung Harbor in Taiwan, and the second busiest harbor in Asia. Visit: Shiziwan, Former British Consulate over looking the Kaohsiung Harbour. In the evening, you will visit "Liuho Night Market", to taste the Taiwanese Gourmet (your own expense), desserts and snacks. You will visit the famous "Love River" which is now renowned for its café culture and night tour which are popular among local couples for a romantic night. Tonight you will stay at the brand new 5 star hotel in Kaohsiung City next to Lotus Lake &
 Kaohsiung Park and night market.      

Hotel: Garden Villa Hotel, Kaohsiung (5*)

Day 4 - Kaohsiung / Kenting / Taitung (B/L/D)
B: Buffet Breakfast at Hotel
L: Fresh Kenting Seafood
 Local Taitung Gourmet

After breakfast, the tour will depart for for today's exciting journey towards the east side of Taiwan. Today's highlight for many visit Taiwan is a visit to Kenting National Park, undoubtedly one of the most beautifully reserved natural forest in Taiwan. It is located in south of Taiwan with popular beach bordering on the tropical region of Taiwan where palm tree, banana trees, sugar cane and surfing beach are part of the scene. It's an excellent place for swim, surf, and dive. Other sightseeings will be visited today are the southernmost tip of Taiwan,  "Maopitou" (named after the shape of cat-nose-like rock.) &
 'Sail Rock'. The coast of coral reef is worth a visit for land-reforms which strongly affected by wave erosions, efflorescence, and salt-soaking. The natural landscape like wave erosion caves, ditches, and pillars are amazing, sea view here is attractive and very enjoyable. The Oluanpi Light House will also be visited (it is the world's first military equipped light house). We then continue to Taitung via the Scenic Southern Link Highway. Overnight at Taitung and enjoy a relaxing 'water therapy spa" at the 5 star hotel in Taitung.

Hotel: Naruwan Hotel, Taitung (5*)

Day 5 - Taitung / East Coast National Scenic Area / Hualien (B/L/D)
B: Buffet Breakfast at Hotel
L: RuiShi Dairy Farm Gourmet Meal
D: Hualien Gourmet at Hotel

After Breakfast at the hotel, we will drive to "Tainan Aboriginal Beinan Cultural Village" it is the site where the Neolithic Beinan People who live here 2000-3000 years ago, BC civil human evidences have been found. Then we will drive thru the HuaTong Mt Route, to visit Luye Hill (Luje Gaotai) located in the mesmerizing East Rift Valley Scenic Area filled by high mountains, hills, terraces, and plains, providing an ideal location for hot air ballongs. Luye Hill is also fames for its tea, one may find the fileds down the hill are most likely tea plantation. In addition, it is a popular spot for paragliding and camping. We will stop at RuiSui Dairy Farm where you will able to see the Taiwanese dairy farmers at work, and taste the famous RuiShi Gourmet Lunch. All ingredients are freshly grown from the RuiSui Farm including the frshest milk from the cow. As you hold up a cup of fresh milk, and sit outdoor alfrsco area, you can enjoy the coffee, pure fresh air in the beautiful scenery.
 where we will stop at: “Butterfly Valley” which is abundance with beautiful landscape and natural environment. It's just the perfect essence to a perfect relaxing vacation and well renowned butterfly sceneries. Here you can enjoy an unique natural experience and amazing comfortable sensation Outdoor Hot Spring & Spa in the deluxe Butterfly valley Resort. Afternoon visit Historical GuanFu Sugar Factory & Aboriginal Amei Tribe Culture Centre. Tonight you will be overnight at Hualien City.

Hotel: Chateau De Chine Hotel, Hualien (5*)

Day 6 - Hualien / Taroko National Park / Taipei (B/L/D)
B: Buffet Breakfast at Hotel
L: Aboriginal Gourmet Meal
D: Taipei 101 DingTaiFung

This morning you will depart for 
north of Hualien - the obscure coastal village of Chi Hsing Bay. The beach here remains undeveloped and have a spectacular backdrop of mountains. It is a great place to relax. We then visit Taroko Gorge National Park. The Taroko Gorge is an exceptionally beautiful area of Taiwan. It is the "Seven Wonder of Asia", its narrow raving created by the Liwu River which has cut deep into the mountains of solid marble. A road carved into sheer walls of rock rewinding its way past forested peaks and cliffs towering thousands of feet above it, while hundreds of feet below a river roars past gigantic marble boulders. Stops will be made at Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallow Grotto, Tunnel of Nine Turns, Marble Bridge, Tienshiang and Marble Factory. On our way back to Taipei, we will drive pass the "Chingshuei Clifflocated on the section of the Suao-Hualien Highway that stretches between Heping and Chongde stations, is one of the most spectacular sights on Taiwan's Pacific coast. The cliff is more than 1,000 meters high and drops almost vertically into the sea. The highway snakes along its curving face more than 20 kilometers, with the sheer cliff rising on one side and a sheer drop to the ocean on the other.We will then drive back to Taipei via Su-Hua Highway and Hsuei-Shan Long Tunnel (12.9 kilometers) to arrive Taipei at around 5PM, and then you will be driven  to explore the vibrant night life of Taipei, e.g. Taipei 101 Building, Night Markets... etc. Tonight you will start your 3 nights accommodation at the five star hotel accommodation at Howard Plaza Hotel, which is located at the most convenient & popular & busiest shopping district of Taipei City!

Hotel:  Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei  / The Landis TaipeiThe Regent Hotel Taipei  (5*)

Day 7 - Taipei / PingXi / Chiufen / Danshui (B/X/X)
B: Buffet Breakfast at Hotel
L: JuiFen Village Gourmet (your own expense)
 Dienshuei Old Street Gourmet (your own expense)

After breakfast, you will be taking to Pingxi, which is famous for sky lantern experience (included) - a must-do experience in Taiwan. The international event, PingXi Ksy Lantern Festival is one of the three most popular costoms of lantern festival in Taiwan. The other two are: Yanshui Firecrackers Festival in Tainan &
 Bombing the Master of HanDan in Taitung.
Feel spirited away in this decommissioned gold minning mountain, Juifen Village - originally built by the Japanese and now a maze of lanes and alleyways with rich history and culture. Founded during the Qing Dynasty, this small town was a relatively isolated village until the discovery of gold during the Japanese occupation in 1893, quickly developing the town due to the gold rush. Many buildings here remain unchanged to this day, reflecting the Japanese influence on both architecture and culture in Taiwan. During World War II, the town housed a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp where capture Allied Force soldiers (main British and Australians) were forced to work in the gold mines. After the war, gold mining activities declined, and the Jiufen Village today exists as a tourist destination remembering and celebratin Taiwanese history and culture. 
After Jiufen Village Lunch (your own expenses), we will depart for Yehliu Ocean Park. It is known for its spectacular rock formations, sculptured throughout the ages by wind and sea erosion leaving fascinating pillars, including the famous "Queen's Head" and "Fairy's Shoe".
The next stop in the evening will be 
Danshui Old Street (Tamshui)  located along the riverfront in Tamsui (Danshui), Tamsui Old Srteet is a boardwalk-like area full of hsops, carnival games, restaurants, cafes, and xiaoch (snacks). The waterfrong area is a great place to watch the sunset over the Tamsui River. A ferry can be taken from the pier at Tamsui Old Street across to Bali Left Bank, a relaxing waterfront area popular with cyclists. 
Hotel: Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei / The Landis TaipeiThe Regent Hotel Taipei (5*)

Day 8 - Taipei / Yangmingshan National Park / Taipei City Sightseeing (B/L/X)

B: Buffet Breakfast at Hotel
 Five Dimes Taiwanese Gourmet Restaurant 
D: Shilin Night Market (your own expense)

After breakfast, we will visit:  Presidential Building (Pass by), Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and National Palace Museum (has the largest Chinese art and painting collection - more than 650,000 pieces). Lunch will be held at the famous restaurant - Five Dimes Taiwanese Gourmet, which was the masterpiece of the world famous artist Ms Hsieh. After lunch, we will visit Martyrs' Shrine. Yangminshan National Park - how fortunate Taipei is to have this diverse park at its doorstep, complete with forested mountains, hot springs, rolling grass hills, and some handsome lodgins and restaurants. The park covers 114.55sq km, with a top elevation of 1120m, and is easily accessible from the downtown area by frequent bus.
In the evening, you will be treated by the famous Taiwanese foot massage.You will sit in the reclining comfortable couche to receive the foot rubs from massage therapists. The massage concentrate swiftly pressing, probing and prodding. Some, albeit groaning, seem to enjoy the massage, which is popular among the local Taiwanese after a hard day's work. 
Tonight you will visit the largest night market in Taiwan, "
Shilin Night Market" with regards to food and one of the most popular night life spot for locals and visitors. The nightmarket consists of two major elements: general merchandise and local Taiwanese cuisine. Along the western edge of the market is the food paradise located in the brand new underground area. Many if Taiwan's traditional food can be found and bought for reasonable prices (A$1~2 per meal). The recommended food are: Giant Friend Chicken Steak, Bubble Tea, Oyster Omelet, Oyester Vermicelli, Fried Bun, and of course the most notorious Taiwanese goodie, Stinky Tofu. The market showcases Taiwan's culture with vivid colours and general atmosphere, along with friendly shop keepers and plenty of delicious food and cheap clothes, shoes and merchandises. This area is one of the must visit attraction when in Taipei City, the sites, scents and bargains are enough to plan a second visit - you can never get enough!
Hotel:Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei  / The Landis TaipeiThe Regent Hotel Taipei (5*)

Day 9 - Taipei (B/X/X)

After breakfast, you will have leisure time to explore the vibrant city of Taipei. Taipei is a shopholic's heaven. You can find all sorts of bargain to all the world famous brands at one shopping district. You can catch the MRT to many parts of the city, e,g. Ximending, Xingyi Shopping District, East Chungxiao Area for shopping. See some suggestions by click here. About 7PM in the evening, you will be transferred to the Taipei International Airport for flight back to Australia at 23:00PM. 

Day 10 - Arrive Australia
The flight will arrive Sydney approximately 11:30AM.

Images of Our Hotels on Tour:


Maison de Chine Hotel, Chiayi (5*)

Plaza Intl Hotel, Kaohsiung (5*)

Naruwan Hotel, Taitung (5*)
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Chateau De Chine Hotel, Hualien (5*)

Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei (5*)
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China Airlines


 The Regent Hotel, Taipei (5*)                           The Landis Hotel, Taipei (5*)
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2017 Christmas 
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2017 Departure Date:

25DEC* - Christmas
30DEC^ - Christmas 

2018 Departure Date: 
02JAN - New Year 
06JAN - New Year
FEB - Lantern Festival 
MAR - Cherry Blossom 
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- Child between 2-12 yr old to have a bed (share room with 1-2 audlts), is $2080# per child.
* = 25DEC2017 Departure from Sydney 
^ = 30DEC2017 Departure from Sydney 
* High season surcharge min $400-$900 p.p. apply, depends on the departure dates. 

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  • Return international economy airfare with China Airlines
  • 7 Nights hotel accommodation (5 star hotels)
  • Return Airport / Hotel Transfers
  • Meals as specified (B=7, L=6, D=4)
  • Admission and Entrance fees
  • Mandarin & English speaking tour guide throughout the whole tour
  • Tour Insurance


  • FREE Taiwanese Foot Massage
  • FREE Taiwanese Hot Spring

Valuable Side-Trip Offer:   
25DEC2017 ~ 07DEC2018
FREE Return Airfare from Taipei to one of the Asia cities: Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines,  Cambodia, Myanmar, Palu, Surabaya, India, Hong Kong, China.

Additional cost (min A$100 p.p.) may apply if booking class is unavailable. Please contact us for details.

Other cities available at extra cost. Please contact us for details. 


  • Airport & Government Taxes (Approx min $200 p.p.)
  • Passports & Visa (if applicable)
  • Tips min. A$7 p.p. per day x 8 days = A$60 (NT$1800)
  • Drinks & Food not mentioned in your itinerary
  • All other items of a personal nature. 


  • All prices are in AUD, and based on PER PERSON TWIN SHARE. Prices are indicative only and are subject to change at anytime due to currency fluctuations.
  • During Public Holidays or Special Events surcharges may apply. Please always check with our consultants for more details.
  • Child Price is available from 2-11 years old (inclusive)  without bed (includes meals), but must sharing exist TWN room with 2 Adults. 
  • Child who is under 2 years old (no bed & no meal) we would charge 10% of adults price.
  • Minimum 10 passengers per group is required.

B= Breakfast, L=Lunch. D=Dinner

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Images of the Tour:

Taipei 101
Taipei 101

Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake
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Taiwan tour
Taiwan tours Aboriginal traditional weaving at culture village
Taiwan tour (traditional aboriginal sticky rice at Formosan Culture Village(
Taiwan tour (TaiwanHolidays.com.au coach transport) at Alishan Tea House
Taiwan tour (Tainan ChikanLo Tower)
Taiwan tour (Lantern at Mazu Temple Kaohsiung's ChiZin Wharf)
Taiwan tour (Five Dime Restaurant)
Taiwan tour (group photo in front of Martyrs' Shrine)