2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin

2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival Tour
Taiwan Lantern Festival, praised as one of the most “Fantastic Festivals of the World” by Discovery Channel, is one mesmerizing event that should not be missed if travelers are visiting Taiwan around Lunar New Year. The international event is a Taiwan traditional celebration that draws in over 20 million tourists per year to experience the dazzling sea of lights. Visitors will get to explore the festival with handheld lanterns, enjoy live performances, and experience the spectacular scene created by thousands of gigantic lanterns. The upcoming 2017 festival will be held between February 11 – 19 in Yunlin, Taiwan’s agricultural county, marking the 27th year of this exciting annual event.

2017 is the year of the Rooster under the Chinese zodiac; Yunlin, meaning the "cloud forest,” is where the festival will take place. The slogan for the event, "Auspicious Rooster Soars Among the Clouds," carries the meaning of wishing for good fortune.

Designed under the theme of "Lantern Festival blended into the City," approximately 19 light themed and decorated areas are created to connect the lantern festival concept with Yunlin County. These areas will take you through the aromatic Yunlin (Huashan) Gukeng Coffee Park, the winter corridor with blooming red cotton trees, the wetland fishing village where you can experience a fishermen's daily routine for the day, and to see the glove puppetry shows, etc. It is a series of activities that showcase the LOHAS spirit, hometown nostalgia, traditional arts and crafts, and prayer for happiness and safety in the new year.

The entrance of Lantern Festival is conveniently located at the Yunlin High Speed Rail Station. This festival features two of the largest ever main festival areas that cover 50 hectares. Integrating with local flair, the three major components of the event are “Earth-friendly, multi-cultural, and lantern hometown.” Before the reveal of the main rooster lantern, two 3-meter-tall puppet lanterns in the shapes of Shi Yanwen and Mirror Man, the widely popular characters of Taiwan's classic puppet show, are already set up in front of the Huwei Township High Speed Rail station to welcome visitors. In addition to the specialty lanterns in tribute to the epic puppetry show, the very cute station master character from Taiwan’s famous sightseeing ride Puyuma Express will also be greeting commuters outside the station. Don't miss out on these fun and memorable picture opportunities.

This year, the Sky Lantern festival, where participants write their wishes on the lantern with a calligraphy brush and release them to the sky, will coincide with the Taiwan Lantern Festival. If travelers would like to experience both of the amazing Sky Lantern Festival, a tradition since Qing Dynasty, and the Taiwan Lantern Festivals in the year of the Rooster, then make sure to check out the two in-depth tours specially designed for the two events. Taiwan Holidays' exclusive 8-Day Taiwan Lantern Festival trip takes you to the two major cities of the lantern celebration, Yunlin and Pingxi. Along the route you will also explore Kaohsiung, Taroko Gorge, and Jiufen Old Street for the most authentic Lunar New Year experience from the North to the South of Taiwan. Taiwan Holidays offers an 8-Day Amazing Taiwan Lantern Festival tour that features other intoxicating destinations such as the Sun Moon Lake, Kaohsiung Love River, and the Luminous Hot Springs on top of the Lantern Festival in Yunlin.

Taiwan Holidays has the Amazing 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival 10 Days Tour departing Australia on 10FEB2017. You will able to visit the magnificent Lantern Festival in Yunlin & experience the traditional sky lantern in PingXi. Click here for more lantern festival tour itinerary here.

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