2020 WOC & TIOS 11 Days Taiwan Orchid Tour

WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference Taiwan Orchid Show Tour 2020

Day 1: MON 2MAR2020  Taipei City TAIWAN/ Taroko Gorge / Hualien

MEALS: B/L/Welcome Dinner

This morning meet at Taipei City’s Howard Plaza Hotel lobby at 6:30AM, with Taiwan Holidays’ Tour Guide.

Today the tour commence by driving to the east coast of Taiwan. Tour to Taroko Gorge National Park. Taroko Gorge is an exceptionally beautiful area of Taiwan. It is the "Seven Wonder of Asia", its narrow raving created by the Liwu River which has cut deep into the mountains of solid marble, an unique scenery in Taiwan.

A road carved into sheer walls of rock rewinding its way past forested peaks and cliffs towering thousands of feet above it, while hundreds of feet below a river roars past gigantic marble boulders.

Visit the Swallow Grotto (located in the mid of the Gorge), TianXiang (a large river terrace features different cultures of Taiwan’s history from Japanese Shinto shrine, Chinese temple to Western church.), and Eternal Spring Shrine (landmark at the Gorge with waterfall at entrance).

Enjoy Aboriginal Lunch at Buluowan (meaning 'echo of canyon', it used to be a tribal village of Taroko Aborigines).  

Tonight, the group will enjoy a Welcome Dinner at private function room in the hotel oriental restaurant.

Overnight: Chateau de Chine Hotel, Hualien


Day 2: TUES 3MAR2020  Hualien/ Taitung


Today, group will be sightseeing around Taitung via the Scenic Southern Link Highway.

Visit Guanfu Sugar Factory which was a historical village from the Japanese Colonial period.

We will drive thru the Hua Tong Mt Route, where we will stop at: “Butterfly Valley. After our nature walk, we’ll change into our swimsuits, and then spend the late morning soaking in the numerous hot spring pools of Butterfly Valley Resort. With views of mountains and forests around you, saunas & steam rooms and more, there are few more relaxing ways to share the love of natural hot springs that has become such a part of Taiwanese culture. Enjoy Lunch at the scenic area.

Visit LuyeGaoTai Plateau at the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area. Afternoon drive to "Beinan Archaeological Site & Mt. Dulan" it is the only site in Taiwan where the BC civil human evidences have been found.

Overnight at Taitung and enjoy a relaxing hot spring bath at the 5 star hotel in Chiben area.

Overnight:  Naruwan Hotel, Taitung


Day 3: WED 4MAR2020  Taitung / Kenting / Kaoshiung


This morning, group will drive to Kenting National Park located in the southernmost tip of Taiwan. Maopitou (meaning Cat’s Nose!, Mao=Cat, Bi=Nose, Tou=Head) resulted from the wave erosion on the limestone reef coast, the terrain of this area resembles a crouching cat looking at the sea.

Cape Oluanpi Light House was built in 1882 by the British, who were running the customs on Taiwan, under the benign but nervous oversight of the Manchus, who feared other imperialists like themselves might be encroaching on their empire, and headed by foreigners overseeing local staff. It is also a significant symbol to the Japanese as its southernmost limit of Japanese rule throughout colonial period, made it a symbolic watchtower and guard post looking out toward Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. The lighthouse was thus also imbued with deep political significance in the eyes of the Japanese. 

Lunch at Smokey Joe’s – a well known American – Mexican restaurant in Kenting

Afternoon visit Orchid Planation Bio Tech in Pingtung, where you will see the orchid industry of Taiwan.

Evening arrives at the 2nd largest city of Taiwan - Kaohsiung. Tonight you will be taken to experience the Taiwanese local’s night market. 

Overnight:  Garden Villa Hotel, Kaohsiung


Day 4: THURS 5MAR2020  Kaohsiung / Alishan / Chiayi


Today group will visit the Alishan National Park where the Taiwan Pleione Reserve & Exhibition are located. Being an internationally well-known wild orchid, it is often found on cliff walls of cloudy and foggy cypress or evergreen broad-leaved forests, mostly accompanied by moss. The plant is usually seen at a height of 2,300 meters on both sides of the railroad tracks of Alishan in great bunches. Since the orchid is hard to cultivate, but enormously popular among gardening lovers as well as tremendous export market, there has been pillaging in the past, threatening its survival. Taiwan Government has officiated in 1992 the area as “Taiwan Mono-Leaf Blue Orchid Natural Reserve Zone” for its preservation and gene, while an exhibition area is set up. Pleione formosana hayata is an evolutionary vegetation from the preliminary period, which once invaded of its habitat by other plants, its population will be reduced comparatively or even go extinct. Since the growth of the orchid needs bountiful sunshine, it would often grow at vertical rocky cliff, and if hotbed is not renovated cleaned up, it will be supplanted by others.

Overnight: Maison de Chine Hotel, Chiayi

Day 5: FRI 6MAR2020  Chiayi / TIOS / Chiayi


Departs at 9AM to attend the TIOS Opening Ceremony. Today enjoy the beautiful exhibition of TIOS (10AM-5PM) in Tainan.

Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS): 6-16 March 2020

Overnight:  Maison de Chine Hotel, Chiayi

Day 6: SAT 7MAR2020  Chiayi / Linchupi Kapok Road Tainan / TIOS / Chiayi City


Today enjoy the beautiful exhibition of TIOS (10AM-5PM). 2020 Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS) will be 6-16Mar promising to bring visitors a floral showcase infused with the traditional charm of a city boasting 400 years of history.



Additional A$50 p.p.  (Please book prior departure).

Visit: Tainan Anping Fort, Anping Historical Streets, Chikan Tower, Historical Hayashi Department Store, Confucius Temple.

Overnight:  Maison de Chine Hotel, Chiayi

Day 7: SUN 8MAR2020  Chiayi / Sun Moon Lake


Tour to Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan's largest lake with the east side shaped Like "Sun", and west side shaped like "Moon". Sightseeing: Lake cruise, ShuiShe Pier, XuanGuang Temple, Ita Thao Dehua Village.

Enjoy the panoramic view of the area by riding the Sun Moon Lake Gondola Cable Car to reach the Formosan Village which showcase Taiwan’s Aboriginal Cultures. You might able to catch a glimpse of the cherry blossom in the area during the March spring time.

Tonight will be overnight at the 5 stars hotel in Sun Moon Lake and enjoy its  complimentary
Hot Spring at the privacy of your own room, or bath house or hotel’s Water World Hot Spring Pool.  Enjoy tonight’s dinner at the luxurious hotel’s restaurant which offers amazing range of international cuisines for guests.

Overnight: Fleur de Chine Hotel, Sun Moon Lake


Day 8: MON 9MAR2020  Sun Moon Lake / WOC2020 / Taichung


Today attends WOC2020 Opening Ceremony & WOC Show (10AM-5PM). The 23rd WOC is held during 9-12MAR2020 in Taichung with four themes this year: Native, Share, Conservative, and Diversity. The big difference in height above sea level in Taiwan makes tropical, sub-tropical, temperate and cold climates exist in the country at the same time. This has enriched the unique ecosystem diversity of the country. And such one of a kind natural environment has become the perfect place for orchid to grow. In the small island, Taiwan, over 400 types of Orchid have been discovered. And this is why it’s called “Orchid Island”.



Additional A$50 p.p.  (Please book prior departure). 

Visit: Rainbow Village, Miyahara Ice Cream Parlor, GaoMei Wetland, National Taichung Theater.

Overnight:  Fullon Hotel Lipao Land, Taichung or Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Taichung

Day 9: TUES 10MAR2020  Taichung / WOC2020/Taichung


Today attends WOC Conference & WOC Exhibition.

The 5 Highlights of the 23rd WOC will be:

1) Project Seeding:  Orchid Conservation Initiative

2) Project Rooting:  Orchid Conservation Mapping

3) Project Blossoming:  Formosa Lectures on:

     i. Nature & Conservation

    ii. Biology & Adaption

   iii. Genetic & Breeding

   iv. Orchid Industry

4) Project Budding:  Young Fellow Award

5) Project Grafting:  Global Orchid Alliance



Additional A$50 p.p. (Please book prior departure).

Visit: ZhongShe Flower Market, LongTeng Bridge, ShengXing Old Station

Overnight:  Fullon Hotel Lipao Land, Taichung or  Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Taichung


Day 10: WED 11MAR2020  Taichung / Taipei Sightseeing


After breakfast, we will visit Presidential Building (Pass by if time allow), Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Martyrs' Shrine Guards Changing Ceremony.

National Palace Museum (has the largest Chinese art and painting collection: more than 650,000 art pieces). Enjoy Lunch at Silks Place, located in the grounds of the National Palace Museum, amid lush green surroundings, Silks Palace presents the art of traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern touch, where each dish is a work of art crafted to resemble the museum’s imperial treasures.

In the evening, you will be treated by the famous Taiwanese foot massage.

Later tonight you will be taken to Taipei 101 Building and have dinner at the famous Din Tai Fung Dumpling House.

Overnight: Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei


Day 11: THURS 12MAR2020  Taipei Sightseeing/TPE Airport/ Taipei City

MEALS: B/L/Farewell Dinner

On our last day in Taiwan, we will be going to PingXi to experience the magic of releasing the Sky Lantern into the sky. PingXi is rich in culture and history and provide a glimpse at Taiwan's beautiful natural scenery. Events such as the Sky Lantern Festival draw visitors year round to create a Lantern with a wish written on it to set into the sky.

Enjoy local cuisine Lunch at  Jiufen Village, famous for its old mining town's charming characteristics. Many famous Taiwanese movies were shot here.

Next, we visit to Yehliu Ocean Park. It is known for its spectacular rock formations, sculptured throughout the ages by wind and sea erosion leaving fascinating pillars, including the famous "Queen's Head" and "Fairy's Shoe".

In the late afternoon will be transferred toward Taoyuan. Enjoy Farewell Dinner at the Champonix Teppanyaki or another restaurant.

Your memorable 11 Days 10 Nights attending the 23rd WOC & TIOS in Taiwan ends here. Thank you for booking with Taiwan Holidays!



 Images of Our Hotels on Tour:

Maison De Chine Hotel, Chiayi (5stars)
Maison de Chine Hotel Chiayi Taiwan Orchid Show Tour WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference

Garden Villa Hotel, Kaohsiung (5stars)
Garden Villa Hotel Kaohsiung Taiwan TIOS WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference Tour 

Naruwan Hotel, Taitung (5stars)

Naruwan Hotel Taichung Taiwan TIOS WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference Tour

Fullon Hotel Lipao Land, Taichung (5stars)

 Fullon Hotel Lipao Land Taiching Taiwan Orchid Show Tour WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference

Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei (5stars)
Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei Taiwan TIOS WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference Tour
Chateau De Chine Hotel, Hualien (5stars)
Chateau de Chine Hotel Hualien Taiwan TIOS WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference Tour  
Fleur de Chine Hotel, Sun Moon Lake (5stars)
Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun Moon Lake Taiwan WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference Tour Taiwan TIOS  
Fleur de Chine  Hotel, Sun Moon Lake (5stars)
Fullon Hotel Lipao Land Taiching Taiwan Orchid Show Tour WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference

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Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS) is one of the most colorful exhibitions in the year-round calendar of the Fair, having its own aspect and many friends. It will give ideas of how to make garden one of a kind, one's home cosy and beautiful. Here, one will find rare kinds of plants, pot, ornamental and blossoming flowers, shrubs and seeding, as well as accessories for them.

Trade Visitors - Flower and plant collections, floristry supplies, floral arrangements, floral decorations, flowerpots, Gardening, Aboriculture, Horticulture, Landscaping Suppliers, Municipalities and Government Parks & Garden Departments & General Public are the target audience.

Exhibitors include manufacturers of Mini-tractors for gardening, soil softeners, lawn-mowers, watering equipment, clippers, foils, greenhouses, Landscaping, Nursery, Garden Care, Home & Gift, Machinery, Outdoor Living, Water Gardening etc.

TaiwanHolidays.com.au has escorted group tour to Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS) - the 10th year  in 2011  &  2012, please click here for itinerary or call us on 02-9267-1308. 

International orchid show in Tainan drawing buyers, tourists

The 2011 Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS) is attracting exhibitors and buyers from here and abroad to participate in the event that kicked off last Saturday and will run until March 14 at the Taiwan Orchid Plantation in Greater Tainan City.

Wang Chih-kang, Chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), a co-organizer of the exhibition, says 13 leading orchid buyers from nine countries are taking part in this year’s event.

So far TAITRA and the Tainan City Government have already arranged 201 one-on-one trading sessions between international purchasers and local growers.

Greater Tainan City Mayor Lai Ching-te notes that the 2010 show attracted 320,000 visitors including nearly 3,000 foreign floral exports and buyers, and also brought NT$5.5 billion (US$187 million) worth of orders to local orchid growers. He anticipates that attendance figures and orders will rise by 20 percent this year.

TIOS is considered one of the biggest events of the year in Tainan because it combines two of Taiwan’s important sectors- agriculture and tourism, Lai says.

Over 400,000 people from more than 30 countries are expected to attend this year’s show, and their spending may help to spur economic growth in the city.

The organizers anticipate that on-site procurement sessions during the 10-day event will generate business worth NT$7 billion (US$235 million) for the country’s agricultural sector.

Over the past few years Taiwan has established a worldwide reputation as the Orchid Kingdom, boasting sunny and humid subtropical weather that is perfect for growing orchids. Moreover, frequent orchid competitions and exhibits have encouraged widespread planting of the exquisite blooms.

Statistics gathered by the International Commercial Orchid Growers Organization (ICOGO) show that 60 percent of domestic orchids sold every day originate from species grown at the Taiwan Orchid Plantation in Houbi District, Greater Tainan City.

In addition, orchid exports climbed by 36 percent in 2010 to US$116.56 million, accounting for 77 percent of Taiwan’s total floral exports for last year.

After attending the show last Saturday, Premier Wu Den-yih said the government is promoting local orchids as a star industry that combines other sectors including biotechnology, culture, tourism, and leisure agriculture.Ranked as one of Taiwan’s most important agricultural exports, orchids have been seen as a symbol of the country’s ‘soft power’, he added.

In addition to potential business, the annual orchid show was established to promote technical exchanges between domestic and international floral experts and expand export growth for the local orchid industry, and the show has become one of the most professional orchid-related platforms in the world.

At the same time, the organizers are holding a series of events such as an orchid competition, an orchid symposium, nursery tours, some business match-making sessions, and meetings on orchid-related products between suppliers and buyers.

The 10-day exhibition is also open to the public, who can take this opportunity to see a large number of top-quality orchids, rare orchid breeds and decorative floral displays.

Taiwan's Orchid Business Blossoms
Surrounded by elegant flower stems, Alex Tang is a man in the right place at the right time -- an orchid lover in Taiwan.

Tang has always grown orchids in his spare time. Now, after retiring from a job as an engineer in the US, he has returned to his native Taiwan to turn his hobby into a business.

The island is a major flower exporter and two-thirds of the exports are of the phalaenopsis, or moth orchid. Exports of this orchid alone amount to $110 million annually, and the market is growing at 20 per cent a year.

Foreign buyers flock to Tainan in the south to attend the annual International Orchid Exhibition, held this year in February at an orchid plantation on the city's outskirts.

It's a fashion show for flowers -- growers show off their latest creations in the hope that their bloom will be the next big thing.

"Globally, one out of three moth orchids comes from Taiwan. So this is a flagship industry in our agricultural sector," Kuo Yi-pin, director of the Tainan Agriculture Bureau.

Engineering orchids, however, involves an amount of unpredictability.

"When you crossbreed two orchids, they can produce a wide variety of new orchids," Kuo said. "You won't ever know what a new flower looks like until it finally blooms."

This, along with long propagation times, is challenging for producers.

It can take eight years for a new variety to be ready for market, and it is difficult for growers to forecast which colours or designs will interest fickle consumers.

And growing the perfect bloom requires more than just green fingers.

"The temperature, humidity and light must all be strictly controlled," Tang said from his orchid farm near the exhibition centre.

"We use computer systems to do this. For example, if it's too hot, fans will automatically be activated."

Tang's "farm" is a large greenhouse in an industrial park alongside the buildings of other orchid producers.

At the entrance, a series of computer panels along one wall control the climate. Inside, hundreds of thousands of plastic-potted seedlings are arranged on metal benches in rows that end in massive exhaust fans.

In one cluster, a small number of orchids are already in bloom, a sign that the temperature is too warm, says Tang. The plants were not meant to blossom until after they'd been exported to buyers overseas.

Innovation is one of the island's strengths and exhibitions are an integral part of expanding Taiwan's position in the worldwide orchid trade.

"In Taiwan they have more breeders and more seedlings, so, for the new varieties we have to be here," said Arno Turk, a wholesale flower seller from Holland.

While Holland, a major competitor for the moth orchid market, is good at creating more resilient plants, Turk is drawn to Taiwan each year by the range of colours on offer.

"When you look back over the last ten years, it's unbelievable (to see) what kinds of colours are coming up now," said fellow flower connoisseur, Karl-Heinz Lapornik, who works for a German orchid producer.

"A couple of years ago you had mostly white ones or striped ones, a more or less boring colour assortment,"

This year, the exhibition centre's pavilions were filled with a spectrum of vibrant pinks, velvety purples, yellows with a dash of red, and purple-dotted creams.

In his greenhouse, Tang was working on a golden-yellow variety -- still a rarity in the orchid market. He admitted that he was yet to make back the money he had invested.

Just as he set up his orchid farm, the financial crisis hit. But now business is good and he says he's not daunted by the challenges of the industry.

"I started out as an amateur grower, so I have a special passion for it. Without this I wouldn't have been able to go through the financial crisis -- my love of orchids got me through."
(Date: June2011)


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Chinese Itinerary 中文行程
2020 台灣蘭花展11日豪華團 (2020世界蘭花會議)

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Taiwan Intl Orchid Show
Taiwan International Orchid Show

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Taiwan Lantern Festival Lantern Display Taipei


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