2021 TIOS Taiwan Orchid Show

 "Orchid Land, Reading Tainan", theme of the 2019 TIOS, demonstrates the trajectory of historical development successively from Taijiang Inner Sea in the era of great navigation, the Fort Zeelandia of the Dutch Colonial Ming Koxinga Period, the traditional celebrations of the Qing Dynasty, the sugar economy of the Japanese Colonial Period to the Orchid Booming Period in present days.

This Show is creating the new phenomena by the old story, combining the distinguishing features of Tainan’s local culture, art, celebration and industry, as well as illustrating the artistic conception of times in different eras, and portraying the unsurpassed beauty of generations in Tainan through the elegant display of orchids.







The Origin of the TIOS Event

Taiwan has diversified natural environment landscapes and plentiful orchid resources. And it has been growing orchids for 100 years and progressing as an industry for more than 20 years. As the species of Taiwan orchid are rich and diversified, therefore, an export-oriented orchid industry has developed into a significant orchid market origin of the world.

According to the agricultural trade statistics of the Council of Agriculture of Executive Yuan (from now on referred to as the COA). In 2016, Taiwan total flower export volume was US$187.81 million, in which the export value of orchid was US$172.85 million, equivalent to 92% of the entire flower export value. In 2017, Taiwan total export value of phalaenopsis was US$128.765 million, constituting 68.5% of Taiwan total export value of flowers. And that illustrates the exceptional quality of Taiwan orchids are widely accepted and recognized by the international market.

Under the advising of COA, ever since "8th Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference, APOC8" in 2004, "Taiwan International Orchid Show, TIOS" held annually in Taiwan Orchid Plantation (TOP). Through vast and rich experiences in organizing the these brilliant TIOS Events, efforts in promoting export capabilities by Taiwan Orchid Growers Association, TIOS has won great compliments of the public and the globe. As well as TIOS 2017 has attracted 37 countries around the world in exhibiting with a total of 248,000 visitors, most importantly, has generated contract orders valued at US$ 368 million dollars.

"Taiwan International Orchid Show, TIOS" is by no means a platform of enabling all kind of functions for the orchid industry, also one of the most important international orchid events. By hosting "Taiwan International Orchid Show" continually, we will advance the cooperation of cross-industry alliance, boost the Industry cluster effect, and enhance international competitiveness and visibility. And these soft powers will be oriented Taiwan orchid industry toward a leader of the world orchid industry in forwarding into a new era.

To enlighten the efficiency of TIOS 2018, we will integrate industry strength, make good use of different resources. Moreover, to demonstrate the extraordinary achievements of Taiwan orchid industry through magnificent exhibition decoration and high-quality orchid competitions. Also to link orchid with the arts and culture to enhance the life aesthetics of the people. Marketing Taiwan as a famous destination of “the Kingdom of Orchid” and promoting its international tourism.

Brief Introduction of Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS)

Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS) is an annually held orchid-based professional tradeshow. Not only TIOS is in its leading stand in the global orchid industry, but also ranked as the world top three orchid events with World Orchid Conference (WOC) and Asia Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC). TIOS successfully attracted more than 100,000 visitors and foreign guests all over the world each year. And TIOS has developed as an international professional marketing platform of large-scale orchid production.

Ever since the "8th Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference, APOC8" held in 2004 by Taiwan Orchid Growers Association, and has won its reputation. Therefore, the Council of Agriculture and the Tainan County Government (now renamed as Tainan City Municipal Government) have the strong willingness to construct and organize a flagship exhibition featuring local characteristics. In 2005, with the official opening of the Taiwan Orchid Plantation, the TIOS launched its first international event, successfully and efficiently attracted buyers from all over the world as well as lots of overseas orders received. In 2007, Taiwan External Trade Development Council joined to co-organize the Event, more international buyers and orders generated. TIOS has gradually established its active functions as a well-developed marketing platform of the international fair trading market also the gateway of the local and global flower industry.

Even in the wake of the 2008 financial turmoil, Phalaenopsis still marked its contrarian growth by 5.3% in the same year. Since the holding of TIOS, not only swiftly constructed Taiwan's reputation worldwide, visitors attracted, and trade orders received, but also successfully expanded the orchid market to the whole world and built Taiwan image as an essential orchid production base in the world.



1. Orchid Land

Hall 1:Main Theme Displays

While visiting the 2019 Taiwan International Orchid Show, “Orchid Land, Reading Tainan", it will lead you passing through the gate of space and time into a tour of Tainan, an ancient cultural city of nearly four hundred years.

Tainan, the oldest and most elegant city in Taiwan, retains both the old-fashioned sense of life and the traces of history here. Through nurture of culture within four hundred years, the richness of the old city asset and the charm of streets and lanes attract tourists to visit more often. You may enchant with some fantastic tracks and hidden stories of last visits in every turn of a road.

Section 1: Taijiang Inner Sea

From the entrance of a large old camera, you will pass through the time tunnel, the Taijiang Sicao Mangrove Green Tunnel, decorated by orchids, greets you and unveils the Era of Great Navigation. While approaching a colorful orchid ornament lies on both sides, shaping like a water forest, then the Fort Zeelandia is close at hand.

Section 2: Fort Zeelandia

Tainan became a vital starting point for cultural exchanges between the East and the West in the Dutch Colonial Period. While you are in this Section, you can view the relics of Fort Zeelandia surrounded and decorated by orchids, and recreations of historical images. You can take the stairs and walking up to the stage, overlooking the orchid decoration throughout the Show areas.

Section 3: Traditional Celebrations

Passing through the gates of the Fort Zeelandia, you are entering the scene of most lively Tainan celebrations and worships in Qing Dynasty, you can visualize the mimicking of explosion appearance of beehive firecrackers decorated by the strings of dancing-doll orchids, also feel the excitement and grandeur of the celebration amid with the sound of firecrackers.

Section 4: Sugar Economy

Leaving the lively orchid fireworks, the sound of the mini-train (namely half-width railway train) will lead you to the Japanese Colonial Period, The modernization of this period developed the agriculture economy rapidly. In front of the staggered sugar cane forest, the transporting mini-trains of full-loading orchid are heading for the prosperous future of Tainan.

Section 5: Orchid Booming Period

The train leads into the industrial tunnel of orchids in the last section, light is swaying as the time and space are transforming, as well as the international perspectives, local knowledges and human creativity are networking to bring the industries closer together and heading Tainan to be more internationalized, so as continually creating a new chapter for culture.


2. Orchid Cultural Creation

Presenting the local flavor of Tainan, a century-old ancient capital, where Tainan (namely Fucheng) cuisine can be found all over the streets and lanes, and those traditional snacks are well-known. The authentic early flavor is fragrance-lasting with the depth of dietary culture, and the street stalls are mixing with various kinds of dishes. There are good tastes of the tongue for a lifetime, linking the delicacy of snacks in this big city, as well as sensing the ordinary people's daily food preference, through a variety of orchids and ornament plants, flowers blossom and make up for their life. So you can make a round trip of tasting of Tainan special snacks, feeling the lingering and memorable human touches, reinterpreting and expanding the sensory memory, showing the aesthetic experience of subtle knowledge of sumptuous feast of flowers in full blossom!


3. Hall of Exquisite Orchid

You may find the most stunning and beautiful decoration in the hall of Exquisite Orchid, the theme of the Hall is "Thousands of orchid vying to be the most glamorous”. 200 more judges from home and abroad will select for you the best choice or award-winning orchid championship. Among thousands of verities of Taiwan orchids, which include various species of orchid and combination of potted orchid art, will no doubt present you such enjoyment of the magical and overwhelming content of orchids at the Show!


4. Pavilion of Orchid Innovation

Blooming Orchids with Clear Sky – Gathering in the Orchid Creativity Pavilion

By entering the Orchid Creativity Pavilion, besides those beautiful orchid flowers, the discolor ribbon stretching the skyline instantly attracts people to explore this field. With the theme of "Blooming Orchids with Clear Sky – Gathering in the Orchid Creativity Pavilion ", the primary visual theme area is inviting you to take photos for this beautiful moment of gathering. While making the turn and strolling into the Boutique Gallery, you may find the beautiful orchid creations collected all over the Country. Seven orchid creation showcases displayed along the corridor, which includes crafts, halls, dormitories, outdoors, tourism, facial mask and culture creativity corner and so on, particularly selected from fifty manufacturers this year.

Lifting the curtain and enter the Orchid Room, you can scent the atmosphere of four different orchid fragrance. And then a large-scale landscape of Orchid Art Glass Creation is in front of your eye-sight, you can experience, shop and wander around the orchid creation hall, and here may refresh your feeling brand new other than the enjoyment of flower viewing.


5. Orchid Bazaar

Orchid Bazaar, under careful planning, can be your best choice in designing and portraying exciting orchid decrorations in your home. Various orchid genus, species, color and floral variety, are available in Orchid Bazaar, as well as many horticultural products, knowledge on orchid breeding and decrorations. For an orchid lover like you, The Bazaar is not to be a miss for finding treasures of orchid!


6. Pavilion of Connoisseur (By invitation only)

This pavilion is an independent area, specially designed for local orchid breeders and foreign traders, which is not open to the public, but free for trade talks and business negotiations of all exhibitors by issuing name card for admission. In the Pavilion, international buyers can review all sorts of orchid by a variety of pots in the large, medium and small seedlings, number of peduncles, number of flowers, plant height, flower size, flower main-color, flower sub-color. All these varieties of orchid, which marked with growing characteristics and its growing data, are stably suppling by Taiwan orchid breeders. For better elaborating the soft power and in-depth understanding of Taiwan orchid industry, please visit us in the Pavilion Connoisseur. 


7. Oversea Landscape Exhibiting Area

Oversea Landscape Exhibiting Area allows you to wander freely at Lake Wondai, not only enjoy the lake scenery but also enjoy watching excellent ornamental and floral installations in the world featured booths, designed and decorated by Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, and so forth. Taking your camera to enjoy the outdoor landscapes in their authentic style and extraordinary designs, in which the beauty and serenity of orchids are amid with the scene.


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