37 New Hotel Developments in Taiwan

Taiwan had a record number of tourists during 2009, so that Taiwan Tourism Bureau has permitted and approved investment projects for 37 new hotels on the island. The construction of these new conveniences, including large global tourist hotels, commerce proprieties and boutique hotels, will boost and increase the guestrooms’ number in Taiwan by more than 10,000. Recent visitor statistics illustrate that a record of 4.4 million people had traveled to Taiwan during last year, 2009. These facts comprise a total of 44,815 tourists from the United Kingdom, many of whom cited “pleasure” as their motivation for visiting. This remarkable influx information comes at a time when Taiwan is spending a record sum on advertising and promotion in the United Kingdom and many other key destinations. Josephine Huang, marketing director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, affirmed that they are enchanted that more and more visitors are recognizing Taiwan as a wonderful and fantastic leisure time destination. They look forward to developing their tourism market even further and to welcome more visitors to their beautiful island.

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