5 Amazing Places to Experience in Taiwan


Taiwan is a country of rich culture, captivating beauty and welcoming smiles. A small island with a passion for food, family and friends, it is the perfect place to discover new a culture, explore new lands and embrace rich travel experiences.

Get to know another side to Taiwan and its fascinating culture with trips that take you from north to south and east to west. For such a small island, Taiwan’s many amazing destinations certainly pack a powerful punch and none more-so than the following five beautiful and diverse places, which we’ve selected as the most amazing places to experience in the country.


A bustling city in Taiwan’s southern region, Kaohsiung City is a mecca for both foodies and art lovers. With a claim to not one, but two of the biggest night markets in Southeast Asia, Kaisyuan and Jin-Zuan, Kaohsiung gratefully displays its passion for food in the sheer quantity and variety of dishes and local specialties to be found all over the city.

If going to the biggest night market in Southeast Asia sounds a bit too overwhelming, head to Ruifeng, Liuhe or Guang Hua instead, each with their own unique character and lively atmosphere, and perfect for dipping your toes into Kaohsiung’s food scene.

As for art lovers, discover the impressive Pier 2 Arts Area for a look at some of the best local art in the city, the majority of which is out in the open, free to enjoy. From huge abstract sculptures to beautiful light displays, you’ll be forgiven for getting lost in the color and vibrancy of this once run-of-the-mill harbor area.

Additionally, China Airlines flies direct from Singapore to Kaohsiung as well. For just 3.5 hours flight time, this is a new and interesting part of Taiwan that is also very convenient to get to.

Kenting National Park

From mountains and dramatic cliffs, to vast monsoon rainforest and soft sandy beaches, little can compare to the stunning beauty and natural diversity of Kenting National Park in Taiwan’s southern tip.

The beaches in Kenting are made for swimming with captivating turquoise water lapping the shore, as rugged, crumbling cliffs and weather-beaten caves hug the coastline. And with over 48 sites for scuba diving throughout the park, those looking for more adventurous activities will not be disappointed.

Kenting is also a haven for wildlife, with hundreds of species of birds native to the park, including the migratory raptor, which can be seen in the tens of thousands during autumn months. The silka deer was also reintroduced to the park in the 1980’s, so it’s an extra delight to spot them in the wild.

At just 2.5-3 hours from Kaohsiung and with perfect, sunny weather all year round, a trip to Kenting National Park can be an easy way to get to know this stunning part of Taiwan.


Once the original capital of Taiwan, Tainan is now the capital of snack food, with hundreds of amazing specialties in the city between the night markets and street food stalls. From oyster omelets to ‘coffin toast’, it’s easy to spend hours sampling and discovering new food all over the city.

When you’ve had your fill of snacks in Tainan, consider getting out into the plains outside the city, home to some of the island’s most famous hot springs. A day-trip to the Guanziling Hot Springs is a wonderful way to relax and unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The muddy hot springs are extremely good for your skin and have been known to treat certain skin allergies. As just one of three of these types of muddy hot springs in the world, make the most of the springs’ close proximity to Tainan (about an hour) and treat your skin to a nourishing indulgence, after indulging your stomach with all the snacks in Tainan.

Tainan is just a 1.5 hour drive from Kaohsiung, so it’s a good option for a weekend trip from Kaohsiung, or for those short on time, it’s still possible to do a day trip to Tainan to sample some of the best snack food in the area.

Yilan County

Yilan is a beautiful area in the northeast of Taiwan, famous for its scenic coast, plunging waterfalls, expansive parks, and relaxing hot and cold springs. Most of the popular activities in Yilan County are ideal for outdoors and nature enthusiasts, such as surfing, white water rafting, hiking, and whale and dolphin watching. With such a diversity of natural beauty, it’s well worth the visit for anyone looking to get away from the city for a while, or discover the quieter side of the island.

One of the unique highlights of Yilan County is the Qilan Sacred Trees Garden; a tranquil and beautiful garden home to a vast expanse of gorgeous trees, said to be over a millennium old and not to be missed. Yilan is regularly serviced by public transport such as rail and bus, and can be reached from Taipei in just over one hour.

Hualien County

Taiwan’s spectacular coastline continues its way down south from Yilan County to Hualien County. The best way to reach this more remote area is by train, which takes about 2-3 hours from Taipei City, or about 5 hours if you choose to drive.

Hualien County’s landscape becomes even more marvelously dramatic as you make your way further south, where the deep Taroko Gorge is overlooked by daring roads cut into the cliff face.

The coastline in Hualien rivals the world’s most beautiful, as the beaches confidently hold their own on a global scale. The region of Hualien is so vast and diverse in its attractions, making it nothing short of perfect for a romantic getaway, family vacation or backpacking adventure. Whether you’re goal is to have a relaxing and unwinding break or an exciting and adrenaline fuelled adventure, it’s easy to find the perfect balance in Hualien County.

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