Taiwan Tourism Bureau targets Australia, New Zealand tourists

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - To promote Taiwan as an ideal tourism destination, Taiwan's Tourism Bureau Singapore Office has launched a string of marketing activities in Australia and New Zealand from August, creating a buzz in the two countries.

The marketing initiative started with a partnership with popular Australian travel TV show host Jen Adams, who was invited to visit Taiwan in April, and she wrote a memoir about her Taiwan adventure on her travel blog Places We Go

Her TV crew filmed the trip which was broadcast recently and received much attention, helping people know more about the beautiful island country which is a hub for food and outdoor lovers. 

People traveling to New Zealand recently could easily spot the travel ads that promote tourism in Taiwan, and news coverage and shows that talk about how Taiwan is the best place for Kiwis to go. 

According to the data released by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the number of tourists from Australia and New Zealand to Taiwan exceeded the 100,000 mark in 2017. The number in July from Australia and New Zealand increased 32.20 percent and 19.69 percent, respectively, year over year, proving tourism marketing worked successfully over the years. 

The bureau is also expecting a higher number of tourists from New Zealand driven by direct flights from Auckland to Taipei kicking off from November 2018, along with its strong presence of marketing activities. 

Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Office's Dr Trust Lin marketing in Australia and New Zealand with the NZ The Bachelor winners Art Green Miltida Rice
Taiwan Tourism Bureau at marketing campiagns presenting to airfare prize winners - New Zealand's Art Green & Maltida Rice.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau promottion and marketing in Australia and New Zealand
New Zealand's The Bachelor: Art Green & Miltida Rice will be travel to Taiwan 

(Source: Taiwan News , 17SEP2018)


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