Baby Boss - Indoor City Theme Recreation Center


If you're desperate for indoor kids' activities in Taipei (as we were during Typhoon Parma), then Baby Boss is great for kids aged 3-8. Housed on an entire floor in a shopping mall, Baby Boss is a themed recreation center with fifty or so "occupations" kids can choose to try.

 The staff speak some English but activities are conducted in Mandarin. If your kids don't speak Mandarin, they'll still enjoy the activities and will be able to ask questions in English.

   Kids putting out a fire 
firemen and women.

Orientation & Tickets:

You can choose multiple ticket options at the entry. We weren't sure what we were getting into so chose a single activity ticket to see if our son (4 years) enjoyed it or not. A single ticket allows one parent in with the child. Purchase of following tickets allows the other parent in.

The single ticket cost 250NTD (New Taiwan Dollars). A full day runs 900NTD for kids and 500NTD per adult. Unless you know you're going for the whole day, buying single activity tickets is the way to go.


There are 49 stops on the Baby Boss map. You'll get a map and schedule when you buy your ticket. Basically, activities last about 30-40 minutes and start at different times. Each activity is manned by an adult teacher-type who guides the activity.

Activitie Stations include the following: space mission control, power station, archeology site, gold mine, dairy farm, TV station, pastry shop, department store, fire department, police station, construction site, soft drink factory, dentist, hospital, port, court, news agency, pizza parlor, gas station, hotel and airline.

How it works:

Based on what was available on the schedule the afternoon we were there, my son chose to try his hand at being a paramedic, a fireman, a pizza maker and a airline pilot. Parents guide kids from activity to activity but then stand outside (or aside) to watch and take photos.

Each activity has a uniform involved so kids dress the part. There's a little learning before they "do" anything where the teacher explains what's going on. Then off they go to act out the occupation. It's role-playing at its finest. The firemen got loaded into a small electric fire engine; the flight personnel boarded a real airplane.

Activity Spotlight:

My son enjoyed being a pilot the most. The group of kids chose if they were going to be pilots or flight attendants. Each got the required uniform. After some instruction, the pilots, with hats and briefcases boarded the airplane followed by the flight attendants with wheelie bags. We parents boarded last and sat in the back, in real airplane seats.

The flight attendants went through safety protocol and we could hear my son in the front of the plane yelling "ready for takeoff!". The kids all seemed to really enjoy the activity and learn something as well.


Baby Boss is located on the 7th floor of the Living Mall.

Address: 7F, No. 138, Sec. 04, Bade Road, Taipei City 105

By Sara Naumann, Guide