Blogs About Taiwan

Some great Taiwan blogs in 2017

General Information


These blogs do a great job interpreting some of the nuances of Taiwan politics.


Capturing the beauty of Formosa.


Like the photography blogs above, these blogs also do a wonderful job introducing the beautiful island of Taiwan to the world.


Highlighting some important environmental issues in Taiwan.


A look at languages in Taiwan. It’s about much more than Chinese.

Personal and Other

All the blogs that don’t fit into the other categories.




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Taipei 101 @ Taipei City

Sun Moon Lake

Sunrise @ Alishan Mt.

Alishan Rail

Taroko Gorge

Kenting Beach

Queen's Head @ Yehliu

Hot Spring in Taiwan

Yangmingshan Park

Chiufen Village

National Palace Museum


Taipei's Bus Stop Sign

Taiwan's Taxi

Taipei MRT

Taiwan Scooter

Taiwan New Year Celebration

Lantern Festival

Mid Autumn Festival

Taiwanese Opera
Shilin Night Market
Taiwan Night Market

Taiwan Desert Bao  Bin

Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup

Taiwan Burger: 'Gua Bao'

Bamboo Rice

Taiwanese Sausage

Mian Xian

Taiwanese Stinky Tofu

Taiwan Minced Pork Rice

Pearl Milk Tea

Lemon Ai Yu

Taiwan Wax Apple

Taiwan Guava

Ximenting District in Taipei

TWD - Coins

Taiwan Aboriginal Culture

Taiwanese Rural Farmer

Taiwan Betel Nut Beauty