British man to promote Taiwan Aboriginal Craftmanship

Impressed by the beauty of the handicraft made by Taiwan's aboriginal people, British businessman James Ball has pledged to set up a website to introduce and promote Taiwanese aboriginal culture.

Ball is a devout Buddhist and cyber sales expert for electronic products. He became acquainted with Taiwan's largest charity organization, the Tzu Chi Foundation established by Dharma Master Cheng Yen, in 2010 during a visit to Taiwan.

He returned to Taiwan this year to join a Tzu Chi English reading club to serve as English teacher during the reading sessions of Master Cheng Yen's words of wisdom..

After a visit to the Tzu Chi Daai residential park in Shanlin District, Kaohsiung City, where hundreds of aborigines were living in new homes built by the foundation, Ball became intrigued with the beauty of the handicraft made by the aboriginal residents of the community.

Ball said he is planning to launch a website to display the beautiful craftsmanship of Shanlin residents in items such as embroidery work, glassware and bamboo lamps.

The Shanlin community was built by the Tzu Chi foundation after many homes in rural villages in Kaohsiung were destroyed by floods during Typhoon Morakot in August 2009.
(Date: 2May2011)


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