Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan

Wulai Cherry Blossom Festival


A distinctive feature of Wulai is the wide variety of cherry trees. During February to April, various cherry trees blossom along the winding mountain roads, valleys and rivers. Fuji cherries, Feihan cherries, Jiye cherries, and Bachung cherries are all in full bloom and brighten all the paths. The rich nectar of cherry blossoms attracts various birds, such as Formosa Yuhina, Gray-cheeked Fulvettas, Chinese Bulbul, and Taiwan Sibia, etc. This gives an opportunity for visitors to have birdwatching while enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms.

In order to promote the local tourism business, Taipei County Government enriches the focus of the cherry blossoms by joining the local Atayal 
.  Aboriginal culture including Atayal songs, dancings, and traditional arts and rituals.with the festival in the hope of providing a different view of the festival. Atayal: is one of the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. Inhabiting the mountainous areas of northern and central Taiwan, the Atayal number approximately 90,000.

News Release: (This article first appeared in the “Liberty Times” Jan. 19, 2010.)
With good weather finally following a series of cold fronts, the cherry blossoms at Wulai Township in Taipei County are starting to show themselves.

Taking advantage of this natural phenomenon, restaurants are offering special cherry blossom meals in anticipation of the flowers' high season in February.

The area on both sides of Huanshan Road approaching Wulai Falls is full of cherry trees, and the Wulai Naruwan Spring Resort Activity Village before the falls boasts a ring of cherry blossoms all around it. The owner has used the geographical advantages of the location to put together a special cherry blossom appreciation tour, and aboriginal youth are on hand for a colorful song and dance show as well, depicting the local Atayal tribe's stories.

Chang Ming-yi, a businessman in Wulai, said of the multiple varieties of cherry blossoms in the area, the ones in the Huanshan area open in two or three waves, with the earliest happening while winter still has the area in its grip. The "mountain cherries" cover the slopes in red carpeting when they are fully open, followed by the Fuji and Japanese Flowering Cherry later in the year.

In recent years, local businessmen have promoted cherry blossom meals and special decorations. The Naruwan Hot Springs Hotel led the way with its "Spring Cherry Dance Meal," featuring cherry blossom soup and a cherry blossom appetizer, all with an evocative, sweet-sour flavor. The Yunhsian Gardens, perched high atop the mountain and served by a cable car, offers a soup made of mountain cherry blossom branches, which bring a slightly bitter note to the soup, though buffered by other ingredients. The chef hopes his new creation will bring more visitors to the gardens to try something new and natural.

Alishan Cherry Blossom

Legend has it that about two hundred and fifty years ago, a chief of Chou tribe, named Ali, was renowned for his hunting skills and led his people to the mountain as their main hunting ground. In order to ommemorate the chief, the Mt. Ali (or Alishan, shan stands for mountain in Chinese) was named after the name of the Chief by the tribes people. Alishan, with rich natural and cultural resources, is famous for its spectacular sunrise, sunset, sea of clouds, forest and unique plants, and Alishan railway. Moreover, the beautiful cherry blossoms in the mountain in every spring attract many visitors from Taiwan and abroad and make this a big yearly event for Alishan.

The one-month long flower season of Alishan is from the 15th of March to the 15th of April. At the lower elevations, the cherry blossoms are in bloom sooner, sometimes as early as late January. In the Alishan Forest Recreation Area it's generally from late March through early April. The cherry blossoms remain in full bloom for approximately two weeks. There are different species, with some producing pink blossoms while others are snowy white. The Feihan cherry blossoms (Prunus Campanulata), with the brightest pink color compared with other kind of cherry blossoms, come into their prime first; then it is followed by the blossoms of Jiye cherry trees and Bachung cherry trees, especially the beautiful canopy of white blossoms makes Jiye cherry blossoms the star of the flower season. In addition to cherry blossoms, there are many other kinds of flowers can be seen in the region with mid


Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom

 The cherry blossom season in Taiwan is a sight to behold, and the Sun Moon Lake may be the most romantic spot to enjoy the beauty of the seasonal colors. In 2007, the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village at the Sun Moon Lake is celebrating the cherry blossom season with two major festival activities running from February 1 to April 1.

The fun kicks off with the "Evening Cherry" activity from February 1 to March 30. International and local visitors to the culture village during the peak bloom period can enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms both day and night, as the village has extended its opening hours to 8pm during this period.


The culture village is also hosting a "Flowers and Greenery" activity from February 18 to April 1. Sculpted horticultural creations and other floral delights await visitors at the village's European Garden during this period. One can also breathe in the invigorating smells of nature along the Forest Orchid Trail and enjoy all the other abundant seasonal charms.


Yangmingshan Cherry Blossom
Situated on Mt. Yangming, one of the most well known mountains in Taiwan, Yangmingshan National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Taiwan. It features volcanic formations and fragrant blooming flowers during all four seasons. Because of the variety of beautiful plants and colorful flowers that flourish in the park, some people regard Yangmingshan National Park as the “backyard of Taipei”. Due to its tropical climate, Yangmingshan is an ideal location for plants and animals to grow.

Being the only national park in Taipei City, Yangmingshan National Park has become increasingly popular amongst Taipei citizen as well as foreigners. It is one of the best choices for families, couples, friends, and hikers to visit. The park also features popular scenic sites such as Qingtiangang and the Zhuzihu Scenic Spot. In addition to the scenery, visitors may also enjoy delicious wildlife cuisine at the national park.

Overall, Yangmingshan National Park is one of the perfect places to get close to the nature in Taipei City!


Yangmingshan Cherry Blossom




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