1 Day Taiwan Tours

Taipei City Half Day Tour - $65

Departure Date: Daily (8:30AM~12:30PM / 1:30PM~5:30PM)                 
Tour Code: 

National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall, Martyrs' Shrine, Traditional Chinese Temple, National Palace Museum, The Grand Hotel (photo stop)... etc.

Wulai Aboriginal Village Tour - $75

Departure Date: Daily (1:30PM~5:30PM)                             
Tour Code: 

This tour gives you the opportunity to talk to the Wulai Aboriginal ladies who will tell you their lives in graceful song and dance.

Taipei Night Tour inc Taiwanese Dinner - $75

Departure Date: Daily (5:30PM~9:30PM)                   
Tour Code: 

Tour starts with Lungshan Temple, Hwahsi Street Night Market, Taipei City Hall, dinner at Din Tai Fung, Taipei 101.

Northern Coast Tour inc Yehliu Park - $60

Departure Date: Daily (8:30AM~12:30PM)                            
Tour Code: 

See the panoramic view of Keelung Harbour and Yehliu Park which is famous for its natural rocks formations.

Folk Arts & Yingge & Sanxia Tour - $65

Departure Date: Daily (1:30PM)                              
Tour Code: 

See Yingge's most historical sights, and the main attractions in Sanxia.

Yangmingshan National Park & Hot Spring Tour - $75

Departure DateDaily (1:30PM~5:30PM)                        
Tour Code: 

See the beautiful scenery of Yangmingsan National Park, and experience the Hot-Spring Bath. 

Jiufen Village & Northeast Coast Tour - $65

Departure Date: Daily (1:30PM ~ 17:30PM)                              
Tour Code: 

Explore the unique Jiufen Villages, and the beautiful Northern Coast scenery, like the Nanya Rock Formations, Bay of Tow Colours, and Pitou Cape and many more.

Sky Lantern & Shifen Historical Town - $75

Departure Date: Daily (7:30:AM~12:30PM )
Tour Code: T1DH
Experience the magical sky lantern fun in PingXi, Shifen Old Town, Shifen Waterfall, and Shifen Railway Station

Taiwan Tea Tour & Thousand Island Lake - $75

Depart: Daily (7:30AM~12:30PM)
Tour Code: T1DI
Visit the famous 'Thousand Island Lake' for the beautiful scenery, Experience the Taiwan Tea Tasting, Bagua Tea Plantation, Pinglin Tea Museum

Taroko Gorge 1 Full Day Tour includes Lunch - $200

Tour Code: T1DDA
Departure Date: Daily 
(Starts: 5:30AM / Duration: 12hrs)

See the 'Seven Wonders of Asia' - Taroko Gorge in Hualien. It is the most visited place after Taipei in Taiwan.  Includes lunch & Taipei-Hualien return train tickets.

NEW ~ 1 Day Hakka Discovery Tour - $140

Tour Code: T1DDB
Departure Date: Wed and Sat 
(Starts: 7:30AM / Duration: 10hrs)

Highlights: Hexing Station, Zhudong Cultural & Creative Park, Hakka Food Tasting at Zhudong Traditional Market, Beipu Old Street, Hakka Lei Tea DIY, Seasonal Fruit Picking...

NEW ~ 1 Day Beitou & Yangmingshan Tour - $105

Tour Code: T1DDC
Departure Date: Tue - Sun
 (Starts: 8:00AM / Duration: 9hrs)

Highlights: Beitou Pubilc Library, Beitou Thermal Valley, Flower Clock, Yangmingshuwu, Zhuzihu, Siaoyoukeng Recreation Area, Qingtiangang Grassland, Lengshueikeng Recreation Area, Hot Spring Foot Bath Experience...

NEW ~ 1 Day Pinglin & Elephant Mountain Tour - $105

Tour Code: T1DDD
Departure Date: Tue, Fri & Sun 
 (Starts: 7:30AM / Duration: 9hrs)

Highlights: Pinglin Tea Plantation, Thousand Island Lake, Bagua Tea Plantation Recreation Area, Shenkeng Tofu Street, Elephant Mountain

Ultimate Taipei Day Tour incl. lunch - $180

Tour Code: T1D1

Departs: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun (except Mon) (Starts: 9AM / Duration: 8 hrs)
Visit: Taipei 101, Presidential Building, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Longshan Temple, Lunch at Din Tai Fung, National Palace Museum,  Beitou Hot Spring, Shilin Night Market...

Min 2 PAX

Northern Seacoast Wonderland Tour - from $150

Tour Code: T1D2
Everyday except Monday
 (Starts: 9AM / Duration: 8.5hrs)
Visit: Yehliu Geopark, See the famous Queen's Head, Juming Museum, Keelung Harbour, Zhupu Altar...

Min 2 PAX 

Jiufen and Pingxi Day Tour - $150

Tour Code: T1D3

Departs: Everyday except public holidays (Starts: 9AM / Duration: 8hrs)
Highlights: "Yin-Yang Sea" at Shuinandong, Golden Waterfall, Jiufen, release sky lanterns in Pingxi village, an event not to be missed.

Min 2 PAX

Taiwan Tea Culture 1 Day Tour - $150

Tour Code: T1D4
Everyday except Monday & public holidays (Starts: 9AM / Duration: 8hrs)

Overlook the lush green landscape of Tea Plantation & Thousand Island Lake. Learn what makes “tea” at the Taipei tea farm. Enjoy a scenic ride on the Maokong Gondola. Delight in Taiwanese tea and enjoy the view above Taipei city scenery.

Min 2 PAX

Taipei Bicycle, Metro & Walking Tour - $75

Tour Code: T1D5
Departs: Daily
 (Starts: 9:30AM / Duration: 5.5hrs)

Ride bikes through peaceful lanes and alleys, explore a few major landmarks and food streets on foot and take an urban mountain hike before taking a bus tour ending at one of Taipei’s major creative hubs

Min 2 PAX

Taroko Gorge Day Tour by Jet Plane - $330*

Tour Code: T1D11

Departs: Daily (Starts: 6:30AM / Duration: 14.5hrs)
Highlights: Taroko Gorge is one of Taiwan’s most iconic spots.  This tour includes return domestic flight from Taipei to Hualien and land transportation, a brief hike, exploration of 3 different scenic areas in Taroko Gorge and a visit to Hualien’s Dongdamen Night Market.

*Min. 4 PAX are required

Sun Moon Lake 1 Day Leisure Tour - $330*

Tour Code: T1D12

Departs: Daily (Starts: 9AM / Duration: 12hrs)
Highlights: Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's most visited attraction, with crystal blue water surrounded by lush forests, bamboo and mountains on all sides.  This tour offers travelers a chance to visit Taiwan's most sought after destinations by vehicle from Taipei in a single day.

* Min. 4 PAX are required

Sun Moon Lake Express Tour - $390*

Tour Code: T1D13

Departs: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun (except Monday) (Starts: 8AM / Duration: 12hrs)
Highlights: Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's most visited attraction, with crystal blue water surrounded by lush forests, bamboo and mountains on all sides.  Experience High Speed Rail from Taipei to Taichung, cruise & gondola ride in Sun Moon Lake.

* Min. 4 PAX are required. 

Taipei Culinary Experience Tour - $100

Tour Code: T1D14
Everyday except Monday & Public Holidays (Starts: 16:30PM / Duration: 3.5hrs)

Highlights: Explore the world of Taiwanese cuisine, sampling at least a dozen separate dishes on this 3.5 hours tour through Asia's most vibrant culinary city.  You will snack at traditional markets, taste signature dishes at a couple of Taipei's best-loved restaurants, and of course eat your way through several courses of traditional night market fare. 

Min 2 PAX

Seven Star Mountain Hiking Tour - $120

Tour Code: T1D15

Departs:  Daily (Starts: 9:30AM / Duration: 7hrs)

Highlights: It’s called Qixing Shan, or Seven Star Mountain, and not just because it’s Taipei’s tallest (and thus closest to the stars) but because those who make it to its peak are treated to an extraordinary view of seven other mountains.  You will experience the view, and so much more, on our full-day Seven Star Peak Hike. 

Min 2 PAX

Vintage Taipei Day Tour - $105

Tour Code: T1D17

Departs:  Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat (Starts: 9AM / Duration: 6.5hrs)

Highlights: Discover the spiritual and mercantile roots of Taipei in this interactive tour of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, including a visit to two outstanding temples, a guided tour of one of Taipei’s oldest neighbourhoods.  We’ll also have a lesson in DIY handicraft and visit a fortune teller and a family run tea refinery. 

Min 2 PAX

Half Day POW Tour

Departure Date: Daily (8:00AM or 13:00PM)  Tour Code: T1DR
Tour Highlight: Gingwashe POW Memorial Park, Gold Museum...

Kaohsiung Sea & Mountain 1 Day Tour - from $110*

Departure DateDaily (2:00PM)               Tour Code: T1DT
Visit Qinjin Island (Qihou Lighthouse, Qihou Battery, Tianhou Temple), A-Ten Mullet Roe Tourism Factory, Pier-2Art Center, Former British Consulate, Love River, Liuhe Night Market... Dinner Included
Min 2 PAX 

Tainan Ancient Capital & Wushantou Reservoir Tour - $110*

Departure DateDaily (9:00AM)               Tour Code: T1DU
Visit Eternal Golden Castle, Merchant House of Tait & Co./Tree House, Wushantou Reservoir
Min 4 PAX 

1 Day Taiwan Culture Tour - $180*

Departure Date: Daily (8:00AM) Except Mondays Tour Code: T1DZ 
Experience the lifestyle of Taiwanese culture, see the temples, Chinese Kong Fu show, and performances at National Center for Traditional Art in Yilan. Visit Wufungchi Waterfall and Chiufen Village.
Min 4 PAX

Star Photo Album - $299

Departure Date: Daily (AM / PM)                         Tour Code: T1DK
Take the opportunity to have a uniquely designed personal photo album as a special souvenir from your visit to Taiwan.

Taipei Historic Tea Capital Half Day Tour - $90

Departure Date: Daily (8am)             Tour Code: T1DN     

Min. 10 People Required
Visit Three Stone Teapot Museum , Red Tea House area, Chang Nai-miao Memorial Hall ,Taipei Tea Promotion Center for Tieguanyin and Baozhong*LUNCH included*

Zen Meditation & North Coast & Chiufen Tour - $170

Departure DateMon~ Fri  (8:30AM )                          
Tour Code: 
Experience the Zen meditation with a delicious vegetarian lunch included in the tour. Afternoon visit the Yehliu Goe Park where the magnificent rock erosion created the most famous "Queen's Head' statue. In the late afternoon will be shown the old minning village of Chiufen where you will see the old Taiwan and taste the Taiwanese food & culture.
Min 2 PAX  

LOHAS Taipei Tour - *$140

Departure DateDaily (8:00AM or 1:00PM )  
Tour Code: 
LOHAS means “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability” is welling ever stronger throughout the world, Taiwan offers you an endless number of ways, with an Oriental flair and a uniquely Taiwanese character, to stay healthy. Experience in the island’s cuisine, sports, leisure activities, and folk methods of health care. Visit Dajia Riverside Park bicycle ride while enjoying the magnificent view and sound of water shooting upwards creating beautiful patterns in the sky. Also including Taiwanese Foot Massage..

Min 10 PAXS

Rustic Afternoon Tea & Floral Escapes - $90

Departure Date: Daily (1pm)             Tour Code: T1DP   

Min. 10 People Required
Camphor Trail, Zhangshan Temple, Red Teahouse Area*LUNCH included*

1 Day Taipei Tea Tour - $200

Departure Date: Daily (8am)             Tour Code: T1DO     

Min. 10 People Required
Wenshan Tea Farm, Tea picking & making, enjoying tea culture, Tea meal, Wulai Waterfall, Gaga indigenous performance, Wulai old streets *LUNCH included*
Notes: Pouchong Tea DIY activity in Wenshan is only available during April ~October.

1 Day Oriental Beauty Tea Tour - $200

Departure Date: Daily (8am)             Tour Code: T1DQ

Min. 10 People Required

Emei Township in Hsinchu County, Fuxing Tea Production and Marketing Class, Xu Yaoliang Tea Plantation,Tea picking, sunning, processing, baking; DIY tea snacks, Hakka delicacies lunch, Peipu old streets, Hakka ground tea and rice cake tasting shopping *LUNCH included*
Notes: Emei Township's Oriental Tea DIY activities only available during June~August.

1 Day POW Tour

Departure Date: Daily (8:00AM)                               Tour Code: T1DS
Tour Highlight: Gingwashe POW Memorial Park, Gold Museum, Chiufen Village, Pitou Cape, Nanya Rock, Bay of Two Colours and North East Coast Scenic Area...

1 Day Taiwan Diving Tour - North East Coast Tour from $295

Departure Date: Daily March~Nov (9Hours 8:00AM~5PM)  Tour Code: T1DT
Tour Highlight: Diving Experience (2.5hrs incl all equipment hire), Chiufen Village, Pitou Cape, Nanya Rock, Bay of Two Colours and North East Coast Scenic Area...

1 Day Taiwan Diving Tour - Kenting from $305

Departure Date: Daily Jan~Dec (9Hours 8:00AM~5PM)  Tour Code: T1DT
Tour Highlight: Diving Experience (3hrs incl all equipment hire), Maipitou Ocean Park, Oluanpi Lighthouse, Kenting Scenic Area...

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival Day Tour - $95

Departure Date: Friday, 7 FEB 2020 (12:30PM~21:00PM)                 
Tour Code: 

Tour Highlights: Shifen Old Street, Release Sky Lantern at Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Coal Mine Museum, Shifen Waterfall

2020 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival Day Tour - $150

Departure Date: Saturday, 8 FEB 2020 (12:30PM~21:00PM)                 
Tour Code: 

Tour Highlights: Shifen Waterfall, Coal Tunnel, Coal Miner Train, Shifen Old Street, Release the Sky Lantern at Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival