East Taiwan 7 Days Cycle Tour

Day 1: Taipei Train Station / Xincheng / Hualien (-/L/D)

After an early breakfast at your hotel, we will take a short ride to the Songshan Train Station for a 2 hour and 05 minute train ride to the east coast, where we will officially begin the hiking part of the trip.  Taroko National park is famous for its marble gorge, by hiking along the Rocky cliffs, you will view the gorge so steep and narrow that they almost seem to

touch each other and there is some beautiful trail to trek around.  Shakadang trail is famous for the beautiful river gorge and Lushui trail is worth observing the flora and fauna.

Then we will drive to Hualien city for check-in.

Hotel: Classic City Resort or similar

Day 2: Hualien / Jici / An Ton Hot Spring | 112km (B/L/D)

The day begins with cycling all along East Coast Highway 11.  The east coast road stretches south along a long, narrow band situated between the steep Pacific ridge and the ocean. The geology is unique with the broken ridges, steep cliffs, and meandering coastline. As we enjoy the sea breezes, we will continue to cycle south and pause at the Jici Overlook Platform, the best place to take in the famous and breathtaking view of the Pacific Bay.

We then resume riding on past the Siouguluan River to have lunch at Shi Ti fishing village, famous for locally caught seafood. After lunch, we continue along the Jade road up through a 2660m/1.55 mile tunnel (450m/1445 feet high) over the Coastal Mountain range, which has a distinctive bowed shape, making it perhaps the most instantly recognisable range in all of Taiwan.

A steep climb brings us to An Ton Hot Spring, where we wtill stay for the night.  This alkaline spring is clear, with a distinctive hydrogen sulphide odour as the water emerges at 66 degree celsius.  Make sure you try the hot spring and let nature ease away the aches and pains from the day long ride. 

Hotel: Hot Spring & Resort or similar

Day 3: An Ton / Fuli / Chihshang | 58km (B/L/D)

After breakfast, we will cycle along the East Rift Valley that lies between the Central Mountain Range and the Coast Mountain Range. This long and narrow valley is home to some beautiful countryside such as tea farms, waterfalls and green rice fields.

Hakka village is a traditional farm where people still make tofu in the traditional way, using natural ingredients found in the mountains, ingredients such as the water from the volcano. This place is special, running by pleasant people from whom you can learn about the tofu production. Youll also have the opportunity to make it yourself.

Afterwards, we will pedal along Provincial Highway 9 and later rest at Pond, which is the largest lake in Taitung Province, with fine views of the East Rift Valley.  The abundance of water chestnuts, water bamboo, lotus, reeds and water willows at the lake attracts more than ten different types of birds to visit.

Hotel: Fuji Hotel or similar 

Day 4: Chihshang / Coastal Mountains / Donghe / Taitung | 90km (B/L/D)

We will follow country bike paths through bountiful rice fields of Golden Rape today (if in season). The cycling paths will take us through the Dapo pond wetlands, the centre of the East Rift Valley. We continue to travel through the central mountain range to a typical country village where we may have the opportunity to see how farmers plant rice or harvest crops. The landscapes shaded by rice terraces offer unique local views.

We resume our ride through highway 23, which starts from the East Rift Valley and cuts through the Coastal Mountain Range. It is a particularly peaceful rural road, which is home to the Formosan Macaques.

Natural wonders and wild sceneries abound here, give proof to the old saying that this scenic view makes for the most rewarding alpine passes in Taiwan - surely sorthy of the challenging ride.

Hotel: Sheraton Taitung Hotel or similar

Day 5:  Taitung / Jinlun / Shouka / Mudan / Sihchongsi / Checheng | 115km  (B/L/D)

Today we will cycle along Southern Highway 9, and visit Jinlun St. Josephs Catholic Church, which was inspired by the Aboriginal Paiwan culture and the Catholic missionaries. Inside, you will see cultural artefacts and pictures that result from this unique blending of the aboriginal culture and western religion.

After lunch, we will follow the direction of the sunshine along the coast with views of the Pacific Ocean and ride through the scenic east-west mountains cross road.

Hotel: Grand Bay Resort or similar 


Day 6:  Checheng / Fangliao / Kaohsiung City | 36km  (B/L/D)

Our last day of cycling will be along the west edge of the southern Peninsula to view Taiwan Straits along Provincial Highway 26. As we ride through the rural roads in Pintung County, we will pass numerous tropical plantations growing pineapples, bananas, mangos, papayas.

Next, we will visit the Fangliao Arts Village, an out-of-commission former train station located along the lane of row-houses. These houses have now been turned into an arts village by a few art enthusiasts and have gradually become decorated and attractive.

We will, later on, take 1.5 hour train from Fangliao to Kaohsiung City, where we are going to explore the local night market and the fascinating Formosa Metro Station.

Hotel: Kaohsiung Howard Plaza Hotel​ or similar

Day 7: 
 Kaohsiung City / International Airport Departure (B/-/-)

We will transfer to Zuoying to take the High-Speed Rail train (Tickets excluded) to Taoyuan to connect shuttle bus to the international airport when we reach the end of our journey in Taiwan.

At this point, we hope that as we bid you farewell, you have come to think of the cycling tour in Taiwan as an unforgettable and pleasant experience.

Transfer to airport to take a flight for your journey home.  Thank you!



Cycling Conditions:  We ride on well made roads some of which have designated cycle lanes. The terrain varies from gently undulating along parts of the east coast to the steep ascent and descent over the coastal mountain range. Traffic is generally light although there will be stretches on busier roads. There is always a support vehicle on hand to give you a lift if you need a break from the riding.



A Practical Guide to Bicycle Touring in Taiwan

Taiwan was recently ranked by Lonely Planet as one of the top destinations to discover in 2012.  We couldn’t agree more.
Great scenery, reasonable prices and a variety of climatic zones make Taiwan an excellent bicycle touring destination.  Surprisingly, Taiwan sees few foreign visitors.  This is one spot in Asia well off the banana pancake trail.

Taiwan is a sweet potato shaped island just off the coast of China.  It is home to around 23 million people, most of who live on the west coast.
The center of the country is very mountainous, with 100 peaks over 3,000 metres. The highest is Jade Mountain (Yu Shan 玉山) at 3,952 m (12,966 ft).

Not only is this the highest mountain in Taiwan, but all East Asia.

When to go bicycle touring in Taiwan
You can go bicycle touring in Taiwan pretty much year round.

The climate varies depending on elevation and whether you’re in the north or south.  Fall and spring are probably the best times to visit overall.  Rain can fall at any time of the year, so make sure you’re prepared.

Summers can be sweltering hot, but would be a good time to escape to the mountains and tour on one of the three cross-island highways.

We cycle toured Taiwan in late November and the weather was almost perfect.  A little rainy and cool in the north, but warm and sunny further south.

Taiwan is a good choice for a short bicycle touring holiday or as part of a longer Asia tour.   

Biking in Taiwan can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it.  If you want a challenge, hit the mountains and cycle one of the cross island roads.  
If you want to take it a little easier, stick to biking the quiet roads of Taiwan’s east coast.

All in all, cycling Taiwan poses few difficulties.  You rarely have to cycle long distances without services, roads are in good condition and the country is safe enough that you can camp just about anywhere.



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East Taiwan 7 Days Cycle Tour

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6 nights of accommodation

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Support van bases on Honda CRV or T5 VW

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Helmets, sewing, raincoats, bike shoes, gloves, water bottle etc.

Personal expenses


Cost of bicyle (daily rental price approx. AUD50)

International & domestic airfares


Kaohsiung to Taoyuan High Speed Rail ticket



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