Hollywood star finds Taiwan Tea 'superb'


Hollywood star Rob Schneider finds Taiwan tea 'superb'
2012/7/10 下午 10:15:00
Taipei, July 10 (CNA) Hollywood comedy actor Rob Schneider rated Taiwan's tea as "superb," during a visit to a tea farm near the scenic Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan on Tuesday.

Schneider and his wife Patricia Azarcoya Arce were given a tour of a leisure farm in Yuchih township, Nantou County, where they learned to pick tea leaves and later had tea with the owner.

Arce donned a bamboo hat and scarf like the ones worn by the women who work on the tea farm.

As the couple picked tea leaves under the guidance of the farm owner, Schneider joked that that the leaves must be picked young, like his wife.

The celebrity couple later sampled four kinds of Sun Moon Lake black tea.

Schneider said that compared with the black tea in other countries, Taiwan's is refreshing and not at all bitter.

"Taiwan superb, Taiwan tea superb," he said in simple Mandarin.

He also joked that the British usually spoil good black tea by adding too much sugar and cream.

Schneider and his wife are on a nine-day visit to Taiwan at the invitation of the Tourisn Bureau.

On Monday, they strolled around Sun Moon Lake and cycled on a route that CNNGo described as one of the best in the world.

The couple is scheduled to visit Taiwan's northeastern coast to take wedding photos in the scenic area in the tradition for local couples.

The photos and a series of short films featuring Schneider and Arce will be used to promote Taiwan tourism, including its tea.

Schneider, an American actor, director, screenwriter and comedian, came to Taiwan 12 years ago to promote his best known film "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo." He said he fell in love with the island and chose it as his honeymoon destination last year when he married Mexican television producer Arce.

Hollywood star finds Taiwan's food irresistible
2012/07/12 18:37:59
Taipei, July 12 (CNA) Hollywood comedy actor Rob Schneider described the food in Taiwan Thursday as being so good, he has been having a hard time during his current short visit deciding what to eat when he wakes up each day.

Schneider said he and his wife, Patricia Azarcoya Arce, had hired a wedding photography studio in Taiwan to take pictures of them during their stay, but he joked that it was difficult for the staff to find pants that fit him.

"Because of the fried rice and chicken soup...all the beautiful seafood we've enjoyed. It's affected my pant size," he said.

Schneider, who was invited by the Tourism Bureau to endorse Taiwan's tourism, said he likes almost everything about Taiwan, singling out the High Speed Railway as one of the things that has amazed him the most.

He noted that the bullet trains are fast, comfortable and stable, and he expressed hope that a controversial initiative for a high speed rail system in California will be successful.

The American star also praised Taipei 101, saying that the building has wonderful views and restaurants that offer "amazing food."

Schneider and his wife, who is five months pregnant, also visited Chung Shan Hospital in Taipei to see the quality of Taiwan's medical services.

Schneider also said that they are trying to come up with a Chinese name for their baby.

Arce said that if it were not for the long flight, she would even consider giving birth in Taiwan because of the quality of the health care here.

Schneider, who is also a director and screenwriter, first came to Taiwan 12 years ago to promote his best-known film "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo." He said he fell in love with the island, so much so that he chose it as his honeymoon destination last year when he married Mexican television producer Arce.

The couple arrived in Taiwan July 6 to spend their "second honeymoon" and shoot some short films that will be used to promote Taiwan in North America.

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