Lady Gaga & Kylie Minogue in Taiwan

Taiwan's Taichung City's  'Lady Gaga Day' marks diva's visit
A city in central Taiwan has made 3rd July 2011 "Lady Gaga Day" to mark the pop diva's highly anticipated first concert on the island, according to officials.

Taichung city will present the city's key to Lady Gaga and festoon the streets with flags featuring her photograph, the city government said.

Organisers will also host a creativity contest to encourage fans to come up with bold and daring designs reflecting her spirit, they said.

The 25-year-old singer, ranked this year's most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine, is among the most popular international entertainers in Taiwan.

The single concert, which will be attended by 4,000 fans, is part of a five-day tour promotional tour of Taiwan by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga will hold a concert at the Fulfillment Amphitheater in Taichung, which can accommodate 4,000 people. However, the Taipei Times has reported that this is just a rumor and Gaga will not perform.

Either way, the iconic star will appear on a number of variety shows and the hosts and their producers are fighting over who will be the chosen ones.

Wanna get super close to Lady Gaga?

The top 10 winners in a creative costume contest will get precious face time with the pop singer-songwriter.
Pop diva Lady Gaga's first and only show in Taiwan, which is supposed to be free, could cost money, and not a small amount, for some of her "little monsters," local media reported Tuesday.

Fans in Taiwan have been so anxious to know how to get tickets to meet her in a July 3 show in Taichung that some are considering paying people to queue for them.

The 4,000 tickets are expected to create a frenzy since they will be given out only to those who have her latest album "Born This Way." Tickets will be distributed on a first come first served base, according to the organizers.

Fans who will not be able to spend time lining up have another choice. They can pay NT$150-200 (US$5-7) per hour for a queuing service, which can be found online.

The details regarding the ticket exchange, including locations and time, will not be disclosed until June 23, two days prior to when fans can bring their Lady Gaga CDs to get tickets distributed by Universal Music Taiwan.

Local media reported that if it takes two days to queue for a ticket, the price of paying someone to wait in line could cost as much as NT$7,000 (US$240).

Gaga is scheduled to sing one or more new songs at the show in an outdoor theater in Taichung's Wen-Hsin Forest Park.

A netizen nicknamed "okadanaoki" wrote on a fan board on PTT, Taiwan's largest bulletin board system, that he/she had agreed to pay NT$1,500 for one ticket from a queuing agency.

However, the price was raised to NT$5,000 the other day "because the seller said there were not enough people lining up for the tickets."

Okadanaoki wrote angrily, "I will wait for a concert that charges admission if I fail to grab a ticket."

Other netizens also worried the service would turn into ticket scalping, complaining that they will tell their idol on Twitter and Facebook about the situation.

Following the discussion, another netizen launched a campaign to take turns lining up for the tickets right after the locations are announced.

It is unlikely people would pay that much for a show as short as 25 minutes, said Jun Chen, a staffer at Super Service, a website that provides various services from "professional queuing for concert tickets" to personal shopping.

No one had made a reservation with them as of today, Chen said, but he added that he received at least forty to fifty calls to ask about the service.

Chen said he hopes fans will not really spend two days trying to get the tickets because that will make things harder for everybody in the scorching summer heat.

The organizers shared the same idea, saying they decided not to announce the details too early because they "did not want fans to spend too much time on this."

But if they insist on flocking to the ticket exchange locations as soon as they are disclosed, "there's nothing we can do to stop them," said Brian Yang, an assistant promotion manager from Universal Music Taiwan.

Lady Gaga with Taiwanese Aborigines
We’re used to seeing Lady Gaga strutting around in whacky outfits on and off stage but you’d think she might change into something more appropriate for yoga.
Gaga didn’t seem to think that was necessary though and headed to a yoga studio in Taiwan dressed in a lace cat suit, her trademark chunky heels and scarlet red lipstick as she held onto her mat.
Her yoga class came the day before her concert, which will kick off tonight in Taipei as part of her five-day visit to the island.

Appropriate attire? Lady Gaga headed to a yoga studio in Taiwan wearing a lace cat suit while holding her mat

But instead of being a relaxing day out for the Poker Face singer, she was surrounded by hundreds of fans as she left the building.

Her bodyguards had to clear the way for Gaga to get through but her ‘little monsters’ even gathered outside her hotel to try and catch a glimpse of of their idol.

The 25-year-old arrived in the country on Friday night by private jet and headed to the Regent Taipei hotel, where she has been staying.
Two fans camped outside the hotel all night to try and meet Gaga in person, while others dressed up as their idol to prepare for a ‘Lady Gaga Day’ fashion show today ahead of her concert tonight in Taichung.


Lady in black: Lady Gaga was dressed head-to-toe in the black outfit alongside spiked boots and chains over her yoga mat


Fan frenzy: Gaga was mobbed by fans as she tried to leave the yoga studio in Taipei


Gaga was on her way to Greater Taichung, where a series of events will take place before her concert kicks off.

The city government is throwing a welcome party, for which thousands of fans are expected to show up.

The singer’s visit is part of her promotional tour for her new album Born This Way.

Catching a glimpse: Hundreds of fans gathered outside the studio to try and see their idol


Making a getaway: The BornThis Way star quickly dashed through the crowd into a car


She had spent most of last week in Japan and this is her first time to Taiwan.

Following her visit to Japan, Lady Gaga tweeted this morning: ‘We won 3 MTV Video Japan Awards Monsters!

‘All 3 for Born This Way: Video of the Year, Best Dance Video, Best Female Video. Ah I’m so happy!’

Gaga influence: Fans dress as their idol for a Lady Gaga Day fashion show ahead of her concert in Taiwan

She then added: ‘Nick Jonas singing The Edge of Glory. On my way to press conference in Taichung, listening to it. So dreamy!’

Meanwhile, Gaga has been voted the Queen of Pop by Rolling Stone magazine, due to record sales, views on YouTube, social media mentions, critics reviews and revenue from live shows.

Lady Gaga Drives Fans Crazy at her First Taiwan Concert in Taichung 
Lady Gaga extended her very first performance in Taiwan on Sunday to tens of thousands of fans in ecstasy, singing five more songs than scheduled in a free concert.

The American pop diva sang nine songs from her latest album "Born This Way" at Taichung City's Fulfillment Amphitheater in front of 6,000 people who luckily got tickets to the promotional show.

More than 30,000 people that could not get in also enjoyed the rare performance by watching two large screens put up outside the theatre. Some of them were satisfied with simply listening to the music and feeling the excitement in the air.

The international star opened the much-anticipated show in a sexy black thin sleeve-less dress, wowing the audience with her trademark wild dance and heavy-beat music.

Her "little monsters" were surprised by the singer's improvisation of the lyrics and spontaneous interaction with them, such as singing "Taiwan you and I" or stopping in the middle of a sentence to let fans finish singing the rest.

She said the flags printed with her album cover on the streets and a huge screen playing one of her music videos made her very happy. "That made me so happy, so thank you."

In the one-hour long concert, Lady Gaga mentioned "Taiwan" for at least five times, either in her songs or in her talks.

"(I was) very very very very excited to see Gaga and I hope she will come give a concert in Taiwan next time," said Pierre Fu, a man in special costume inspired by his idol. He added the whole concert was so very unique that it was impossible to choose a favorite part.

"Amazing. Only this word can describe it. She was fantastic and very friendly," said Natashia Lee.

She said the concert "doubled" her imagination

"I think she performed with utmost sincerity and beyond, just as what she promised earlier--she put 150 percent preparation into the concert."

The diva is scheduled to give a press conference in Taipei Monday before leaving Taiwan the next day.

Vidoe: Lady Gaga Performed Free Mini Concert for 40,000 Fans in Taiwan

Video: Lady Gaga Press Confrence in Taichung Taiwan

Kylie Minogue concert in Taipei Taiwan

Kylie will be bringing ‘Aphrodite Live’ to Taiwan.  Fans will be able to see the concert at the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei on Sunday 3rd July 2011. She is seen many a rival come and go, and no doubt when she hits Taipei on 3rd July 2011, she will be gracious about the other diva to perform on the same night: Lady Gaga.
 Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue on Sunday put on an awe-inspiring performance and dazzled thousands of Taiwanese fans at Taipei's Nangang Exhibition Hall.

Amid the cheering of some 8,000 fans, the singer burst onto the stage from a gold nutshell and opened her Taipei leg of the Aphrodite 2011 world tour with the upbeat song "Aphrodite," dressed like that of a Greek goddess. When she finished the first three songs, she changed her goddess look and appeared on stage by riding a statue of a flying horse.

At one point of the concert, Minogue said to the passionate crowd, "You are very cute." The 43-year-old was scheduled to sing 24 songs, and had prepared eight elaborate costumes for the Taiwan fans, according to concert promoter Benny Yang.

Earlier the day, 10 lucky fans were selected to meet the pop sensation for about 10 minutes at the backstage. Fang Yu-chun, one of the 10, said he was thrilled to be able to meet his idol in person. As each of them was allowed one wish, Fang asked for a hug from his idol and had his wish granted. "Kylie is such a nice person. I love her so much," he told reporters.

The 10 fans were also given an autographed picture of Minogue, and had photographs taken with the international star.

Philip Polon, from Papua New Guinea who was in Taiwan for a seven-day visit with his family, said he was so happy to have the chance to attend the concert here. He said Minogue is very famous in his home country, and it was great to catch up on her performance in person in Taiwan.

Minogue started her Aphrodite world tour in Denmark in February and has traveled extensively throughout Europe before moving onto Japan, North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia, before ending in South Africa on July 14. Her next stop after the Taipei concert would be in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, on July 5.


This past weekend was busy for fans of western pop music, as Minogue held a concert in the Taipei World Trade Center Nnangang Exhibition Hall at 7:30 p.m. while Lady Gaga held a mini-concert at 8 p.m. in Taichung. Minogue said she was not worried about any potential clashes fans would face regarding whose concert to attend, because they attract different crowds.

For her 2011 world tour, Aphrodite Live 2011, Minogue arrived on July 2 with 15 dancers and aerial stuntmen, 6 band members, and 20 performers.

Tsai, one of the most celebrated Taiwanese pop singers, had sent a flower basket to Minogue prior to her first concert in Taiwan in 2008, and did so again yesterday. Minogue posted a photo with the flower basket on twitter and tweeted her gratitude: “Thank you for beautiful flowers Jolin!!”

Minogue visited downtown Taipei and enjoyed xiaolongbao (小籠包) last night upon her arrival. She posted two pictures on twitter to announce her presence, noting, “Arrived in many colours, fruit, flowers and...... dumplings!!!!!! Love it!”

It is not news that Minogue takes a special liking to Taiwanese fruits, especially pineapples and bananas, according to the concert organizers, so fresh juice was offered backstage during the concert for all staff. Also, Minogue had asked to try Taiwanese coconut juice, concert organizers said.

Aside from Tsai, other Taiwanese pop stars including Cindy Wang (王心凌), Amber An (安心亞), Da Mouth (大嘴巴, a local hip-hop group), and Soda Green (蘇打綠) were reported to be present at Minogue's concert.



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