Kenting National Park: Taiwan's Tropical Paradise

Kenting National Park is the jewel of Taiwan and one of the most popular destinations in the country for nature seekers and adventure lovers. With kilometers of stunning coastline, postcard-perfect beaches and a huge national park to enjoy some of the best scenic hikes on the island, a trip to Kenting is a sure-fire way of satiating the curious traveller within.

Situated in the Hengchun Peninsula in southern Taiwan, Kenting National Park encompasses a land area of 181 and a sea area of 152 sq. km, with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, rainforest and coral reefs making up the stunning landscape. This unique geology is caused by multiple factors, such as the tropical climate and the continually moving fault lines, which have given rise to fascinating features like limestone caves, coral tablelands, isolated mountains and slumping cliffs.

                                          Rocky Coast along the Pacific Ocean, Kenting, Taiwan

Also home to an impressive abundance of wildlife, such as deer, hare, monkeys and a huge number of migratory birds, Kenting is the perfect place for bird-watching, or searching for a glimpse of animals in the wild.

Kenting’s diverse landscape makes it perfect for an adventure holiday and there are lots of fun activities that can be enjoyed around the park. Snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing and surfing will take you out into the warm, tropical ocean, while other activities such as scenic walking and hiking through the jaw-dropping beauty will draw you back to land.

                                             Underwater scuba diving in Kenting National Park

Of course, many people just come to Kenting to unwind and relax on the fabulous beaches. Baisha beach, around 5km from Kenting town, is isoltaed, peaceful and beautiful and was featured as a location in the movie Life of Pi. Kenting Road has lots of other great beaches dotted along the coast, so stop at any one of them for a fantastic day of swimming in the turquoise blue ocean and sunbathing on the white sandy shore.

Jialeshui beach is very popular for surfing, although you can learn to surf on almost any of the beaches in Kenting. The waves in Jialeshui are excellent for learning and there are lots of places to rent surfboards along the beach, so whether you’re a newbie surfer or an experienced pro, you’ve got to visit Jialeshui beach.

                                        Gorgeous isolated beaches along the Kenting coast

Fortunately for everyone, Kenting is prone to beautiful, sunny weather all year round. However, you should still consider the typhoon season (June to September) before booking your trip, as beaches are often closed due to potential typhoon threats.

During Taiwanese festivals and holidays, expect huge crowds of local tourists and increased prices on accommodation and dining.



                                Beautiful small towns along the coast in Kenting National Park

Getting to Kenting National Park is easy, with regular buses and High-Speed Rail services operating from Kaohsiung and Taipei. The HSR train from Taipei to Zuoying (Kaohsiung) takes only 1.5 hours, while the bus from Kaohsiung to Kenting will take about 2.5 hours.

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(Source:, 14 May 2014) 


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