Korea Tourism Organistaion launches 'The Age of Imagination'


Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has released a new promotional advertisement ‘Korea, the Age of Imagination’ to time with the release of the new Hollywood blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The new comic hero style KTO advertisement was devised to boost Korea’s brand image as a tourist destination in relation to the filming of the Avengers sequel in Seoul. Avengers: Age of Ultron was shot last year in various areas of Korea including Sebitseom (also known as Floating Island Seoul), Hangang River, Digital Media City (DMC), and Gangnam-daero Boulevard.

The film premiered in Australian cinemas last week and is expected to be seen by huge audiences worldwide. Aussie heartthrob and Avengers star Chris Hemsworth stars as the superhero Thor in the movie.

The new advertisement offers a look into the unique lives and culture of Korea such as the 24/7 food delivery service, nightlife of Seoul, traditional food and art, and the haenyeo (women divers) of Jeju Island.

KTO decided to introduce heroes who represent Korea’s culture and tradition. These heroes are neither K-pop superstars nor famous actors. They are actually far from the spotlight. They are real masters who are superbly skilled at diverse cultural assets of Korea.

For example, portrayed as a black mermaid in the commercial, Kim Jae-yeon is a haenyeo who follows in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother as she dives into the deep waters for shellfish with no breathing equipment. Against Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak, a famous volcanic crater in Jeju Island, Kim emerges from the sea like a mermaid. Thick rustic black full-length bodysuits and old-fashioned goggles are symbols of Jeju Island and the strong women of the island. Kim says, “haenyeo preserve the sea and Mother Nature, we coexist in it. I would like to keep my work and save the heritage.”

(Source: June 2015)

Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) has launched its new tourism promotion, ‘Imagine Your Korea’, to reflect the organisation’s goal attract 20 million tourists and raise Korea’s reputation as a global tourist destination.

The new campaign will aim to promote Korea’s various charms and qualities, while showcasing the country’s improved global status through its natural environment, rich tradition and history, while at the same time portraying it as a trendy and creative tourist destination and global pop-culture leader.

Emphasising the letter ‘K’ in Korea, the new branding symbolises Korean culture, from K-Food to K-Pop and represents the country’s dynamic energy and welcoming message to all visitors.

“Last year, the number of foreign visitors to Korea exceeded 12 million, which represented an opportunity for Korea to make a new leap forward to become an advanced tourism country, in name and reality,” KTO president Choo-Suk Byun said.

“Foreigners visit Korea not just because of physical accessibility and reasonable prices but because of their desire to experience the latest trends, cuisine, culture and lifestyle of Korea and in short, the nature of tourism in Korea has changed.”

“With the launching of the new brand we can reinforce the global awareness that Korea is a creative country filled with the latest trends and sophisticated culture, thereby contributing to the opening of an era that welcomes 20 million foreign tourists in the future.”

To coincide with the campaign launch, KTO is running a ‘Tour Imagination’ campaign, offering visitors the chance to win one of eight trips to experience the beauty of Korea in Autumn.

(Source: July 2014)


KTO announces Dami Im as Honorary Tourism Ambassador


Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) held an exclusive cocktail party and screening of smash hit Koran comedy, “Miss Granny”, at Event Cinemas George Street in Sydney last night.

The event celebrated the recent rebranding of KTO as well as the announcement of X-Factor 2013 winner Dami Im as the Honorary Tourism Ambassador for Korea in Australia, and was timed to coincide with the Korean Film Festival.

Dami’s background as a Korean Australian, combined with her fast rise to fame and her ability to relate to people has made her the perfect choice for assisting in the promotion of Korean tourism in Australia.

“Since winning X-Factor 2013, Dami Im’s rise to fame has seen her become a symbol of hope for many young people in Australia and we think her background as a Korean Australian and her great love of her birth country, as well as her huge fan base and connection to many Australians through her music will make her the perfect ambassador tourism ambassador for Korea in Australia,” KTO director Sang Weon Je said.

Dami’s success and popularity with the Australian public has presented her with many opportunities and it is expected that her role as Honorary Tourism Ambassador for Korea may further increase her opportunities to spread her music at the same time as encouraging many Australians to travel to Korea.

“I am so honoured to have the role of Honorary Tourism Ambassador for Korea and as a Korean Australian I am so excited to share my love of these two cultures to the people of both of Korea and Australia,” Dami said.

Earlier this month, Korea launched its new worldwide brand ‘Imagine your Korea’, emphasising all the exciting things one can enjoy in Korea, from 5,000 years of history and culture to the modern scene of Korea’s youth and K-Pop culture.

12 million tourists visited Korea last year and interest in the country has never been greater by Australians, with 123,500 Aussies travelling to the country last year.

(Source: 21AUG2014)

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