Oceania (Guam, Palau)

About Oceania (Guam)

Guam is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean about 13 degrees north of the equator. Guam is east of the Philippines and south of Japan, and has long attracted foreigners because of its strategic military location and excellent tourism opportunities. Planning a Guam vacation will involve a long flight no matter where you leave from, but Guam travel continues to be popular because of its sunny beaches and consistently sunny skies.

About Palau

Palau is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean.  The population of Palau is approximately 21,720 in 2017.  The country contains approx. 340 islands and the most populous island is Koror.  It is the capital of the republic of Palau, lies on Koror Island in western Pacific, 1.303 km southwest of Guam and 853 km southeast of Manila.

Palau Holiday Tour Packages

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