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Korea is famous for amazing shopping experiences. Although there is a wide range of department stores, shopping centres and duty-free shops, the real shopping experience is found at Dongdaemun market. If you're looking to buy trendy clothes, shoes and fashion accessories at affordable prices, then look no further than Dongdaemun market. Dongdaemun market stays open very late. In fact, you'll have no trouble buying a perfect pair of jeans at one o'clock in the morning.


불금 [Bulgeum]

In Korean, 'Bul' means fire and 'Geum' means Friday. If you're a big fan of partying on Friday night, Korea will fulfill all your party desires. There are a variety of top clubs and bars in Gangnam, or you can hang out with the cool crowd at the Hongik University Club Day. Purchase a ticket and get entry to any one of thirteen clubs where you can dance, sing and party hard until dawn. Club Day is a popular place to meet up with young Koreans for a night on the town you won't forget.

반찬 [Banchan]

Banchan is a side dish that comes with the main meal. You can refill them as much as you like for free. Korean food is not merely served as one dish, but rather a collection of tasty meals and side dishes (Banchan) for friends and family to enjoy together. It is plentiful, diverse, rich in flavour and interactive. So dive in and take your taste buds on a journey not to be missed.

코스메로드 [Cosmeroad]

If you're looking to buy quality cosmetics at affordable prices, Cosmeroad will be the road to heaven for you. You'll find Cosmeroad in Myeong-dong and it's buzzing with keen shoppers. From top skin care products to a makeup, your family and friends back home will secretly envy you.

올레길 [Olle-Gil]

Olle-Gil is the famous walking track in Jeju Island. It is "The Santiago road of Asia". Olle-Gil is very popular among the tourists and the local hikers. The track is surrounded by beautiful scenery, fresh ocean breeze and it's a great way to see Jeju Island. So next time you visit Korea, make sure you make your way to Olle-Gil, and refresh your body and mind.

삼겹살 [Samgyeopsal]

Korea is famous for an exquisite BBQ. Samgyeopsal is finely sliced pork belly and it's the most popular meat among Koreans. You'll find Samgyeopsal in most Korean BBQ restaurants and it's generally accompanied by tasty side dishes. If you're in a celebratory mood, you can also open up a bottle of champagne and enjoy it with perfectly cooked Samgyeopsal.