Romantic Getaway 3 Days at The Lalu - Sun Moon Lake

Day 1: Taipei Intl. Airport / The Lalu Sun Moon Lake
Arrive Taiwan at the Taipei International Airport. Meet & greet with local driver at the airport's arrival lobby. Then transferred by deluxe vehicle (Lexus, Volkswagen, Mercedes) to The Lalu at Sun Moon Lake. It will take approx. 2 hours drive from the airport. The normal check in time is 15:00PM, if you arrived before this time, there are plenty of activities you may do at The Lalu or near the Sun Moon Lake area, please see suggestions list below. How about start with a bike ride along the Sun Moon Lake, it is an easy 37km ride. You can hire the bike from The Lalu Gym.
Hotel: The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake (5 star)

Day 2: The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake (B)
After breakfast at the brasserie, choose some of the activities from the list below to start explore the scenic Sun Moon Lake or the surroundings around The Lalu. How about start with walk along the scenic stairs and visit the lakeside from the Oriental Brasserie, where you can admire The Lalu's magnificent architecture and enjoy the sparkling lake and grand mountains. Next, come to Chiang Gong Trail (also known as The Lalu Trail) which was made especially for Chiang Kai Shek to stroll along in the past. On the path, shaded by thick foliage, birds sing from branches, butterflies flutter among blooming flowers and light flickers on the rippling water. In the afternoon, you may enjoy a relaxing massage & spa treatment from the famous The Lalu Spa! Tonight, enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the restaurant on-site.
Hotel: The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake (5 star)

Day 3: The Lalu / Transfer to Taipei Intl. Airport (B)
Enjoy an early morning swim at the warm water outdoor pool (At 60m long and 8m wide, this swimming pool is one of the most popular features of The Lalu. The water connects to the sky, and the sky to the water. Take a dip in this the longest warm water swimming pool in Taiwan and experience the feeling of swimming from the pool on the lake.) After breakfast, you may do some sightseeing near the Sun Moon Lake: WenWu TempleXuanguang TempleCi En Pagonda, Boat Cruise on Sun Moon Lake, Walk along the Sun Moon Lake, Take the newly built ropeway from Sun Moon Lake to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village ... etc. 
You will be meet & greet at The Lalu's lobby by our driver, and transferred to the Taipei International Airport for your onward flight. We hope your 3 days at the Sun Moon Lake - The Lalu, will be one of your most cherished travel stories.


Things to Do at The Lalu:

  • Massage & Spa treatments at the famous Lalu Spa
  • Enjoy the music & Welcome Drink at The Lalu Lobby Bar
  • Read a book at the Library in The Lalu
  • Visit The Lalu Memorial Hall
  • Take a walk on The Lalu Trail to see the secluded places surrounded by the hotel
  • Exercise at The Lalu Gym with the latest equipments
  • Hire a bike with the gym and ride along the scenic Sun Moon Lake area (37km)
  • Swim in the longest warm water pool in Taiwan - The Lalu Pool (60m long, 8m wide)
  • Relax in The Lalu Sauna (enjoy the lake & mountain view from your Sauna room)
  • Meditate in the Dry Sauna Room
  • Enjoy a relaxing bath in the Steam Room
  • Take a walk to the The Lalu Jetty = Ching Kai Shek Dock (located below The Lalu Pool area)
  • Enjoy a morning tea or afternoon tea at The Tea House
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch/ dinner at one of the five restaurants in the hotel (Oriental Brasserie, The Lake-view Chinese Restaurant, The Japanese Restaurant, Lobby Bar, Tea House)
  • Shopping at The Lalu Boutique Shop
  • Relax at your own room (enjoy the view from your room)

Things to Do near Sun Moon Lake:

  • Boat Cruise around Sun Moon Lake (price from A$ p.p. 1.5hr ride)
  • Fishing trip on the Sun Moon Lake
  • Hire a bike with the gym and ride along the scenic Sun Moon Lake area (37km)
  • Take a walk along the newly built Walk-path along The Sun Moon Lake
  • WenWu Temple built above the lake
  • Blessing Wind Bells at the Historical Stairs opposite WenWu Temple
  • Xuanguang Temple built above the lake
  • Peacock Garden (more than 200 peacocks)
  • Butterfly Museum & Butterfly Field House
  • Enjoy some Aboriginal performances & Theme Park facilities at the Formosa Aboriginal Village nearby using the newly built Ropeway on the Sun Moon Lake.
  • The Pagoda of Filial Virtue (Ci En Pagoda)
  • Dachuhu Trail
  • Hanbi Trail - Hanbi Palace - Ci En Pagonda Trail


Award The Lalu Building
The Lalu Front Building
The Lalu Lobby Bar 
The Lalu Lobby Bar
The Lalu Japanese Restaurant
The Lalu Japanese Restaurant 
The Lalu Oriental Brasserie
The Lalu Oriental Brasserie 
The Lalu Tea House
The Lalu Tea House 
The Lalu Tea House View
The Lalu Tea House View 
The Lalu Lakeview Chinese Restaurant
The Lalu Lakeview Chinese  
The Lalu Library
The Lalu Library
The Lalu Library sitting room
The Lalu Library 
The Lalu Spa
The Lalu Spa 
The Lalu Swim Pool
The Lalu Swim Pool 
The Lalu Spa Massage
The Lalu Spa Massage 
The Lalu Spa Bath
The Lalu Spa Bath 
The Lalu Hanbi Trail
The Lalu Hanbi Trail 
The Lalu Sauna
The Lalu Sauna 
The Lalu Jetty
The Lalu Jetty 
The Lalu Memorial Hall
The Lalu Memorial Hall 
The Lalu Fishing
The Lalu Finish Trip 
The Lalu Jetty Fishing
The Lalu Fishing at CKS Jetty 


The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake   [5*]  
The Lalu’s architectural design centres on the themes of utmost simplification of Zen style and is constructed with four major building materials of wood, stone, glass and iron. Its unique “Ongoing Style” of architecture has impressed the public and already becomes a model imitated by restaurants, hotels and various personal and business establishments.

The Architect
The Lalu was designed by Australian architect Kerry Hill. Since he entered the business in Singapore in 1979, Mr Hill has won countless design awards, such as the 2001 Aga Khan Award for Architecture. His productions can be found throughout South East Asia, Australia, Japan and the United States.

Kerry Hill is especially gifted in architectural design of holiday resorts, such as Amannusa in Bali, The Datai in Langkawi, Aman Resort in Hawaii and The Darwin Centre in Australia.

Kerry Hill named the architectural design for The Lalu “Ongoing Style” – a unique style of moving forward. Ageless, ongoing style will remain fresh even after 10 years, 20 years or longer.

In Mr Hill's view, whether one looks at architectural design or management approach, hotels in Taiwan have plenty of room for improvement. A fine hotel must consider people, architecture, landscaping and a broad variety of environmental and climatic factors. Blending harmoniously into the local environment is the ultimate attainment in hotel design. Building materials should as much as possible be obtained locally, not purchased from far away places, not only for synthesis with the environmental setting, but also for maintenance of the hotel in the years after construction.

The Lighting

In addition to the unique architectural design of The Lalu, the hotel's lighting was integrated in the planning from the early stages. Lighting designer Nathan Thompson, who teaches lighting arts classes at Melbourne University in Australia , has created lighting for major performing arts groups worldwide and continues to design lighting for buildings with world-class architects.

Contrasting light and shadow, bright and dim, Mr Thompson excels at using lighting to accentuate objects, create desired moods and produce mystical and dramatic effects. His lighting appears as splendid as a silk brocade or as flowing layers of grain in wood.

The lighting at The Lalu harmonies with the changing intensity of natural sunlight and is never harsh. Each day, seven light changes occur at different time periods and in different settings. At night, the graceful motion of branches and leaves are made visible by lights projected from the treetops to the ground.

Lighting at The Lalu reminds us of the line from a famous poem: “ Just as the shadows of flowers are carried away by the setting sun, the moon appears and harkens them back.”



The Location

Overlooking the Sun Moon Lake, the Lalu Sun Moon Lake is located in the Lalu Peninsula, in the central region of Taiwan. This property is 4 km from the city centre and 80 km from the Taichung Railway Station. The Lalu is approx 3 hours drive from Taipei City. With a base size of the property of 10 hectares, the hotel is divided into 3 buildings: Building A - Guest room; Building B - Recreation Area (Spa, Gym, Sauna, Members Club); Building C - Villa, Meeting Room, Library, Parking. The Lalu's total floor area is 26,690 square meters, which took 5 years for construction, finally opened on 2nd March 2002.

Additional Location  Information

  • 4 kms to city centre
  • 1 minute walk to the nearest bus stop
  • 200 kms to the nearest airport (Taipei Intl Airport)
  • 80 km to the nearest station (Taichung Rail Station)

This property boasts elegantly appointed accommodation units that are equipped with all the essential amenities to ensure you utmost comfort. Total of 97 rooms available from Deluxe Room to Presidential Suite. 

  • Deluxe Room (26 available)
  • One Bedroom Suite (35 available)
  • Two Bedroom Suite (26 available)
  • Lakeside Villa - One Bedroom (2 available)
  • Courtyard Pool Villa - One Bed Room (6 available)
  • Courtyard Pool Villa - Two Bedroom (1 available)
  • Presidential Suite (1 available)


Hotel Facilities

  • Banquet facilities
  • Cocktail bar
  • Conference facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • laundry facilities
  • Library
  • Lift
  • Lobby
  • Parking facilities
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Swimming pool

Room Facilities 

  • Air Conditioning
  • Balcony / Terrace
  • Cable / Satellite TV  
  • Hairdryer
  • In - room safe
  • Wireless Internet access in room
  • Free 24hr in room movie
  • Private bathroom / Ensuite
  • Tea and Coffee making facilities
  • Telephone


You can dine at any of the on-site restaurants that serve delicious Chinese, Western, Teppanyaki and Japanese cuisine. Relax in front of the fireplace at the lobby bar with a glass of specially selected wine and enjoy the beauty of Sun Moon Lake. 

For business and special events, the hotel offers well-equipped meeting rooms, which the perfect choice for inspiration in a secluded natural setting. Recreational facilities like gymnasium, swimming pool, steam room, sauna and jacuzzi can be availed during your stay.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

  • Sun Moon Lake
  • Wenwu Temple
  • Xuanguang Temple
  • Peacock Garden
  • Butterfly Museum

Guest Reviews
27-Jun-2008 ordonez cipriano federico, Belgium

"Amaising place!!! I never saw something like that before. My experience in the Lalu hotel was perfect so if you have the posibility to go you have to do it. :>"




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Situated in the island country of Taiwan is one of the most picturesque lakes in the world. Called the Sun Moon Lake, the lake derives its name from the small island situated at the center of the lake that according to legend, seemingly separates the sun and the moon.

The more biological reason for the name arises from the fact that the lake is shaped like the sun in the eastern end and turns into a crescent shaped body of water as one moves westward. Considered as the home of the Shao people for several years, the lake is today open to the public.

Surrounded by imposing the imposing peaks, the lake is renowned for its serene beauty. Caressed by dense vegetation at several places, the areas surrounding the lake are an embodiment of silent splendor.

More than ten thousand tourists visit the Sun Moon Lake every year with the majority of them turning up during the Mid Autumn Festival to swim 3 kilometers across the lake. Though the weekends tend to be pretty crowded, the weekdays are relatively quieter.

Getting there and around: The lake is located along the Central Cross Island Highway and the best way to reach the lake is on road. Several cabs, taxis and buses provide transportation to the lake from the nearby cities of Taipei, Taichung and Puli.

The lake is surrounded by a narrow road that goes around in loops and circles at places. The road can be used for trekking and biking. The best way yet to get around the lake is via boats that ferry passengers between strategically located ports around the lake.

History of the lake: No one knows when the Sun Moon Lake formed. However, story goes that the lake and the island at the center of the lake (called Lal) was the abode of people from the ancient Shao Tribe.


Though quite shallow at first, the lake started receiving water from the nearby hydroelectric plant which started functioning in 1934. The water levels rose to alarming heights which made it necessary to shift the Shao people from their homes and relocate them further up the mountain to the Sun Moon Village. Even today, the Lalu Island in the middle of the lake is frequented by the people of the village to pay respect to their ancestors and is off bounds for tourists.

Though swimming in the lake is prohibited (except for the competition), there are a fair number of hiking trails and attractions surrounding the park. The more popular hiking trails include the Hanbi Trail, The Tzuen Pagoda Trail and the Dachuhu Lake Trail.

The Hnabi trail leads to the Hanbi Palace located atop a hill. Made of red bricks, the trial goes on for about 1.5 kilometers uphill while offering great views of the lake. The Ci En Pagoda Trail is about half a mile long and is lined with various ferns and plants. Ending at the Ci En Pagoda which has a height of 954 meters, the trail is very scenic and a pleasure to walk through.


The Dachuhu Trail leads into bird sanctuary and is only 80 meters long. Housing a variety of birds including little egrets, black crowned night herons and several other waterfowls, the park also feeds the Sun Moon Lake via a small stream of water from the Chuoshui River. The other notable trails near the lake include the Totingai, Songpolun, Mt. Maolan and Shueiwatou Trails.

Landmarks and Attractions near the lake: The lake and its surrounding regions house a number of interesting tourist attractions that you may want to consider visiting. The Peacock Garden is home to more than 200 peacocks and several gallinaceans. You can also visit the Butterfly Museum and the Butterfly Field House to watch live and artificial specimens of the winged creatures.

Home to the Shao People, the Sun Moon Village is situated up a hill and is an ancient aboriginal; habitat. The current population of the village is only 400 and the people are extremely friendly. While you are here, try the Shao specialty fresh sea food dishes. The village also has several ancient artifacts, sculptures and handcrafted items you may find interesting.


The Wenwu Temple is visited by people from around the world who come here to worship the God of Letters, Confucius and the marital gods, Yuehfei and Guangong. The temple was originally built in 1938 and relocated to higher grounds in 1969. The entrance to the temple is flanked by two large lions, which are considered to be the biggest in Taiwan.

You can also visit the Xuanguang and Xuangzang Temples. Housing the ancient relics of Master Xuan Zang, the author of “Buddhist Records of the Western World” and a celebrated Chinese Buddhist scholar and translator; the temple is a must visit for history buffs.

Attractions located en route to the Sun Moon Lake: There are several other road side attractions on the way to the lake. These include the 9-21 Earthquake Museum in Nantou city, 4 W’s at Puli, Taroko National Park, sheep at Chingjing Farm and Flame Peaks at Tasotun.

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Romantic Getaway 3 Days at The Lalu Sun Moon Lake
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$1900      $950 N/A
One BedRm Suite              TBA       TBA N/A
Two BedRm Suite TBA      TBA TBA
Lakeside Villa - One BedRm TBA      TBA N/A
Courtyard Pool Villa -  One BedRm TBA      TBA N/A
Courtyard Pool Villa - Two BedRm TBA      TBA TBA
Presidential Suite TBA     TBA  N/A

Rates Valid until: 31MAR2020  
All rates shown are PER PERSON PER PACAKGE unless stated otherwise.
Room Rates shown are inclusive of all taxes.

All above rates exclude the following dates: 
1JUL-31AUG (Summer Vacation Weekend)
13-14SEP (Moon Festival Consecutive Holiday)
9-11OCT (Double Tenth National Day)
24DEC (Christmas Eve)
31DEC (New Year's Eve)

1JAN (New Year Day)
JAN (Lunar Near Year Festival)

Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Eve of Public Holidays in Taiwan)

Additional Rate apply for Weekends:
Additional min. A$80 per person twIn share per weekend night.

Weekends (Friday, Saturday & eve of public holidays). Please contact us for applicable rates for the special periods.



  • 2 nights Deluxe Room Accommodation
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Welcome Drink upon arrival
  • Welcome Fruits setup in room
  • FREE Use of wireless internet in room
  • FREE Use of fitness centre & Outdoor temperture controlled pool
  • Return Airport hotel transfers by deluxe vehicle


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Hotel Name

Room Types Images: 
One Bed Room Suite
The Lalu One Bed Room Suite
The Lalu One bed Room Suite Living area

Two Bed Room Suite
The Lalu Two Bed Room Suite
The Lalu Two Bed Room Suite Balcony

Courtyard Pool Villa - One Bed Room
The Lalu Courtyard Villa One Bed
The Lalu Courtyard Pool Villa One Bed

Courtyard Pool Villa - Two Bed Room
The Lalu Courtyard Pool Villa - Two Bed
The Lalu Courtyard Pool Villa Two bed

Presidential Suite
The Lalu Presidential Suite
The Lalu Presidential Suite Living Area