Sun Moon Lake Hotels

Einhan Resort

***Rate from $160 PER ROOM PER NIGHT, includes breakfast.It is located in Ri Yue village,Einhan Holiday Resort is situated in Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area of Nantou.

Lealea Garden Hotels Sun Moon Lake

 ****   Rates from $175 PER ROOM PER NIGHT, includes Breakfast.It is located in Chung-shan Road. The LEALEA GARDEN HOTELS-SUN MOON LAKE is made of Chinese cypress and reports 45 guest rooms and indoor swimming pool and more than a club house to travelers, it is a paradise for holiday that people would yearn for.

Fleur De Chine

*****  Rates from $350 PER ROOM PER NIGHT, includes Breakfast.It is Located at the north peninsula of the Sun Moon Lake, with a distinctive style in its building structure, creating an aesthetic atmosphere with the integration of nature and simplicity with the surroundings.

Ching Sheng Hotel

5  Stars5  Stars5  Stars    Rate from $125 PER ROOM PER NIGHT. The Ching Sheng Hotelis located in one of the city’s most lively areas, featuring an abundance of shopping options, dining or entertainment options.

Cheng Pao Hotel Puli

5  Stars5  Stars5  Stars5  Stars    Rate from $110 PER ROOM PER NIGHT Cheng Pao Hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful towns in Taiwan, and is in the heart of Puli as a landmark. Stop at Chengpao Hotel to discover the wonders of Nantou. Offering a variety of facilities and services, the hotel provides all you need for a good night's sleep.

Crystal Resort

5  Stars5  Stars5  Stars  Rate from $125 PER ROOM PER NIGHT, includes breakfast. The Crystal Resort is a truly relaxing place enhanced by the clever use of crystal, glass and mirrors creating a bright, spacious feel that reflects the glistening waters of the lake. Expect stylish Italian furniture and pieces by Philip Stark and Patricia Urquiola. Sit on your private balcony and wonder at the scenic beauty of the lake.

Tai Yi Red Maple Resort

5  Stars5  Stars5  Stars5  Stars    Rate from $135 PER ROOM PER NIGHT The hotel provides a place filled with life and diversity, allowing tourists to experience the value of life and joy of growth through the beautiful flowers and scenery. Also allowing tourists to cultivate their ability to act according to circumstances, leave the stress behind and enjoy life.

The Richforest - Sun Moon Lake

5  Stars5  Stars5  Stars5  Stars    Rate from $135 PER ROOM PER NIGHT. Located on the Sun Moon Lake shore, The Richforest embraces a unique and beautiful natural landscape, with relaxing lake views, no mater what time of year, whether its the enchanting spring, radiant summer, graceful autumn, or the spacious winter, the lakes beauty presents its diverse expressions the whole year around.

Del lago

****   Rates from $175 PER ROOM PER NIGHT, includes Breakfast.It is located in Chung-shan Road. The Sun Moon Lake is an enchanting tourist destination. It is the largest natural lake of Taiwan and is surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Sun Moon Lake Hotel

****  Rates from $225 PER ROOM PER NIGHT, includes Breakfast. Sun Moon Lake Hotel is located in along the south shore of the Sun Moon Lake. Its elegance and simple exterior gives a subtle hint of the hotel’s warm hospitality.. 

Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel

*****   Rate from $485 PER ROOM PER NIGHT. Overlooking the Sun Moon Lake, the Lalu Sun Moon Lake is in the central region of Taiwan.