Taichung to Host 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival for Year of Goat Again

Taichung City won the first place to host the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival!
The Wurih High Speed Rail Special Zone will be the main light zone with two secondary light zones, namely the Fengyuan Light Zone and the Taichung Park Light Zone. The main light of Goat that was displayed 12 years ago and that has since been kept intact is expected to show its face again in 2015. Thus, people will see two Goat main lights in the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival!

Tourism Bureau of Taichung City Government held a press conference on February 24, 2014, in which Mayor Jason Hu announced that Taichung will once again host the Lantern Festival for Year of Goat after a break of nearly 12 years. “We are making history in that we are the only city to host the Taiwan Lantern Festival for the same zodiac! This has been my dream for years, and I am very happy to announce that we will host the Goat Lantern Festival once again in Taichung City!” Said Mayor Hu.

The Goat Lantern Festival held in Taichung in 2003 attracted 6.4 million viewers. Consequently, the annual Lantern Festival held in central Taiwan attracted more than 5 million viewers, pointed out Mayor Hu.

Mayor Hu also said, “Taichung City is not only the only city to host the Lantern Festival for the same zodiac but we have also kept intact the main light of Goat displayed 12 years ago. We will also display this old main light of Goat in the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival.”

Mayor Hu also mentioned, “Some people said Taichung City had already hosted the Goat Lantern Festival before and should give out the opportunity to the other cities or counties. Nevertheless, our Tourism Bureau has persuaded the selection committee by saying that our Wurih District and former Taichung County have not yet hosted such an event and also citing a very strong point that Taichung has a very favourable and unique geographical advantage. I am sure to attract an influx of 8 million viewers to the Goat Lantern Festival 2015 in Taichung Taiwan. We are going to present the most brilliant Lantern Festival in the history of Taiwan.”

Chang Ta-chun, Director-general of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, said, “The 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival will last for 17 days from 27th February 2015 to 15th March 2015, with the main light being turned on on the actual Lantern Festival day on 5th March 2015, and we will set the main light zone at the Wurih High Speed Rail Special Zone, where the 2003 main light of Goat will be displayed at the same time. In addition, we at the Tourism Bureau will also design a series of activities; arrange the transport links, and offer tour promotion packages and programs. It is hoped that local and foreign tourists will enjoy the scenery during the day and the Lantern Festival in the evening."

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Present at the press conference, Taiwan Tourism Bureau showed off the simulated main light of Goat and the idea of how to promote the food delicacies at Feng Chia Shopping Circle and high-quality agricultural products of Taichung, in a hope to attract viewers as many as possible to the Taichung Taiwan Lantern Festival in 2015.

(Source: Taiwan Tourism Information Bureau, 30 June 2014)


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