Taipei 101 - World's Tallest Green Building

The Taipei 101 skyscraper is applying for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification as part of efforts to make it the tallest green building in the world, according to Taipei Financial Center Corp. (TFCC) Assistant Vice President Cathy Yang.

Yang added that the TFCC, which operates the building -- until recently the tallest in the world -- expects to achieve the goal in the first quarter of 2011.

LEED is the world's largest and fastest-growing green certification system.

"Taipei 101 has been open for more than five years and has undergone hundreds of changes recently, with NT$60 million (US$1.89 million) invested in improvements that include changing the lighting system to LED lights, and adjusting and optimizing its air conditioning systems," Yang said.

According to the results of a preliminary inspection, the builders of Taipei 101 installed several green elements during the original design and construction phase, including double pane low-emissivity glass, a waste recycling program, a greywater system and a building energy management system.

However, further green improvements are required, encompassing increased green landscape, checking lighting systems thoroughly for energy-saving bulbs and tube replacements, checking the water efficiency of all plumbing fixtures, and measuring the waste volume every day to reach waste reduction/recycling goals.

The biggest challenge for the building's management is to maximize the use of local rather than imported food products in the various restaurants in the building in order to reduce the carbon footprint, and to persuade all of the 85 business tenants -- accounting for an approximate total of 10,000 employees -- to cooperate with the adjustments necessary to achieve LEED certification.

"But if successful, this might be the most rewarding achievement for everyone involved," according to Yang.

The fight against global warming has become a significant issue worldwide, Yang went on, adding that the management wants Taipei 101 not only to be profitable but also to be an international model of environmental protection and social responsibility.

(Source: Taiwan News / 23 March 2010)
Taipei 101

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Taipei 101
Taipei 101