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To build a sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy “green city” in 2009, Taipei City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) introduced the bicycle rental program, YouBike, in 2009, as a public transport subsystem to meet the demand for the first- and last-mile connection to mass transit services.

Follow these four steps to rent a YouBike: register as a YouBike member → select a bicycle→ ride → return the bicycle. To meet the varying needs of the public, YouBike offers single rental as well as membership services. You may rent a bike using an EasyCard, after completing the membership registration process at any rental station kiosk or on YouBike's website ( 
For one-time users, select “one-time rental” on the kiosk and follow the instructions to pay by your credit card, or by Chunghwa Telecom’s “839 micro payment” program. After the computer system finishes ID authentication/authorization, select a YouBike from the kiosk, pick up your bicycle at the selected parking pole within 90 seconds, and enjoy cycling about the city! For members and one-time users alike, YouBike is reasonably priced at NT$ 10 per 30 minutes. YouBike members will however get the first 30 minutes of each trip FREE for a period of time to encourage wider use of energy-efficient, zero-carbon vehicles. 

How it works: 


Single Rental Users



For those who do not have an Easycard, you can use a Chunghwa Telecom cell phone or a chip credit card to rent a bike on a Kiosk at any station.

For Easycard holders, you can authorize as a YouBike member on a Kiosk, on this website or at the Service Center.


When taking a bike on a kiosk, you have 90 seconds to choose and decide. Go to the duck you have chosen and then pull the bike from behind to ride.

Please first place your Easycard on the top of the duck, wait for the “Take” green light to flash and then pull the bike from behind to ride.


With a big smile and a great mood, ride a YouBike bike!

With a big smile and a great mood, ride a YouBike bike!


Insert the bike lock plate into an unoccupied duck lock slot and make sure the bike is steadily parked at the duck. Now you have finished returning the bike. The system will automatically deduct the fee using the payment method you previously designated.

Insert the bike lock plate into an unoccupied duck lock slot. Wait for the “Place Your Card” blue light to flash and then place the Easycard you used to rent this bike and confirm the fee deducted for this transaction and the remaining sum. Now the transaction is complete.

Usage Fees and Rates:


Single Rental Users



Single Rental users

Long-term users

Payment Methods

Chip credit cards or Chunghwa Telecom cell phone bills


Ways of Authorized

1.At the Service Center
2.On a Kiosk

At the Service Center
On the official website
On a Kiosk
On an app


10 NTD per 30 minutes

The rate of registered EasyCard members changes as below:
a. The first 30 min is free that is covered by the contribution of Environmental Protection Administration.
b. Under 4 hours, every 30 min costs NT $10.
c. Between 4 hours to 8 hours, every 30 min costs NT $20.
d. Above 8 hours, every 30 min costs NT $40.

  The first 30 minutes of each trip is free for YouBike members (Offer expiration date to be announced by DOT).

Safe Riding Tips: 

  • Adjust saddle height.
  • Check the tire inflation pressure and brake system.
  • Don’t ride with one hand or use a handheld phone on the road.
  • Keep a proper distance from other vehicles while keeping an eye on them.
  • Avoid potholes, bumps and slippery areas on the road.
  • Don’t hang heavy items on the handlebars.
  • Don’t carry excessively long items across the bicycle.
  • Keep away from large vehicles to avoid being caught under them.

YouBike Rental Stations and Service Locations:

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