Taipei Historic Tea Capital Half Day Tour


Maokong, located in the southeastern corner of Taipei City, is one of the most popular tea-plantation areas in Taiwan. It is famous for teahouses located right on the edge of tea plantations with patios offering splendid views of the sprawling metropolis in the distance – the views being especially enlightening in the evening. With the opening this year of a cable-car service connecting Maokong with one of the city’s mass-rapid commuter lines and another of Taipei’s tourist attractions, Taipei Zoo, the area is expected to gain even greater popularity.






Taipei hotel - MRT Taipei Zoo Station → Three Stone Teapot Museum (Traditional tea making demonstration and teapot displays)→ Red Teahouse Area (Camphor Trail walk and tieguanyin oolong cuisine)→ Chang Nai-miao Memorial Hall (History of Maokong's tea industry)→Taipei Tea Promotion Center for Tieguanyin and Baozhong (Introduction to tea-processing methods)→ Riverine Kettle Holes→ Tian-en Temple→MRT Taipei Zoo Station→Return to downtown taipei's hotel


Three Stone Teapot Museum:  The museum owner and longtime Maokong resident Chang Kun-hung has devoted all his life to tea growing. He has transformed his own house into a museum to display his collection of over 200 teapots, mainly Yihxing purple clay teapots. Upon arriving at the Museum, people need to go through a test. Five different tea brews are poured. Through sniffing and tasting, they have to pinpoint which of the 10 glasses hold identical teas.


Chang Nai-miao Memorial Hall: Another famous tea house in Maokong is Chang Nai-miao Memorial Hall. After learning the tea arts in his youth in Tangshan, China, Chang Nai-miao moved to Taiwan in 1895 and started to plant tieh-kuan-yin or Iron Goddess Kuan Yin tea and Wen-shan Bao-zhong tea in Mucha. After winning the tieh-kuan-yin tea contest organized by the colonial Japanese government, Chang Nai-miao earned recognition as the youngest "tea master." He spent the rest of his life teaching the making of tea as well as its appreciation. His grandchild currently runs the museum, documented the master's concept of making tea and displayed the tea utensils that he had used. 

Taipei Tea Promotion Centre: The Promotion Center includes a display area, an instructional area, an ecological pond and so on. The display area includes information regarding the tea manufacturing process, the proper way to brew it and the way to store it. The center also provides information concerning the distribution of Taiwanese teas and lectures on the art of tea for the tea novice. While appreciating the diverse variety of plants and flowers cultivated in the outdoor instructional area, one also acquires an understanding of the importance of land and water preservation.


Tian-en Temple: Located in the Neiwan area of Maokong, Tian'en Temple is a faith center of the rising I-Kuan Tao religious movement. The temple rises four floors and is built in a traditional Chinese palace-style with white outer railings and vermilion pillars adding to its stately appearance. It is said that during the temple's construction, workers worked hard but unsuccessfully to dig a well. Later a water source was found behind the temple purportedly with divine guidance, earning the temple site designation as sacred ground. The spring flows with clear sweet water that is well suited for making tea.

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