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Metro Taipei
The MRT metro system is the easiest way to get around in Taipei.  Clean and air-conditioned trains arrive every five minutes.  To keep the transit system clean, smoking, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited.  The well-maintained transit system is well-loved by office workers, students and tourists.  

Hours: 06:00 ~ 24:00 

1. Tickets:




One-way ticket 
(IC token, ticket card

NT$20 ~ 65
Place is determined by distance. Be sure to double check ticket price for your destination.

1. Suitable for one-time trips.
2. Ticket machines sell tickets in every MRT station.
3. Effective conly on the day of purchase.


Taipei Pass

One-day Pass NT$180
One-day Pass NT$180(Gondola version)
Two-day Pass NT$310
Three-day Pass NT$440
Five-day Pas NT$700
The pass includes a magnetized card.

1. Suitable for short-term travelers.
2. Unlimited rides with MRT, city and prefectural buses. 1-day pass (Gondola version) with unlimited rides on Taipei Metro and associated bus services. Allows 3 trips on Maokong Gondola.
3. Available at the customer service counter in every MRT station.
4. Expires on the date of the number of days printed on the pass after the date of first-use.

One Day Pass

NT$200 (includes NT$50 deposit which can be reimbursed within three days of purchase at the information booth in each station, damaged cards will not be reimbursed)

1. Suitable for one-day visitors who intend to use the MRT to see the most of Taipei.
2. Effective on the day of purchase.  Pass holder can take the MRT for an unlimited number of times before the pass expires.  On pass is for one passenger only.
3. Passes are issued in commemorative editions (Taipei 101) and regular editions (Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall)

Easy Card

For first-time buyers NT$500, including NT$400 bus credit.  Amount corresponding to the ticket price for a given distance is deducted from the Easy Card for every MRT ride.

1. Suitable for tourists planning to use the MRT to get around Taipei.
2. Accepted by MRT, city and prefectural buses.
3. Available at the customer service counter in every MRT station.
4. One pass is for one passenger only.

2. Taking the MRT:
      Once you have your token, insert token into the slot on the ticket reader.  You can enter or exit the station after the beep.

3. MRT Web:

Route Map 

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