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Departure: Sydney (SYD)                    


Max Stay:   35 Days/ 3 Months/ 6 Months/ 1 Year



Japan Airlines

Taiwan special. 

$480 Travel: 19Jul11 - 30Sep11.

No min stay, Max stay 2 months.

*1 stop permitted within Japan in one direction limited to 5 days.


Ticketing Date: 31Jul2011

Cathay Pacific

Asia supersaver.

$690 Travel:  01Aug11-14Sep11, 10Oct11-16Nov11.
$740 Travel:  27Jun11-31Jul11, 15Sep11-09Oct11, 17Nov11-30Nov11.

Min stay 2 days, max stay 3 months.

Stopover in Hong Kong not permitted.

Ticketing Date: 05Aug2011

China Eastern Airlines

$700 Travel: 1Apr-8Dec11,26Dec11-31Mar12
$1250 Travel: 9-25Dec11 

No min stay, max stay 6months.

One stopover permitted in Shanghai in each direction. 


Ticketing Date: 31Mar2012

Korean Airlines

Dream Time Special. 

$700 Travel: 18Jul11-23Sep11, 10Oct11-20Nov11, 16Jan12-31Mar12.

$860 Travel: 24Sep11-09oct11, 21Nov11-30Nov11.

Min stay 4 days, max stay 1 month.

Stopover in Seoul not permitted. 

Ticketing Date: 31Jul2011

Vietnam Airlines

6TH Freedom Economy.

$760 Travel: 1-7Apr11,19Apr-30Jun11,12Jul-22Sep11,4Oct-18Nov11,23Jan-29Mar12,1-7Apr12,19Apr-30Jun12,12Jul-22Sep12,4Oct-18Nov12,23Jan-29Mar13

No min stay, max stay 3months.

Extra cost for stopover at Saigon/Hanoi.

Ticketing Date: 31Mar2012

China Airline


$830 Travel: 01Jul11-31Oct11. 

No min stay days, max stay 14 days.


Ticketing Date: 31Jul2011

Terms & Conditions: * Return Airfares Prices Exclude Taxes. Subject to availability for the quoted airfare.  Travel restrictions and conditions may apply. Please ask us about these conditions.



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