Taiwan been named by Travel + Leisure as 50 Best Places to Travel in 2020

Taiwan’s Mountains


You know it as a destination for bubble tea, buzzy night markets, and the modern metropolis of Taipei. But in 2020, Taiwan is shining a light on one of its most prized yet overlooked treasures: its mountains. Seventy percent of the island is covered with craggy peaks, but until recently, red tape made hiking permits tough to come by. Now the government has streamlined the application process, and to celebrate, the Taiwan Tourism Bureaua collaborated with the Construction and Planning Agency to identify 24 trails that showcase the very best of the island’s scenery, such as the Lake Jiaming National Trail, which runs through a hemlock forest, and the Nenggao Cross-Ridge Historical Trail, an ancient trade path used by the indigenous Atayal and Seediq tribes.

Taiwan Holidays more than 31 years of tour experiences planning for travellers with itinerary that takes visitors deep into Taiwan’s rugged terrain, from touring the dramatic Taroko Gorge — the island’s Grand Canyon — to tasting whiskey at Kavalan Distillery in the mountains of verdant Yilan County. And enjoying the great outdoors is made even more pleasurable at the brand-new Hoshinoya Guguan, where private outdoor baths are fed by the mineral-rich hot springs of the Central Mountain Range. 


The general routes comprise half- and one-day tours, taking in hiking trails, tasting indigenous foods, and relaxing in a hot spring. For more information about the 24 package tours, refer to below:


“Classic travelling route”
1        North Pingtung tour/ one-day trip
2        Warriors in battle/ one-day trip
3        Seediq + north Nenggao + Qilaishan South Peak, one of the 100 peaks/ three-day trip
4        Walking around Dulan/ half-day trip or one-day trip
5        Ceroh tribe- dining table on the huge footprints in the paddy fields
6        Kunuan tribe- dining table in the forest accompanied by pounding
7        Cilamitay tribe- dining table on the terraced field (Hara high-land rice)
8        Yongkang tribe- dining table for hunters
9        Kamcing tribe- dining table surrounded by swings (millet)
10      Tafalong tribe- dining table in the field (red glutinous rice)
11      Appointment under the rainbow- Atayal coming-of-age ceremony tour/ two-day trip
12      Half-day trip in Tabuk tribe- strolling on the deer-searching trail and visiting the secret place of pinewood carpet
13      Half-day trip in Sqoyaw tribe- tribe guided tour in depth and a visit to hunter’s trail
14      Hehuan Mountain high mountain forest ecology- a three-day trip for rhododendrons in spring
15      Hiking on historic trail and appreciating autumn silver grass- two-day trip in Su'ao Lakeshore dual springs
16      Two-day trip for Long Dong Wan Cape Trail and silver grass appreciation at Caoling Historic Trail
17      Walami Trail ecological tour study camp
18      Visiting Tsou tribe in Alishan- three-day trip to Pnguu Tashan Trail
19      Tsou tribe 169- a three-day trip visiting Tapangu and Niaucna tribes
20      Niahosa hunter legend
21      Ecology Seeing on Xinzhongheng Highway
22      Syuejian ecotourism/ Nan-Sun Village in Tai'an Township
23      Dali-Datong Trail tour (hiking trail)
24      Wuling ecological travelling


2020脊梁山脈旅遊年 Year of Mountain Tourism Taiwan 

Year of Mountain Tourism Taiwan 2020


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