Taiwan Cycling Festival 2017: 01 JUN - 31 DEC

A classic piece of dialog from the Taiwan movie Island Etude: “There are some things that, if you don’t do them now, never will.” These words set off a craze for traveling around the whole of Taiwan by bike.

Doing a bicycle circuit around Taiwan has now become an item on many people’s “bucket list”!

Since 2010 the Tourism Bureau has actively conducted a whole series of events related to the Taiwan Cycling Festival, enthusiastically inviting the Taiwan public to lay down their “tire” tracks and turn the results of innovation in transportation construction into a new resource for tourism, aiming to make Taiwan into an international-level paradise for leisure cycling.

Taiwan has an excellent highway system plus a superior topography so that when cycling, a rider can also appreciate magnificent scenery along the route—and what you have is a cycling tour around the island that boasts a convenient and enjoyable itinerary!

The series of activities of the “Taiwan Cycling Festival” focus on bicycle touring and pulls together the tourist and transportation resources of the various county seats to present the specifics of a diverse and local touring culture.

Accompanied by beautiful mountains and water scenery, bicycle enthusiasts from around the world can come on a pilgrimage and are provided a varied and rich recreational cycling experience, making the riding of the “iron horse” no longer a simple exercise but rather the perfect experience in body and soul.

2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival is scheduled 01 Jun - 31 Dec 2017. 

According to Taiwan Tourism Bureau, bike routes in Taiwan are already well received internationally.
There are more than 80 dedicated bike routes that cover more than 3,000 miles winding through cities and countryside in Taiwan. Round-island cycling and bicycle tourism have also become very popular. With the outstanding facilities of rest stops, service stores for repairs and tune-ups all across the island, Taiwan is truly an ideal place for cycling enthusiasts worldwide to experience bicycle tourism. CNNGo Travel even named the Sun Moon Lake area as one of the world's 10 most breathtaking cycling routes, where the internationally renowned Taiwan Cycling Festival takes place annually.

Moreover, with a grueling 105-kilometer route that takes cyclists through mountains, including an 87-km ascent via the breathtaking Taroko Gorge to Wuling, a peak of Hehuanshan, which rises to an elevation of 3,275 meters, the Taiwan KOM (King of the Mountain) Challenge has earned its place on a list of the world's 10 toughest by French magazine “Le Cycle” and top 6 best mountain bike routes on the planet by SBS Australia.

Taiwan Holidays & Travel and Taiwan Tourism Bureau promots the "Time for Taiwan" themed elements - LOHAS and Eco-Tourism.

In addition to Taiwan’s famous pastry - the delicious Pineapple short cake tasting, Taiwan Tourism Bureau custom designed a “Taiwan Cycling Festival Buzzer Game” featuring Taiwan's round-island bike route. It challenges participants’ dexterity and patience as if experiencing the diversity of the bike routes first hand. Limited edition sports water bottles with Taiwan Tourism mascot Mr. Oh! Bear logo and other Taiwan Tourism premium giveaways will be distributed to participating cycling enthusiasts.

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Taiwan Cycling Festival
Taiwan Cycling Festival
Taiwan Cycling Festival

Let's bike, Taiwan!  Organized by the Taiwan Tourism bureau, the Taiwan Cyclist Federation, the Taiwan Bicyle Exporter's Association, and the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administraion, the 2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival will be held from October 20, 2017 (Friday).


When it comes to the competitve Taiwan KOM Challenge Held on 20 Oct, participants will climb from altitude zero at Qixingtan in Hualien to 3,275 meters at Hehuan Mountain; the route includes a great variety of amazing scenery, making this a unique extreme cycling challenge.  These sports activities not only challenge one's stamina but also one's strength.  The second main activity, "Formosa 900", invites all cycling groups to join a cycling marathon, no matter the types of bicycles they ride.  Other than the well-known round-the-island cycling event held from November 4, 2017 (Saturday) to November 12, 2017 (Sunday).  If you are not a professional cyclist, you can take part in the Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday tour held on November 11, 2017 (Saturday) to Novemeber 12, 2017 (Sunday), where you need to ride only about 30 km in a day.  Alternatively, you can join a visitor or fan group for a trip and just enjoy the game.  On September 23, 2017 (Saturday) to October 1, 2017 (Sunday), the fourth main activity entitled "OK Taiwan-Floral City Biking Festival" will take place.  Both general visitors and serious cyclists from around the world are cordially invited to take a low-carbon cycling tour along Taichung's idyllic cycling paths.


We welcome you to join us and enjoy a fun-filled bike-riding experience!



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Taiwan Cycling Festival Brochure


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