Taiwan & Hong Kong - 2014 Christmas Holiday & 2015 New Year Special Tour Package

Day 1 - Departure from Australia
Depart flight from Sydney, Australia with China Airlines CI52 22:10 to Taiwan.
Day 2 - Arrive Taiwan / Taipei / Taroko Gorge (L)
On arrival into Taipei International Airport at approx 5:40AM in the morning, you will be met by your friendly Taiwan Holidays & Travel tour guide who will greet you at the Taipei Airport lobby. You will be transfered to Taipei Domestic Airport, enplane for the 25 minutes flight to Hualien.
Taroko Gorge is the most visited place after Taipei in Taiwan."Taroko" means "Beautiful" in the lingo of the East Coast Amis natives, and this is exactly what you will say about the gorge when you arrives here. Firstly, you will be guided along a 20km long stretch of highway built into  awesome marble cliffs high above the rushing river. Your route will take you through 38 tunnels including the Swallows Caves, the Tunnel of Nine Turns and the Marble Bridge of Motherly Devotion. See the Eternal Spring Shrine, one of the most photographed scenes around the gorge. These little temples were built to memorize those that have lost their lives in the construction of the central cross-island highway. Enjoy lunch at a local Taiwanese style restaurant. Continue to the Chi Hsing Beach and Hualien Stone Sculptural Park. The tour concludes with a visit to a Marble Factory. This tour's many attraction spots will leave you an unforgettable impression of the nature of Taiwan. You will be entrained for Taipei around 5PM. After arriving in Taipei Station, you will be transferred to your hotel in downtown Taipei City. The 4 star hotel called Gala Hotel is surrounded by many famous and interesting sightseeing of Taipei. The nightlife of Taipei is worth your exploring.
Taroko became a national park in 1986, including Hualien County, Nantou County and Taichung County. It is the second largest national park in Taiwan. Taroko is famous for its spectacular mountains and marble canyons. Cliffs and canyons stretch along Li Wu River. Four million years ago, the island of Taiwan was formed by the collision of plates. After millions of years of wind erosion, the marble rocks were exposed and cut by Li Wu River, creating impressive grand canyons. From Tsing Shui to Nan Hu Peak, the drop height is 3,742 meters. Such special geography has also bred special flora and fauna in this area. The waterfalls characterized Taroko National Park and the most famous ones are Pai Yang Waterfall, Yin Tai Waterfall, Chang Chun Waterfall, and Lu Shui Waterfall. Yen Tze Kou and Chiu Chu Tung are the most impressive natural scenes in Taroko and the canyons here are the narrowest. Tourists can appreciate the natural beauty along the tour track. Swallows nest on the cliff, chirping and flying back forth. The Taroko monumental is designed in Chinese style and Chang Chun Temple is to remember those who sacrificed their lives for building the central highway.
Eternal Spring Shrine: is one of the most photographed sights in Taroko Gorge. What most people don't know is that it hides one of the most pleasant short trails (1.5 km/50 minutes) in the park. Crossing the Changchun Bridge, one soon reaches the shrine and escapes the mobs of camera wielding tourists. If not unnerved by the spiritual world this is a wonderful place to compose a poem or contemplate life. The gurgling sound of water rushing over the cliff edge matched with the cool shade offered by the shrine has a most relaxing effect.
Swallow Cave (Grotto): This part of Taroko Gorge is composed of marble cliff faces covered with small holes, the result of long-term erosion by river and ground water. House swifts and Pacific swallows often forage and nest here, giving the place its name.
Tunnel of Nine Turns: The tortuous course cut by the river has produced a gorge of many curves, and the path of the highway that has been carved out of the cliff face here seems to be an endless aerie of turns. Hence the name. The gorge is so narrow that only a very narrow width is open to the heavens, in what the Chinese call "a thread of sky." The marble cliff face opposite the highway varies in color from deep gray to pure white in a multitude of changing designs. A walk through the Tunnel of Nine Turns takes about 30 minutes and gives access to enchanting scenes of the gorge, the river, stone strata, the tunnel itself, and the surrounding vegetation. This is one of the most scenic parts of the gorge, and the best place to observe the gorge's ecology.
Tiansiang Lodge: This is the site of an old Atayal village at the confluence of the Liwu and Dasha rivers. Its name commemorates Wen Tian-siang, who lived in the 13th century and was the last prime minister of the Song Dynasty. Scenic spots at Tiansiang include Siangde Temple, Tianfong Pagoda, a suspension bridge, the Wen Tian-siang Memorial Garden, the Plum Garden, and Tiangsiang Church. In winter each year the Plum Garden blooms forth, forming a sea of white blossoms stretching from the highway to Siangde Temple. Shanyue Village at Bulowan, another old tribal settlement in the gorge, offers a new and unique type of accommodation for the area.
Chi Hsing Beach: Just north of Hualien (and directly east of the airport) is the obscure coastal village of Chi Hsing Bay. The beach here is still largely undeveloped and boasts a spectacular backdrop of mountains. It would be a great place to relax were it not for one drawback: the sand has high gravel content, making it uncomfortable to sit on. On the south side of the village is a large teahouse that overlooks the sea.
Gala Hotel, Taipei  (4 star) or similar

Day 3 - Taipei / Sun Moon Lake / Puli / Taichung (B)
After breakfast, you will depart for the scenic Sun Moon Lake area.
 The Sun Moon Lake, located in the middle of Taiwan, with an elevation of 748 meters above sea level, is the only natural big lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Kuang Hua Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake. Scenic resources, the most famous sights around Sun Moon Lake, are the Te Hua House, Kuang Hua Island, the Hsuan Tsang Mosque, the Tzu-En Pagoda, and the Wen Wu Temple and so on. The natural forests bordering these roads are good places for bird watching.
The Shao Clan is the earliest clan that lived in the Sun Moon Lake region. The Harvest Festival, Sowing Festival and their special handicraft fair every year, as well as their articles has helped to preserve the particular culture of the Sun Moon Lake region.
Wen Wu Temple is located at the shoulder of mountain where is on the north of Sun Moon Lake. It was built in 1938. People worried the water of Sun Moon Lake might cover Lungfung Temple and Ihuatang of Shuishotsun, they built Wen Wu Temple. The Wen Wu Temple is 2 (Lungfung Temple and Ihuatang) in 1. It was rebuilt in 1969. Its gate is face to the north. People pray the Civil Saint of Confucius, the Military Saint of Kuankung, and the Established God of two temples at the Wen Wu Temple. The temple is popular among students.
Tse En Pagoda is located on Sha Ba Lan Mountain near Sun Moon Lake. It was built by Chiang Kai-shek in memory of his mother in 1971. The construction was very difficult because the materials had to be shipped over the lake and moved up the mountain. The Tse En Pagoda is 46 meters in height and has become the famous landmark of Sun Moon Lake. Surrounding the tower are beautiful plants and trees and there are stone tables and chairs for visitors to take a rest. The Tse En Pagoda overlooks Lalu Island and Sun Moon Lake.
Tse En Pagoda is an octagonal building; the 3 stories at the base are painted in white, while the 9 stories of the main body are painted in golden red. Tourists can appreciate the magnificent scenery of Sun Moon Lake from the Tse En Pagoda. The tourist tracks as long as 700 meters lead to the Tse En Pagoda. Alongside the track are beautiful trees and flowers, which make the track easy and comfortable to walk along.
Puli is at the center of Taiwan. With an elevation between 380~700 meters, Puli is a basin surrounded by rising & falling mountains, hills and farmland. The most famous tourist spots include the Puli Brewery Factory, Guangshing paper Manufactory, and Chung Tai Chan Monastery; its special products (fine food) are wild rice stems, passion fruit, red sugar canes, rice-noodles, and Shaushing wine. 
Hotel: Del Lago, Sun Moon Lake (4 star) or similar

Day 4 - Taichung / Lukang / Taipei (B)
After breakfast, the tour will depart for the historical town of Lukang! Lukang is situated on the west-central coast of Taiwan, at the edge of the coastal plain. Although once a harbor, severe silting of the sea and the Lukang River have left it some distance form the shore. The climate is temperate to tropical; summers are hot with occasional thunderstorms, the spring and fall have moderate temperatures, and winters are cool. From September to the following March strong northeasterly monsoons blow in large amounts of sand and dust, forming what is known locally as the "September winds".
The most fascinating aspect of Lukang is a number of ancient streets and lanes lined with old houses. The most unique of these are deep, narrow-fronted buildings that serve as stores and residences; this type of sky-lighted structure, however, can be seen today only at the Yuan Chang Shop on Chungshan Road, along Old Market Street, and at the Lukang Folk Arts Museum. Others, the half-old, the half-new shop residences along Chungshan road are products of the Japanese occupation period (1895-1945), when the front rooms of the buildings were dismantled because of a road-widening project and the modern arch-type facades were added. The old temples of Lukang, too, are veritable collections of art and masterpieces of architecture. They are well worth careful observation.

Handicraft Shops on Chungshan Road carve palanquins for the gods. You can see how the chairs that transport the deities on their processions are made with meticulous woodworking techniques and carving skills. Shops that produce the religious images themselves continue to practice carving in the traditional Chuanchou style of Fuchien province. Makers of traditional wooden furniture still use the materials and exquisite handwork of former times to turn out sacrificial offering tables and other items. Other handicrafts produced on this street include fans, incense, tin sculptures, and ornamental lanterns, among other things. Old Market Street  is made up of the curved, red-tiled lanes of today's Putou, Yaolin, and Tayu streets. Both sides of the streets are lined with newly renovated old-style shop buildings that feature intensely interesting internal room layouts and old-style exteriors. Here you can feel some of the atmosphere of old Lukang.

You will arrive Taipei city about 6PM to refresh at your 4 star hotel - Gala Hotel. You may use the MRT to expore the night life of Taipei. You may also catch the MR Tot go to the largest night market in Taiwan - Shilin Night Market. It offers delicious local Taiwanese food, bargains and souvenirs.
Hotel: Gala Hotel, Taipei  (4 star) or similar

Day 5 - Taipei city sightseeing / Taipei Intl Airport / Hong Kong (B)
After Breakfast at the hotel, you will be guided around some of Taipei's best attractions. This tour is a must if it's your first time in Taiwan. Firstly, you will be pointed out the Presidential Building when the driver drives pass it. Then visit the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, which towers over 25 hectares of landscaped gardens, graceful pavilions, and ponds in downtown Taipei. Martyrs' Shrine is a classic Ming Dynasty architecture, and you might have the opportunity to see the colorful ceremony of the changing of the guards at the entrance. The tour then continues to the National Palace Museum, which houses the world's largest and most valuable collections of Chinese art treasures. The collection is even too large to be displayed at one time! While many popular pieces remain on permanent display, other items are rotated regularly, making each visit unique. The tour conclude with a visit to a traditional Chinese temple and Taiwanese Handicraft Centre. The Handicraft centre is a one-stop shopping place in Taipei for souvenirs, jewelery, art, furniture, and many other inexpensive Taiwanese craftsmanship mementos.
You will be picked up at Gala Hotel lobby for your onward flight to Hong Kong later this evening.

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Gala Hotel, Taipei (45  Stars)
Gala Hotel, Taipei
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Taiwan & Hong Kong - 2013 Christmas & 2014 New Year Special Tour Package

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  • Admission and Entrance fees
  • Mandarin & English speaking tour guide throughout the whole tour
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