2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival 10 Days Tour

The Lantern Festival is held each year in a different county or city on the 15th of the first month on the lunar calendar. As an event with prominent cultural and local folk features, the event always draws participation by both local and foreign visitors and is an important tourist draw. During the night tens of thousands of colorful lanterns hang out for appreciation and children go temples to carry the paper lanterns and solve riddles on the lanterns. While the mainland Chinese celebrates as Yuan Xiao Festival, the Taiwanese have stayed true to the ancient rituals and rites of these impressive celebrations. Experience Taiwan Lantern Festival with TaiwanHolidays.com.au tours.

Day 1 - Departure from Australia

5Mar2015 (Thu): Depart flight from Sydney, Australia with China Airlines CI52 22:10 to Taiwan.

Day 2 - Arrive Taiwan / Taipei City Sightseeing / Taichung (L) 
6Mar2015 (Fri): On arrival into Taipei International Airport at approx 4:30AM in the morning, you will be met by your friendly Taiwan Holidays & Travels tour guide who will greet and transfer you to Taipei City. Sightseeing for today including: Longshan Temple, Presidential Building (Pass by), Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Martyrs' Shrine and National Palace Museum (has the largest Chinese art and painting collection - more than 650,000 pieces). Lunch will be held at the famous restaurant - Five Dimes, which was the masterpiece of the artist Ms Hsieh. After lunch, you will be treated by the famous Taiwanese foot massage. This afternoon, we will drive to Taichung City, where the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival for the Year of Goat will be held at. The Lantern Festival will last for 17 days from 27th February 2015 to 15th March 2015. You can try varieties of Taiwanese food at the Taichung Lantern Festival for dinner.
Hotel: Splendor Hotel, Taichung (55  Stars)

Day 3 - Taichung / Sun Moon Lake / Chiyi (B/L/D)

7Mar2015 (Sat): After breakfast, depart to Nantou, where Sun Moon Lake is located. It is Taiwan's largest lake with the east side shaped like "Sun", and West side shaped like "Moon", hence the name "Sun Moon Lake". Sightseeing around the area includes:  famous Wenwu Temple and Literature Warrior Temple dedicated to Confucius as Master of Pen and to Kuan Ti as Master of Sword, and Holy Monk ShrineAfter lunch, we will depart for Nine Aboriginal Tribes Culture Village to see the shows, beautiful garden of the theme park and aboriginal culture village. Dinner will be held at the only Taiwanese restaurant with the Eight Infernal Generals Performance. Tonight you will stay at Chiayi City. There is night market nearby.
Hotel: Maison De Chine Hotel, Chiayi (55  Stars)

Day 4 - Chiayi / Alishan / Kaohsiung (B/L)
8Mar2015 (Sun): After having buffet breakfast at hotel, you will depart for the Eight Wonders of Taiwan - Alishan", which is located at the end of the Alishan Forest Railway. If the weather permits, you will be able to see the eternal sea of clouds. Sightseeing around the Alisan National Scenic Area including: Cherry Blossom (Season: 15Mar-20Apr), Three Generation Trees, Thousand Years Old Tree, Suling Tower and Sister Pond, just to name a few. After the experience at Alisan,  you will be transferred to Kaohsiung City, where you will have the City Tour of Kaohsiung, see the largest industrial harbor- Kaohsiung Harbor  in Taiwan, and the second busiest harbor in Asia. In the evening, you will visit Liuho Night Market, to taste the Taiwanese desserts and snacks. You can then visit the famous Love River which is now renowned for its cafe culture and night tour which are popular among local couples for a romantic night. The Kaohsiung Lantern Festival is held along the Love River every year. During the festival period, both sides of the river as well as Wufu Rd., Heping Rd., Guangzhou St., and other thoroughfares have lantern exhibitions. There are also musical performances, helping to throw the whole city into a festive mood. Tour guide will advise whether you are able to enjoy the romantic water lantern event at Love River this year.      
Hotel: Garden Villa, Kaohsiung (55  Stars)

Day 5 - Kaohsiung / Kenting / Taitung (B/L/D)
9Mar2015 (Mon): After breakfast, the tour will depart for Theresa Deng Museum. She was the most popular and influential Taiwanese singer in the world. Today, the highlight for many visits Taiwan is a visit to Kenting National Park, undoubtedly one of the most beautifully reserved natural forests in Taiwan. It is located in south of Taiwan with popular beach bordering on the tropical region of Taiwan where palm tree, sugar cane and surfing beach are part of the scene. It's an excellent place for swim, surf, and dive. Other sightseeing visited today includes the southernmost tip of Taiwan, "Maopitou" (named after the shape of cat-nose-like rock.) The coast of coral reef is worth a visit for land-reforms which strongly affected by wave erosions, efflorescence, and salt-soaking. The natural landscape like wave erosion caves, ditches, and pillars are amazing, sea view here is attractive and very enjoyable. The Oluanpi Light House will also be visited (it is the world's first military equipped light house). We then continue to Taitung via the Scenic Southern Link Highway. Overnight at Taitung and enjoy a relaxing hot spring bath at the 5 star hotel in Taitung area.
Hotel: Naruwan Hotel, Taitung (55  Stars)

Day 6 - Taitung / East Coast National Scenic Area / Hualien (B/L/D)
10Mar2015 (Tue): After Breakfast at the hotel, we will drive to "Tainan Aboriginal Beinan Cultural Village" it is the site where the BC civil human evidences have been found. Then we will drive thru the HuaTong Mt Route, where we will stop at: “Butterfly Valley”which is abundance with beautiful landscape and natural environment. It's just the perfect essence to a perfect relaxing vacation and well renowned butterfly sceneries. Here you can enjoy an unique natural experience and amazing comfortable sensation outdoor hot spring and spa in the deluxe Butter valley Resort.  Tonight you will be overnight at Hualien City.
Hotel: Chateau de Chine Hotel, Hualien (55  Stars)

Day 7 - Hualien / Taroko Gorge / Taipei (B/L/D)
11Mar2015 (Wed): This morning you will depart for Taroko Gorge National Park. The Taroko Gorge is an exceptionally beautiful area of Taiwan. It is the "Seven Wonder of Asia", its narrow raving created by the Liwu River which has cut deep into the mountains of solid marble. A road carved into sheer walls of rock rewinding its way past forested peaks and cliffs towering thousands of feet above it, while hundreds of feet below a river roars past gigantic marble boulders. Stops will be made at Eternal Spring ShrineSwallow GrottoTunnel of Nine TurnsMarble BridgeTienshiang and Marble Factory. On our way back to Taipei, we will drive pass the Chingshuei Cliff located on the section of the Suao-Hualien Highway that stretches between Heping and Chongde stations, is one of the most spectacular sights on Taiwan's Pacific coast. The cliff is more than 1,000 meters high and drops almost vertically into the sea. The highway snakes along its curving face more than 20 kilometers, with the sheer cliff rising on one side and a sheer drop to the ocean on the other.We will then drive back to Taipei via Su-Hua Highway and Hsuei-Shan Long Tunnel (12.9 kilometers) to arrive Taipei at around 5PM, and then you will be driven  to explore the vibrant night life of Taipei, e.g. Taipei 101 Building, Night Markets... etc. Tonight you will start your accommodation at the five star hotel at Howard Plaza Hotel, which is located at the most convenient & popular & busiest shopping district of Taipei City!
Hotel:  Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei (55  Stars)

Day 8 - Taipei / Yeliu / Chiufen / Pingxi / Night Market (B)
12Mar2015 (Thu): After breakfast, we will depart for Yehliu Ocean Park. It is known for its spectacular rock formations, sculptured throughout the ages by wind and sea erosion leaving fascinating pillars, including the famous Queen's Head and Fairy's Shoe. The next stop will be Chiufen Village, famous for its old mining town's charming characteristics. Many famous Taiwanese movies were shot here. Lunch will be a great variety of choices at the village's traditional shops. After Lunch, you will be taking to Pingxi to light up the sky lanterns. Sky lanterns are made with rice paper and thin bamboo strips. You can pen your hopes on the bulbous-shaped paper creation and watched it drift off in the clear sky. Tonight you will visit the largest night market in Taiwan, Shilin Night Market. In the night market, you will able to explore and see all sorts of bargains. In the evening, tour guide will advise whether you are able to join the Lantern Festival events in Taipei city.
Hotel: Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei (55  Stars)

Day 9 - Taipei / Airport (B)
13Mar2015 (Fri): After breakfast, you will have leisure time to explore the vibrant city of Taipei. Taipei is a shopholic's heaven. You can find all sorts of bargain to all the world famous brands at one shopping district. You can catch the MRT to many parts of the city, e,g. Ximending, Xingyi Shopping District, East Chungxiao Area for shopping. See some suggestions by click here. About 8PM in the evening, you will be transferred to the Taipei International Airport for flight back to Australia at 23:00PM. 

Day 10 - Arrive Australia
14Mar2015 (Sat): The flight will arrive Sydney approximately before 11:20AM.

Images of Our Hotels on Tour:

Maison De Chine Hotel, Chiayi (55  Stars)
Maison de Chine Hotel Chiayi

Garden Villa Hotel, Kaohsiung (55  Stars)
Naruwan Hotel, Taitung (55  Stars)

Chateau De Chine Hotel, Hualien (55  Stars)
Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei (55  Stars)

China Airlines

Splendor Hotel, Taichung (55  Stars)

Taichung to Host 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival for Year of Goat Again

Taichung City won the first place to host the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival
The Wurih High Speed Rail Special Zone will be the main light zone with two secondary light zones, namely the Fengyuan Light Zone and the Taichung Park Light Zone. The main light of Goat that was displayed 12 years ago and that has since been kept intact is expected to show its face again in 2015. Thus, people will see two Goat main lights in the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival!

Tourism Bureau of Taichung City Government
 held a press conference on February 24, 2014, in which Mayor Jason Hu announced that Taichung will once again host the Lantern Festival for Year of Goat after a break of nearly 12 years. “We are making history in that we are the only city to host the Taiwan Lantern Festival for the same zodiac! This has been my dream for years, and I am very happy to announce that we will host the Goat Lantern Festival once again in Taichung City!” Said Mayor Hu.

The Goat Lantern Festival held in Taichung in 2003 attracted 6.4 million viewers. Consequently, the annual Lantern Festival held in central Taiwan attracted more than 5 million viewers, pointed out Mayor Hu.

Mayor Hu also said, “Taichung City is not only the only city to host the Lantern Festival for the same zodiac but we have also kept intact the main light of Goat displayed 12 years ago. We will also display this old main light of Goat in the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival.”

Mayor Hu also mentioned, “Some people said Taichung City had already hosted the Goat Lantern Festival before and should give out the opportunity to the other cities or counties. Nevertheless, our Tourism Bureau has persuaded the selection committee by saying that our Wurih District and former Taichung County have not yet hosted such an event and also citing a very strong point that Taichung has a very favourable and unique geographical advantage. I am sure to attract an influx of 8 million viewers to the Goat Lantern Festival 2015 in Taichung Taiwan. We are going to present the most brilliant Lantern Festival in the history of Taiwan.”

Chang Ta-chun, Director-general of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, said, “The 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival will last for 17 days from 27th February 2015 to 15th March 2015, with the main light being turned on on the actual Lantern Festival day on 5th March 2015, and we will set the main light zone at the Wurih High Speed Rail Special Zone, where the 2003 main light of Goat will be displayed at the same time. In addition, we at the Tourism Bureau will also design a series of activities; arrange the transport links, and offer tour promotion packages and programs. It is hoped that local and foreign tourists will enjoy the scenery during the day and the Lantern Festival in the evening." 
(Source: Taiwan Tourism Information Bureau, 30 June 2014)

2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Hsinchu County

Date: Feb 24~Mar 10, 2013

Venue: Zhubei High Speed Rail Special District, Hsinchu County
Thanks to active promotion by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in recent years, the Taiwan Lantern Festival has earned a place among the world’s premier festival events.
The 2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival was extensively covered by print and electronic media channels in Japan, Korea, the United States, Southeast Asia, and Europe, further raising the reputation and visibility of Taiwan on the global stage and helping to attract a record number of international visitors (29,219) to the festival.
Recommended by the U.S. Discovery Channel as one of the world’s best festival activities, the Taiwan Lantern Festival broke new records in 2012 in terms of length of the festival period and number of visitors.
In 2013, the Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held in Hsinchu County. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau warmly invites you to join in the fun at that time!
(Source: Taiwan.net.tw)

2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held in Hsinchu County. Main subject will be “animation, technology, and culture”, which represent Hsinchu County’s local cultural characteristics. Hsinchu County Government also creates a website for “2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Hsinchu County” through multi-media and video streaming as well as social network activities.
"2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival Website" is in both Chinese and English. Photos and videos can be viewed through streaming multi-media on website easily. In addition, Hsinchu County Government will broadcast 2013 Lantern Festival’s opening and closing ceremonies via video streaming to global audience. 

The website will present Lantern Festival’s five themes –“Fast Speed Dragons Lanterns”, “ Hsinchu Light Technology”, “Local Culture”, “Charming Hsinchu County”, “ Animated Art” – as well as cuisines, traffic and tourism information. 

2013 Lantern Festival will bring a new kind of light and shadow show to the audience. It uses a mixture of light and shadow movement and different rhythm to generate the sense of speed, which generates a brand new visual treat to all visitors and is quite different from traditional lantern exhibition. 
Hsinchu County Government plans to promote this lantern festival through a series of activities on Facebook, such as “Who is Lantern Festival Representative?” , “SHE fans activity”, “Photo & Video Contests”…etc. People can also learn the cultural meaning of this lantern festival through the website. We welcome everyone to visit the following websites:
Taiwan Lantern Festival Official Website http://2013taiwanlantern.net/en/index/php
Taiwan Lantern Festival facebook http://fb.me/ccchchg
(Source: Hsinchu.gov.tw, 3 Oct 2012)

News Released by Taiwan Tourism Bureau for Lantern Festival Celebration in Taiwan

The government says it is inviting journalists from around the globe to witness the 2011 Taiwan Lantern Festival. The festival kicked off in the northwestern Miaoli County on Thursday.

The festival features a pavilion dedicated to themes related to the country's centenary. It also has nearly 100 artistic performances. The number 100 is special because Taiwan is celebrating its centenary this year.

Minister of the Government Information Office, Johnny Chiang, said the festival has been touted by the Discovery Channel as one of the world's most amazing festivals. He also said the government will put on many events to celebrate Taiwan's centenary and promote tourism.

The lantern festival marks the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations. County officials said the festival is the biggest event to take place in Miaoli in 60 years. They expect six million visitors, including 50,000 foreign tourists.

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2011 Lights up in Miaoli

The 2011 Taiwan Lantern Festival kicked off in Miaoli County’s Zhunan-Toufen Sports Park with much fanfare Feb. 17.

“This festival showcases Taiwan’s prosperity and innovation,” said ROC President Ma Ying-jeou, on hand to switch on the main lantern. Now in its 22nd year, the event has successfully promoted Taiwan to the world, he added.

As the 20.5-meter-high lantern, representing the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, began to rotate, a laser light show filled the night sky. When the lantern had turned full circle, fireworks exploded into the air and a huge neon map of Taiwan, hanging high up from an enormous crane, filled in the background.

Johnny Chi-chen Chiang, minister of the Government Information Office, said, “The Taiwan Lantern Festival has been touted by the Discovery Channel as one of the world’s most amazing festivals. This year’s activities, marking the centennial of the ROC, will do even more to share our history and traditional local culture with the international community.”

The press section was filled with correspondents from Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Japan, mainland China, Peru, Singapore, the United States and many other countries.

The lantern festival, which marks the end of the Lunar New Year, will run until Feb. 28. It features 15 themed areas, among them the Hakka Innovation Pavilion, designed by internationally renowned theater director Stan Lai, displaying the traditions and creativity of the Hakka, who make up 65 percent of Miaoli’s population.

Popular young singing sensation Lin Yu-chun is serving as spokesman for the event, and music and dance performances by groups from home and abroad will go on daily. Also on site are folk craft and traditional food venues.

Another exhibit popular with visitors is a 12-meter-tall strawberry lantern that gives off a powerful sweet scent of berries, emblematic of the famous crop from Miaoli’s Dahu Township.

County officials said the festival is the biggest event to happen in Miaoli in 60 years. They expect 6 million visitors, including 50,000 foreign tourists, to generate up to NT$3 billion (US$102 million) in business. 


Videos of Taiwan Lantern Festival

2014 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Nan Tou Sun Moon Lake - Year of the Horse

2013 Taipei Lantern Festival 


2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival


Taiwan PinXi Sky Lantern Festival


2011 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Miaoli


2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei - Year of Tiger


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Video on PingXi Lantern Festival

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Taipei 101
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Lantern Festival

Taiwan Lantern Festival

Sun Moon Lake
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