Taiwan Rail Packages


A perfect way for budget traveler to explore the beauty of Taiwan! Package is specially designed for International Student Identity Card holders and youth under 30 to adventure Taiwan by Rail and to experience Taiwan YH on your own!




5-Days Railway Pass + 3-Nights YH accommodation voucher AU$140/pax

YRL-02. 7-Days Railway Pass + 5-Nights YH accommodation voucher AU$216/pax
YRL-03. 10-Days Railway Pass + 8-Nights YH accommodation voucher AU$327/pax



Extra Stay


YH Type A bed rate AU$60
Type A YH List


YH Type B bed rate AU$30
Type B YH List


Extra Buy Special offer for Railway Package buyer


YH – HI Membership Card AU$15

(In Europe or Australia, the cost of Hi Membership Card is US$20~US$50)


Package include:

1.        Consecutive-Day “TaiwanRailPass”.

2.        Type B”YH Accommodation Voucher.

3.        Taiwan Youth Hostel Map.

4.        Taiwan Tourist Map.

5.        Taiwan DIY Travel Guide.

6.        Taiwan Rail Travel Guide.

7.        Taiwan Youth Travel Card (YTC) if age between 15-30.

8.        Taiwan Youth Travel Guide

 Item 3-8 might be replaced by different travel guide due to limited printing!




1.        Student issuing the railway pass need a copy of passport and ISIC card.

2.        "Taiwan Rail Package" can only be issued 7 days in advance before taking the train, please advise the " first date" of your rail journey.


For the extra stay, the YH bed rate at Type A is AU$60, Type B is AU$30.




1.        All reservation must be through TaiwanHolidays.com.au

2.        Package is limited to international passport holders with valid ISIC (International Student Identity Card) or YTC (Taiwan Youth Travel Card aged 15-30).

3.        Packages are sold from 1 Sep 2010 until 30 Jun 2011.

4.        Rail pass is valid from the first day you start your rail journey until midnight of the last day showed on the rail pass.

5.       Rail pass can be used for unlimited journeys on Chu-Kuang Express,  Fu-Hsing Semi Express, Local Express and local train. However, it cannot be used on

1.        Tourist trains : No.79, 2079, 80 and 2080.

2.        Group trains: No. 68, 69, 74 and 75.

3.        Special trains, cruise type trains or other trains designated by Taiwan Railways Administration.

6.        No seat allocation on Chu Kuang Express and Fu Hsing Semi-express trains.

7.       Rail pass is non-transferable and must only be used by the person specified on the pass. Please carry your ISIC card during the journey for inspection by station staff or train masters.

8.       Other matters not mentioned will be dealt with according to TRA regulations.

9.       Each YH voucher is represented one bed booking in a multi-shared dormitory.

10.   The package includes YH vouchers which you need to contact for the availability on your own. A deposit might be applied depends on each YH.

11.    Reservation must be made at least 5 days prior to departure and full payment is required 3 days before arrival.


Not Included in ~ Taiwan Rail Package

1.        HI Membership Card

2.        Transfers between railway station and YHA


Cancellation & Refunds

1.       Passes can not be replaced if lost or stolen, so we strongly recommend to keep passes secure

2.       The package documents can be collected at Golden Foundation Tours. Cancellation on 7 days prior to arrival will charge 20% of package fee, on 3 days prior to arrival will charge 50% of package fee.

3.        No refund applied after the package is issued.   













































































































YH Accomodation

North Taiwan

Taipei: Hostelling Int'l Taipei

Taipei: Chientan YH Center

Taipei: New May Flower

Yilan: Sun Spring Resort Int'l


Central Taiwan

Taichung: Beacon YH

Nantou: Shangrila Int'l YH

Nantou: Sun Moon Lake YH


South Taiwan

Kenting Int'l YH

Kaohsiung: Toong Mao Evergreen

Kaohsiung: CU Int'l YH