Taiwan Tea Adventure Tour

The Tourism Bureau’s “Taiwan Tea Adventure” tours are selling well in the Asia market! The Tourism Bureau this year created the “Taiwan Tea Tours” as a theme tourism product, and had been promoting the tours overseas. So far, the tours have sparked a lot of interest from international tourists and have generated a warm response from Asian tourists. In particular, tour groups from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Asia will visit Taiwan from Sept. 7-10 to experience the “Taiwan Tea Adventure.” These overseas tourists will transform themselves into tea picking ladies and visit Taiwan’s famous tea farms to experience a different side of Taiwanese scenery and culture.

Since the Tourism Bureau began promoting the “Taiwan Tea Adventure” tours in July in nine target markets, including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia, nearly 20 tour groups, with altogether more than 400 tourists, have purchased the tour packages.

The “Taiwan Tea Adventure” tours take tourists to tea farms in the northern, central, southern and eastern parts of Taiwan. The tours will focus on introducing tourists to famous Taiwanese teas such as oolong and black teas. Five tea tour routes have been planned to cater specifically to international tourists. On the tours, the tourists will get to experience tea picking, tea making and tea tasting. They will also be able to try the special cuisine and see the unique cultural performances of the local areas where they will be visiting.

Tourists will be able to choose from a selection of one or two-day tours that feature: Yuchi Assam Black Tea in the Sun Moon Lake area, Honey-flavored Black Tea in Ruisui, Hualien, Wenshan Baozhong Tea (also known as Wenshan Pouchong Tea) in Taipei, Alishan High Mountain Tea in Chiayi County, and Oriental Beauty Tea in Hsinchu County. By learning about tea, we hope overseas tourists, especially those who love drinking tea, can further understand the hometowns of Taiwan’s most famous teas.

“Taiwan Tea Adventure” is the first activity created by the Tourism Bureau that features tea as a theme for sightseeing. We hope that through these tours, Taiwan’s beautiful tea scenery and culture will become a tourism product that international travel agencies will sell on a long-term basis. We also hope that the tours will attract many overseas tourists to Taiwan to not only taste its famous teas but learn about its tea culture in a meaningful and fun-filled way.

(Source: Taiwan Tourism Bureau / 9 Sep 2010)


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