Taiwan to host 2020 World Orchid Conference

WOC 23rd World Orchid Conference Taiwan Orchid Show Tour 2020

Taichung City Government obtained the right to host the 2020 World Orchid Conference in collaboration with TOGA from Ecuador.

(CNA NEWS 20171114 09:24:53) Taichung City Government collaborates with Taiwan Orchid Growers Association (TOGA) obtaining the right to host the next World Orchid Conference (WOC) of 2020 in the 22th WOC held in Ecuador.


Leading by deputy mayor Chang Guang-yao and Chen Cheng-zhong, chairman of TOGA, TOGA collaborates with the distributors, growers and floral professionals has visited the 22th WOC in Guayaquil Ecuador on November 7 to 12, and also bid to host the WOC 2020 in Taichung. Ms. Sandra Tillisch Svoboda, the chairperson of World Orchid Conference Trust, announced that Taichung as the host city of the 23th WOC and also invited deputy mayor Chang addressing on the closing ceremony. Afterward, professor Li Chia-wei, CEO of KBCC, introduced all the project of 23th WOC as the opening of our hosting of WOC.


TOGA has been actively seeking to host the WOC for many years since 2005. We are very excited in the obtaining the right of host.


To host the 23th WOC in 2020, Taichung City Government constructs the main theme “Together We See The Orchid” with the five highlights –– Project Seeding: Orchid Conservation Initiative, Project Rooting: Orchid Conservation Mapping, Project Blossoming: Formosa Lectures, Project Budding: Young Fellow Award, and Project Grafting: Global Orchid Alliance. We have prepared to provide the brand new experience for people around the world.

Source: MOFA, NOV2017

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