Taiwan Travel made easy by Taiwan Tour Bus

In-depth Taiwan Travel made easy by Taiwan Tour Bus


Do you often worry about being unfamiliar with local traffic and transportation systems while traveling overseas?

The Taiwan Tour Bus is perfect for travel enthusiasts who don’t like wasting time on waiting for public transportation.
The Taiwan Tour Bus service is designed to “wait for travelers.”
It offers guided tours with pickups and drop offs at designated hotels.
The sophisticated itineraries save Taiwan Tour Bus saves travelers the trouble and time on trip and transportation planning.
Above all, travelers can fully enjoy local food and other do-it-yourself experiences.

Currently, there are 71 guided tour routes to the nation’s major attractions to choose from, including Yilan, the Northeast Coast, Yeliu, Yingge, Taichung, Lugang, Sun Moon Lake, Kaohsiung, Kending, Taroko Gorge, the Penghu Islands, Kinmen Islands, and Matsu.

The Taiwan Tour Bus makes visiting Taiwan local scenic spots convenient and accessible for travelers of all kinds.

According to Trust Lin, Director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s Los Angeles Office, the Bureau has been strengthening its major tourist network services such as the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and Taiwan Tour Bus in recent years in order to meet the strong demand from growing numbers of international tourists.

The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, which American Tourists are becoming more familiar, is a simple public bus service with fixed schedules and routes, whereas the Taiwan Tour Bus is a professional and customized program with chauffeur service and personal guides who speak Chinese, English or Japanese.
It transports travelers between major transportation hubs, hotels, and famous tourist destinations on half-day or one-day tours.
This service can be reserved with just one to four traveler(s) and tours are available on a daily basis. Travelers can thoroughly enjoy the fun-filled Taiwan experience of amazing food, entertainment and sightseeing with the Taiwan Tour Bus.

One of the most exciting itinerary in Kaohsiung Travel by Taiwan Tour Bus: “Private Collection: the most beautiful Kaohsiung mountain one day tour”. After picking up tourists for the day trip, the Taiwan Tour Bus drives directly to Meinong for an authentic Hakka experience with a foreign language guide. The tourists get to learn about exquisite hand-crafted oilpaper umbrellas, traditional Hakka blue-cloth clothing, and historical tobacco fields. The group then moves to Kaohsiung’s Shanlin Tzu Chi Great Love Owl Village for a taste of aborigine culture and indigenous foods. Following lunch is a short trip to Younglin Organic Farm to learn about natural and organic farming and revive a love of nature. Finally, participants can enjoy a relaxing walk through Qishan Old Street where they can explore the living history of architecture collage, a fusion of styles from local ethnic cultures and colonial eras such as the adobe huts of the indigenous Flatland tribes – Chinese mud-brick houses, southern Fujian three-and four-sided courtyard houses, unique sandstone-arched cloister townhouses, imitation European Baroque architecture from Japanese colonial times, European Tudor style architecture of the old Qishan train station, the purely Chinese style and the luxurious Wu family ancient residence. The area is a living specimen of architecture linking the sentiment of each generation and the brilliance of former times. “Touring Taiwan with the Taiwan Tour Bus is extremely carefree and visitors can comfortably immerse themselves in the diversity of Taiwan within a single day,” said one of Taiwan Holidays & Trave's previous clients from Sydney Australia.

Operated since 2004, the Taiwan Tour Bus by Taiwan Tourism Bureau has served more than 1,300,000 travelers, of which 60% are international tourists. It is the top choice for international tourists who wish to visit Taiwan in depth. The service is well recognized for the quality and convenience it offers. To continue providing the most gratifying experience for tourists in Taiwan, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, in collaboration with the Taiwan Tour Bus Association, has launched a “Taiwan Tour Bus Passport” with discounts of up to 40% to provide an even more convenient and cost-effective travel experience. Please visit Taiwan Holidays' Facebook page to participate download discount vouchers and register for Taiwan Tour Bus packages.

For travelers who are planning to visit Taiwan, Taiwan Tour Bus is an essential component to consider when mapping out their itineraries .
For more information, please visit TaiwanHolidays.com.au

(Source: 8SEP2014)

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(Photos are courtesy of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Sydney Australia)

List of top 10 safest countries in the world 2015

Every single person has a dream to live in a safest country. The government is also making strict laws to reduce crime rate, which is considered as main factor to determine whether a country is safe or not. Other than crime we should look into various elements like natural disaster, corruption, terrorism, economical crisis, culture and more.

Further the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is issuing Global Peace Index (GPI) each year since 2007 which is a measurement tool to measure nation’s peacefulness. Based on this index and above criteria, we framed a list of top 10 safest countries in the world 2015 in the following section.

2 # Taiwan

taiwan safest country

Taiwan ranked second in the list of safest countries in the world with low exposure to robbery, crime and violence. People in this country are kind hearted, friendly and help you before you approach them. Tourists were never faced any violence or got worried in Taiwan. It is the perfect place with many beautiful spots to lead a safer life which is an advanced industrial economy that experience rapid economic growth and industrialization. This country ranked highly in terms of health care, economic freedom, education, human development, etc.



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