Taiwan's Top 10 Restaurants

Online voters have chosen Taiwan's 10 top restaurants after a month-long event promoting delicacies around the country, organizer Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) said Saturday.

The 10 winners, chosen from a total of 260 restaurants around Taiwan that took part in the Taste of Taiwan Cuisine event, reflect the variety of food on offer in the country, as the list covers both local and foreign cuisines, TAITRA said.

According to the trade promotion body, the event is held in June every year to coincide with the major trade shows it holds in the month, including Asia's largest computer fair Computex and the Taipei International Food Show set to be wrapped up Saturday.

The winning restaurants from Taipei include the Grand Hotel, Shin Yeh's flagship store for Taiwanese cuisine, Dian Shui Lou with its Shanghai-styled food, vegetarian restaurant King Join, Du Xiao Yueh, which is known for its minced pork noodle, and Ding Xian 101 located on the 86th floor of Taipei 101.

Pudding and pineapple cake maker Red Brick, and Tongdaemum Korean Cuisine in Tainan also made the list, along with Splendor Hotel's Teppanyaki restaurant in Kaohsiung and TripodKing spicy hot pot in Taichung.

The results indicate the influence of different cultures in Taiwan, thanks to its unique location in Asia, TAITRA said.

(Source: 2  July 2012)

  Chefs at the Grand Hotel display the dishes to be               Steamed Glutinous Rice Treat Coated
presented at the president's inauguration party in May     with Peanut Powder of Shin Yeh Restaurant
                   Du Xiao Yueh Restaurant                                          Minced Pork Noodle of Du Xiao Yueh
                   Ding Xian 101 Restaurant                                        Mullet Roe & Lobster of Ding Xian 101
                   Pineapple Cake of Red Brick                                              Pudding of Red Brick
                 Tongdaemum Korean Cuisine                                          Bibimbap of Tongdaemum
                  King Join                               Pea Cake of King Join                   Green Bean Cake 
        Vegetarian Restaurant                                                                                 of King Join
     Chinese Steamed Buns                  Softening Mind & Heart                Dian Shui Barbecue
           of Dian Shui Lou                                of Dian Shui Lou                        of Dian Shui Lou
        Fillet Steak of Splendor               Kuruma Shrimp of Splendor        Hotpot of TripodKing
 Hotel's Teppanyaki Restaurant     Hotel's Teppanyaki Restaurant

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