Taiwan Tourism Bureau Wins Award in Japan

The Japan Association of Travel Agents on Friday (JATA) granted a "JATA Award" to Taiwan's Tourism Bureau and the Taiwan Visitors Association in recognition of their efforts in promoting tourism exchanges between Taiwan and Japan.

Akira Kanai, leader of the JATA Award Evaluation Committee, presented the award to Taiwan Visitors Association Chairman Chou Ching-hsiung at the 2009 Tokyo International Tourism Expo.

Chou said the award confirms the efforts by the Tourism Bureau and Taiwan Visitors Association in upgrading tourism quality.

He said that Taiwan's tourism industry has escaped the shadow cast by Typhoon Morakot in the southern part of Taiwan in early to mid-August, and he welcomed Japanese tourists to visit the island for a taste of its beautiful scenery and fine foods, in addition to the hospitality shown by its people.

Tourism Bureau Director-General Janice Lai said that Japan is one of Taiwan's most important tourism markets, and her bureau will make greater efforts to attract more Japanese to Taiwan.

The JATA Award, established in 2006, is one of Japan's highest honors given to the tourism sector.

In addition to Taiwan, Hong Kong's tourism authorities and Japan's NHK were also awarded for their contributions to promote the tourism industry.

(Source: Taiwan Times, 21 Sept 2009)