Dear Taiwan Holidays, 

We just wanted to let you know that our recent Taiwan Supreme holiday from 1-10th November was better than we had expected.

The tours and guides were all very good, particularly Lennie who escorted us around Taiwan. Interestingly, we were the only Australians among the 23 on this particular tour but we met lovely Europeans and Americans. 

The hotels were all very good, particularly Fleur de Chine at Sun Moon Lake which was quite special. We decided to have their dinner buffet ($52Aus) which was fantastic and great value.

We did use the Metro card on our last day in Taipei which gave us the opportunity to explore the city by ourselves and enjoy the shopping malls and food courts.

Thank you for your help in arranging this tour for us. It was a memorable experience.


Mr & Mrs Rosevear, Melbourne VIC
November 2019


Dear Taiwan Holidays, 

My wife and I are so happy to have joined Taiwan Holidays' 8 days escorted group tour. Taiwan has East Asia’s highest mountains, hot springs, thousands of temples, the world’s deepest marble gorge, indigenous tribal culture, rugged Pacific beaches and some of the world’s best food and cycling routes. Taiwan is a five-star destination because of the people and their warmth.

Your colleague, Jessie's personal attention on our special requests and knowledge about Taiwan is great help for us. Jessie made sure all our flights & guides & drivers were fully aware of my wife's need to use the scooter to get around when longer distance required. 

Thank you for all the help. Taiwan Holidays is truly the ambassador for Taiwan!

Mr & Mrs Long, Brisbane QLD
April 2019

Dear Ann,

We have had a wonderful time in Taiwan, and the accommodation in Taipei was good. 
Everything went so well, and we enjoyed the  visit to Taroko Gorge - it was amazing.
Our dragon boat race result was good: 5th out of 60 teams.

Your personal attention to this group is greatly appreciated.

Fremantle Swan Dragon Boat Club perth WA
Fremantle Swan Dragon Boat Club, Perth WA
June 2011

Dear Taiwan Holidays,

Thank you very much for the interesting sit-in-coach tour around the island of Taiwan last month.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed all the sightseeing, culture, and food in Taiwan.
We found Taiwan is an amazing place with lots of beautiful scenery – totally unexpected! The tour guide and driver were very friendly and professional. Sam (guide) went out of his way to help me to find the perfect present I want to buy for my daughter in Sydney.

I will definitely encourage all my family and friends they must visit the Ilha Formosa –  beautiful island Taiwan.

5 days around Taiwan tour sit-on-coach (OCT2012)



2013 Taiwan Group Tour from Australia’s Taiwan Holidays @ Oluanpi Lighthouse, Pintong


"Dear Ms. Hung,
I take this opportunity to thank you and your team in Taiwan for providing my family with one of the best guided tours we have ever had. It was deemed as pleasant, professional and memorable.
It was a seamlessly arranged tour for everyone, Kevin enjoyed the theme park, Cathy had been busy shopping and I loved the food and view. We all felt at home in Taiwan.
A special thanks must go to Jessica who helped us meet my mum in Gaoxiong, please take our best regards to her wherever possible. My mum was extremely happy to see Kevin after a year and half and it was a happy reunion.
The accommodation and food were great and I really enjoyed the hot well spa without having to go to Japan and NZ again. What impressed us all was the people in Taiwan. We appreciated their hospitality and friendliness wherever we went and there had never been a pushy sale in all boutiques, which is quite different from some tourist spots in Asia we came across before.
Once again, thanks very much Ann, and I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Taiwan Holidays to any of my friends should this opportunity arise in the future."

Bill Jiang and Family - Baulkham Hills
Members of Escorted Group Tour in April 2009

Hi Ann,
To say about the trip, it was so nice, and better than i expected. Especially you guys, deeply impressed me. Jessica is funny, wide knowledge, and enthusiastic. she organised the trip well, and make us fully enjoyed. The driver has such good driving skill, and he must be the most tired person after the trip. And Ann, you are so friendly, helpful, and took good care of us. Another credit I would like to mention is the meals, I've never had that great group meals in group trips before. And accommodations are also remarkable.
Finally, thank you all for providing us good memories in Taiwan!
Yexin Hu - Marsfield
Members of Escorted group Tour in April 2009

Hi Ann,

We're very happy with the Easter Holiday Group organize by TaiwanHolidays.com.au.  Services are excellent, the tour guide Sunny is very sweet and helpful especially her massage after I threw up during one of the
trips.  The accommodation and food provided with this tour are great. I have given my trip details to some of my colleagues.

Cheng & Yit - Cecil Hills
Escorted Group Tour in 2009


Stopover in Taiwan on my business trip to London last month was great and an enjoyable one. It is definitely less well known as a tourist area compared with Hong Kong which I usually stopover at, but I found the level of service and tourist infrastructure equally great. Local food was surprisingly nice and tasty. I highly recommend the natural hot spring spa in Beitou Mountain 20 min north of Taipei via city metro. Soaking in hot spring surrounded by lush green mountains and creeks was simply the most enjoyable thing after a long flight.

K. Thompson
Brisbane 2010

Dear Ann & Team,

We would like to give you our feedback on our recent tour.

Taiwan Tour:
tour guide:  was very good, helpful and friendly to everyone, very well organised
itinerary: Good variety of food and restaurant venues.
Suggestions: would like to have more opportunities to take photos such as the Taipei 101 (daytime)

Japan tour
Tour guide: was also very good. very informative and experienced. (although he has not been out as tour for a while)
Itinerary: very good  (as i have been to Japan also on a 6-day tour a while ago, same cities)
The places of interest he picked were probably the best you need to see from those cities we visited and stayed only for a day or two.
The hotels and meal venues were also of good standard. Personally I also enjoy the experience of taking the train/subway in Tokyo .....to get to Disneyland

We were very satisfied with the Japan tour ...
Hope this maybe helpful to you.

Dr M. Tu - Burwood
Taiwan & Japan Cherry Blossom 15 Days Group Tour (April 2010)


My name is Mr Somphone Sisavanh,I'm a husband of Mrs Leanne Sisavanh .My family and i just spent 10 days tour in Taiwan with your firm under your tour code code:TWEP9.We had a wonderful time in Taiwan with our tour guide in Taiwan. He is a excellent guy for the job of what his doing ,very helpful by looking after my family and I during our trip around Taiwan. He is a good man,we should have more of him in Australia. He is very valuable to your firm in Taiwan .Keep up the good work .May I wish you and your company to have a many prosperous years to come.  We wouldn't be enjoying our trip in Taiwan without your excellent guide's service.

The Sisavanh Family - Sydney 
Easter Holiday in Taiwan with Gourmet Experience 10 Days (April 2010)


I enjoyed my last trip to Taiwan very much despite the lack of sunshine (but good for photography). The 5 day round island tour was fantastic and the hotels great to stay in. It was a good introduction to the island and I plan more detailed visits in the future. The tour was very professionally organised and so was the tour guide (Walter).

R. Lee - Sydney
5 Days Round Taiwan Island Tour (2010)

I just want to let you know that my husband and I had a wonderful holiday in Taiwan. Most importantly, we would like to tank you TaiwanHolidays.com.au for organising such an enjoyable holiday for us.
We were very impressed with you; you are kind, enthusiastic and extremely helpful. Your staff Ann (at Sydney International Airport) responded our last minute queries in a professional, patient manner and assisted us with timely check-in.
As you are aware that Taiwan has a lots of hilly roads, but the coach driver did a wonderful job. We felt comfortable and safe on the bus. It was a very successful holiday for us because our tour guide made it possible for us. He was professional, courteous and enthusiastic. His advice was informative and interesting. He was able to give each of us his personal attention.
We would not hesitate to recommend TaiwanHolidays.com.au to our friends and relatives. Congratulation Taiwan Holidays & Travel !

10 Days Dragon Boat Festival Tour with Gourmet Experiences (July 2010)

Dear  Ann,

I  toured Taiwan with your company starting on the 25th september 2010 for 10 days. My name is Valentina Levkowicz. I am writing to you,as I wanted to officially tell you
that my enjoyment  of and education about  this beautiful holiday destination was in large part due to the excellent and hard working tour guide. He has a wonderful and positive attitude to his work and  clients,namely us! I found him to be enthusiastic,inclusive,and made everyone feel comfortable, safe and special.

His knowledge about his country is imparted with pride, warmth and humour. Is there anything this man does not know!! He is  well educated and articulate. Everything worked like clockwork,and this was no mean feat,as we were on a tight schedule,the entire time. He kept us relaxed and happy,and we wanted for nothing. He dealt with the logistics  with calmness,reassured us if we had a question, and was totally professional in his approach and demeanor.

I had complete confidence in his leadership qualities, as i was a solo traveller,and not used to travelling in such a large group. Any concerns I had were  addressed with kindness and respect at all times. He is in my humble opinion the best tour guide a traveller could get,and i  appreciate all his constant hard work and diligence. I will always remember the great places I visited in Taiwan,and there  were so many! We fitted them  all in ,and spent adequate time in all  of them.

I travelled with lovely people and the food was so tasty and  plentiful.i learnt a lot about chinese cooking,and my wok will be  full of new veggies and sauces! For a tour to go smoothly and happily a lot of work is done behind  the scenes. All the tour guides and the incredible driver (sorry,i have forgotten his name)  fulfilled their duties and made  my Taiwan  holiday a value for money trip many times over. I met some great Taiwanese people as well,and they are a  warm,friendly and kind people. 

Your team members are dedicated professionals of whom Taiwan should be proud.They are the frontline  tourism representatives and I  will recommend your company to friends/family who want to visit  in the future.

V. Levkowicz - Melbourne, Vic

Mid Autumn Taiwan 10 Day Tour (25/09/10 – 4/10/10)

Dear Ann,
I write to express our appreciation of your well planned, well run, and hassle free tour.
First of all, we found the Taiwan people to be polite, helpful, carefree and honest. We were pleasantly surprised at the airport that the banks and duty free shops had the same exchange rate. Even the hotel exchange rates were only slightly lower.
Our tour guide was outstanding. He spoke “News reader” Mandarin and excellent English. He is the only tour guide we know of, who did not once mention the compulsory gratuity. Our bus group consisted of Shanghainese Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, and Caucasian. There were large and small families with young child/ren, couples, seniors and singles. People were from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the South Coast. The tour guide looked after us all well, and was even able to accommodate some individual requests. We appreciated the thoughtfulness of the frequent restroom stops.
All the hotels were top class and well situated. We had early 7am walks and night10pm shopping. We enjoyed the convenience of the Taipei Howard Plaza Hotel, with it’s numerous restaurants/eateries, and the fact that it was walking distance from three Sogo shopping complexes, and near two MIT (metro) Blue & Brown lines.
The meals (lunch/dinner) mostly reflected the local cuisine. There was a great variety of food to cater to our taste. The first lunch was served in a “mock” European Palace, and the last lunch in a restaurant like an Art Gallery with art deco, and furniture, where the food was good (Five Dimes Driftwood Restaurant).
For the whole trip, we were taken to three speciality places for possible shopping. The tea house (where nobody seemed to buy); the jade place (where everybody bought); and the cake shop (where most seemed to buy). There was absolutely no hassle at these venues.
The weather was humid, and the sky was mostly clear without signs of pollution. There was an occasional haze in Taipei. We found the country side to be all green, and the scenery varied from the mountains to the coast and the basin (Taipei). I was most impressed with the Taipei 101, the world’s former tallest building (2004). The elevator was fast and smooth. The clear night view at 89th floor was breath taking.
In conclusion, we greatly enjoyed this VALUE FOR MONEY TOUR. We will certainly be recommending it to our family and friends. As a matter of fact, we have already recommended it to our family G.P. who is visiting Taiwan early next year.
Yours sincerely,
Alex Fan (a satisfied customer)   6/10/10

2010 Christmas Holiday in Taiwan 10 Days Gourmet & Deluxe Tour

The trip to Taiwan has been an awe-inspiring and unforgettable holiday for us. The tour would not be this great and relaxing if it were not for two dedicated staffs of Taiwan Holidays.

I’d like to mention the tour guide, an energetic and pretty Taiwanese girl who has shown extraordinary hospitality and friendliness towards us. Her explanations of the sites and history of Taiwan were very insightful; her anecdotes of locals and family life had been very amusing and intriguing. She describes in colorful detail of her childhood home, her bringing up in a typically loving Taiwanese neighborhood and the various ways Taiwanese families support each other and celebrate different festivals. All of these made time fly while we were on the bus trip around the island, none of us felt bored and tired.
Apart from countless captivating stories, she welcomed us with singing an intimate Teresa Deng’s song which cheered us up from sleepiness in the early morning after an overnight flight. She bided us farewell with ‘Goodbye my Love’, which made us tear and stop our strides towards return journey.
She has entertained us with not only her talent but also accountability from the moment we arrived till the moment we left. Such a diligent, intelligent and humorous girl is a credit of Taiwan and Taiwan Holidays. Without her our trip would not become so impressive and memorable, she will stay in our heart eternally.
Another staff who ensured the quality and safety of our trip was Driver Li. The skill of his driving on rugged terrain had been remarkable. Throughout the ten days, Li drove us tirelessly to all tourist sites without any complains of fatigue. On boarding he would always wave and bid us hello: the friendliness and kindness is a vivid representation of Taiwanese people’s quality as well as spirit.
From the merely ten days, we have perceived Chinese Culture at the deepest, thank to the tour guide and Driver Li and Taiwan Holidays & Travel for offering us such a invaluable holiday. We appreciate your professional manner, most important your warm hearted attitude.
We will recommend you to all our friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors and whoever possible; actually we are doing so as soon as we returned! Go with Susu, go with Driver Li, go with Taiwan Holidays.
Zhao's family from Baulkham Hills, Sydney.
9th Jan 2011

Taiwan & Japan Cherry Blossom 18 Days Escorted Group Tour (April2011)

To the staff at Taiwan Holidays
Just a short note to say thank you for the arrangements you made for our recent trip to Taiwan.  Everthing worked out very well and the trip was very good.
Our tour guide was exceptionally professional and went out of his way to make sure that all participants were happy and looked after.
We were very pleased to have such an interesting time and felt we got a good insight into Taiwan and its people.
Once again thanks for your efforts.
Best wishes
Allan Roche and Stephanie Bostock   

Taiwan & Japan Cherry Blossom 18 Days Escorted Group Tour (April 2011)

We are back Elyssa and as you can imagine, we had a wonderful time. The tour itinerary was great, we saw a lot in 16 days. Our drivers were great, we felt safe each time we got on the bus, our tour guides looked after us well, our accommodation were comfortable and we can't ask for more. Thank you for a job well done.

Adi n Steve 

Discover Taiwan 12 Days (Nov 2011)

Hi Christine  Now that we have returned and settled back into our routine life I thought I should send you an email you with some feed back on our trip.    Taiwan was a very interesting and pretty mixture of the ultra modern and the olden days. Both Marg and I would like to visit it again  someday.  The tour/s were well organised which kept us on the go most of the time.  I was impressed by how the tour operater managed to pick us up on time on every tour and generally were at the hotel a good 10 to 15 minutes before time.  The hotel accomodation was above average to excellant.  I liked the Taroko Gorge the best , another thing that we liked was the GALA hotel had maps of the imediate area with points of interest marked in, which helped us get around while it was a small thing it was a great help and I would like to see the same sort of thing in hotels more often.   Overall we beleive that the whole tour was very good value for money. 
Thankyou for providing an enjoyable and inexpensive tour.
Trevor Toon

Double Tenth Taiwan National Day Celebration & Gourmet 10 Days Tour (OCT2011)

Dear Ann,

Thanks for the amazing Double Tenth Taiwan National Day Celebration & Gourmet Deluxe tour. It was a wonderful experience being in it.
The staff in your company are very professional. The day we departed from Sydney airport, you were waiting there expecting us with a warm and beautiful smile. You are incredibly nice and friendly, and you helped us check in and filled out the forms and provided all the necessary information about Taiwan.

Throughout the whole 10 days, we almost travelled around the whole island of Taiwan. The tour guide is professional, as she is bilingual in Mandarin and English. She is also very nice and pretty. The food served tasted sensational, the accommodation was all luxury 5-Star hotels, the coach was brand new luxury and the driver has great driving skills, being able to drive over and under mountains.

I’ve been to quite a few countries, but Taiwan appealed the most to me. Friendly citizens, delicious food and beautiful sceneries wherever I go. I would highly recommend www.taiwanholidays.com.au to all my friends, family and colleagues. It was an unforgettable experience and well worth the money.

G.H. Sun  - Sydney

Best of Taiwan 8 Days Tour Package (August2019)
Just a quick thank you note.
The Taiwan stage of our trip went exactly to plan. We were very happy with the services provided by your in-country operators in Taiwan. The tour was a well balanced mix of sightseeing and education. The hotels and guide were excellent. We now have a much better appreciation of the country. Thank you for arranging a great trip.

Rod & Kay


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Images from our tours:
CKS Memorial Hall & National Theater
CKS Memorial Hall & National Theater

Coach: Our transport
Coach: Our transport

Fishman's Wharf

Former British Consulate at KHH
Former British Consulate, KHH

National Palace Museum, TPE
National Palace Museum, TPE

Tree ('Pig')  at Alishan
Tree ('Pig') at Alishan

Queen's Head
Queen's Head at Yehliu Park

Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake

Temple at Sun Moon Lake
Temple near Sun Moon Lake
Taiwan Holidays & Travel (Group Tour to Taiwan)1
Taiwan tour
Taiwan tours Aboriginal traditional weaving at culture village
Taiwan tour (traditional aboriginal sticky rice at Formosan Culture Village(
Taiwan tour (TaiwanHolidays.com.au coach transport) at Alishan Tea House
Taiwan tour (Tainan ChikanLo Tower)
Taiwan tour (Lantern at Mazu Temple Kaohsiung's ChiZin Wharf)
Taiwan tour (Five Dime Restaurant)
Taiwan tour (group photo in front of Martyrs' Shrine)


Images of Taiwan:

Taipei 101 @ Taipei City

Sun Moon Lake

Sunrise @ Alishan Mt.

Alishan Rail

Taroko Gorge

Kenting Beach

Queen's Head @ Yehliu

Hot Spring in Taiwan

Yangmingshan Park

Chiufen Village

National Palace Museum


Taipei's Bus Stop Sign

Taiwan's Taxi

Taipei MRT

Taiwan Scooter

Taiwan New Year Celebration

Lantern Festival

Dragon Boat Festival

Mid Autumn Festival

Taiwanese Opera

CKS Memorial Hall @ TPE

Shilin Night Market
Taiwan Night Market

Taiwan Desert Bao  Bin

Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup

Taiwan Burger: 'Gua Bao'

Bamboo Rice

Taiwanese Sausege

Main Shen

Oyester Omelet

Taiwanese Stinky Tofu

Taiwan Minced Pork Rice

Pearl Milk Tea

Lemon Ai Yu

Taiwan Wax Apple

Taiwan Guava

Ximenting District in Taipei

TWD - Paper Money

TWD - Coins

Taiwan Aboriginal Culture

Taiwanese Rural Farmer

Taiwan Betel Nut Beauty