Traveling to Taiwan? Free Public Wi-Fi Launched in Taipei

Free Wi-Fi is something Internet addicts are constantly looking for, especially when travelling. Next time you’re flying to Taiwan, looks like you’re covered as the Taipei city government has just finished implementing the first stage of introducing free public wi-fi throughout Taipei.

Taiwan tech blog TechOrange reports that currently, the free wireless Internet connection is limited to public areas such as the MRT, shopping areas, office areas, hospitals, and libraries. By October, the Taipei City Department of Information Technology estimates that an average of 500,000 people will be using the free service, once the network has expanded to major streets and avenues, residential areas, densely populated public places and at least 800 city buses.
To access the service, you’ll need to apply for an account on the Taipei Free Public Wi-Fi access website, which thankfully is available in English. The quick 3-step registration can be done in minutes but would require a mobile number registered in Taiwan. Alternatively, tourists can use their passports to register at any of the tourism centers across the city.
Don’t even think about lugging your laptop around to download torrents all day as the free WiFi only runs on 512k bandwidth. At least it’s enough to use maps and online English translators that could be pretty handy for tourists in the predominantly Chinese-speaking country.
Check out this quick, handy instruction guide on how to access the network:

Note: You must enter a mobile number in order to complete the registration process, or contact ”Taipei Visitor Information Center” for registration.

1. Please check that your devices, such as a Laptop, Tablet PCs, Smart Phone, etc. support Wi-Fi.
2. Please go to “Network Settings” and complete your wireless network setup as illustrated below.

 2-1 For iOS based devices 
 Wi-Fi Access Guide

2-2 For Android based devices
 Wi-Fi Access Guide width=

2-3 If you are using a laptop, please activate Wi-Fi and search for relevant wireless networks
 Wi-Fi Access Guide width=


3. Open your web browser, and you will be automatically directed to the login page. Please enter your mobile number and Wi-Fi Password to login .If the initial page you load is an https page with encrypted protocols, such as or, our system will not be able to direct your browser to the login authentication page. Please load a usual http URL to be directed automatically.


User Guide


4. If you have not registered for a Taipei Free account, you will need to go through a verification process via your mobile phone. The process is detailed below:


4-1 Click the “Register” button located at the bottom of screen 
User Guide

4-2 Enter your mobile phone number, password and email address. A 6-digit authorization code will be sent to your mobile phone(The SMS sending from Taipei Free are free, you will not be charged any fee) 
User Guide

4-3 Enter the 6-digit authorization code you received on your mobile phone 
User Guide

4-4 Account registration succeeded 
User Guide


5. Log in and outOpen your web browser, and you will be immediately directed to the login page. Enter your mobile number and password to log in


5-1 Open your web browser, and you will be immediately directed to the login page. Enter your mobile number and password to log in.
User Guide
5-2 When you finish the Internet, please enter "" directly to offline , or link to official website of Taipei Free Press "logout" button to log out.


(Source: 21 July 2017)

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