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What is it that makes foreigners want to shout "Bravo!" when they experience Taiwan? This year the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has produced short promotional videos centered on six different themes, using a quasi-documentary method to present the actual experiences of foreign travelers in Taiwan. The films express how the island affects foreign tourists so much that their only response is, "Bravo!" Come and visit this amazing destination of Taiwan, with Taiwan Travel Specialist – Taiwan Holidays who can offer the expertise on anything about Taiwan travel, tours to Taiwan, and latest Taiwan Tourism information and much more. 

Fun Taiwan Discovery Channel on YouTube

Time for Taiwan-The Heart of Asia
(Taiwan Tourism Bureau - Australia Taiwan  Holidays Travel Tour)

Time for Taiwan
(Taiwan Tourism Bureau Promotion Videos 2011)

Taiwanese movies have earned a high reputation in international film festivals over the past few years, giving a different impression of Taiwan, with its vitality of soft power and culture, to the whole world. Last year, the number of tourists to Taiwan reached a record of 5,567,000; to keep the number rising, the Tourism Bureau is targeting 4 categories of tourists: young backpackers, senior couples, young women, and families. A brand-new international promotional film was shot, using movie production values for the first time, to incorporate the island's natural beauty and cultural diversity into a short film. The beauty of Taiwan is shown through both images and sound to portray Taiwan's warmth and hospitality to from tourists around the world.

The most meaningful element of a trip is "people", who give tourists their most lasting memories, and it is friendly interpersonal relations that make Taiwan a unique destination for tourists from all over the world. The Tourism Bureau invited director Johnason Lo, who has won international Promax, iF Design, and red-dot awards, and Michael Fimognari, a well-known photographer with two Emmy awards to his credit, to help produce the film, "Time for Taiwan—My Beautiful Island". The film takes a completely different perspective, and focuses primarily on interpersonal relations at their most unique. The film is designed in a way that escapes the constraints of a rigid government promotional film, and also abandons the old fashioned style of a drama or a scenic-spot-oriented film. The images in the film are seen through eyes of four groups of tourists and through their stories in Taiwan, which show vividly the excitement and discovery they experience during their journey. A trip can produce in tourists valuable memories and a desire to come again. This is what the film, "It's time for Taiwan", tries to tell everyone in the world: come experience this beautiful island.
The film combines two themes -- "International Spotlight" and "Tour Taiwan, Experience the Centennial"-- along with Taiwan's folk religions, folk culture, aboriginal tribes, hot springs, innovation, contemporary culture, hiking, and eco-tourism. The film is the product of a full year of planning and shooting. Four versions with different lengths have been produced: 16 minutes, 10 minutes, 60 seconds, and 30 seconds.

I Love Hualien in East Coast of Taiwan


Taiwan Tourism At A Glance
(Taiwan Tourism Bureau Promotion Videos 2009) 

Taiwan Festivals
(New Year, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Jhongyuan Ghost Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Yenhsui Beehive Rockets Festival)


Interesting Taiwanese Food
(Bizarre Food -Taiwan with Andrew Zimmern from TravelChanel 2008) 

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Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup Taiwan Food


Taiwan Travel & Tour Videos   

Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Trip Video Clip Selection 1 by overseas visitors
Taiwan's Aboriginal Children  
Travelogue's presenter, Marc Edwards, takes you on a guided tour of the best things to see and do in Taipei.


Chio Tian Folk Drums and Arts Troupe


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