Youth Travel Packages


National Youth Commission (NYC) of Administration Yuan encourages youth to experience Taiwanese cultures and provokes the trend of learning while traveling. Since 2006, we have released 2 types of Youth Travel Card for youth who is at the age of 15-30. The blue one (with ocean pattern) is for Taiwanese youth and the red one (with aboriginal tribe pattern) is for international youth.

Youth Taiwan Rail Packages

A perfect way for budget traveler to explore the beauty of Taiwan! Package is specially designed for International Student Identity Card holders and youth under 30 to adventure Taiwan by Rail and to experience Taiwan YH on your own!

Itinerary with Rail & Accomodation Package

East Taiwan in 5 Days $180 p.p.
West Taiwan in 5 Days $190p.p.
- 5 Days Taiwan Rail Pass Package
- 4 Nights Accommodation ...