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Dharma Drum Mountain Buddism Monastery :  History - In 1978, Master Sheng Yen succeeded Venerable Master Dongchu as the abbot of Nung Chan Monastery and the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Culture, carrying on his master's vocation and popularizing the Buddhadharma by converting it into concepts and methods that everyone can understand, accept and use. As the number of devotees at Nung Chan Monastery and students at the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies continued to increase, in 1989 a plot of land in Jinshan Township, Taipei County, was purchased. Master Sheng Yen named this land "Dharma Drum Mountain," and the organization Dharma Drum Mountain was formally established.

Dharma Drum Mountain developed from Nung Chan Monastery and the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Culture, which were both founded by Venerable Master Dongchu. Nung Chan Monastery, whose early residents dedicated themselves to the practice of Chan and grew their own food (hence its name, as "Nung" here means "to farm"), was established in 1975. At that time, Venerable Master Dongchu was devoted to promoting Buddhist culture in Taiwan, cultivating Buddhist human talent, and holding an annual winter charity event.

Today you will have the chance to experience the Zen Meditation in one of the most respected Buddism Moastery in the world.

Yehliu : Discover the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area, located in the northeast corner of Taiwan, and see enchanting scenery and fascinating glimpses into the lifestyles of the past. Yehliu Park is known for it's spectacular rock formations, sculptured throughout the ages by wind and sea erosion leaving fascinating pillars including the famous Queen's Head and Fairy's Shoe.

Chiufen l
ocated in Rueifan Twon, Taipei County, Chiufen used to be the center of gold mining in Taiwan. With a unique location and landscape, the famous scenic spot, Chiufen is surrounded by mountains and facing the sea, offering amazing views of Mist Sea that creates a romantic ambience. When gold mining industry ended, Chuifen was once solitude until the rise of tourism in Chuifen, it is now one of the must-see attractions for your Taipei travel.

The name "Chiufen" means nine portions in Mandarin. According to the references from Taipei County Government, there were only nine families lived in this village during Ching Dynasty. Due to lack of resources, whenever one of the nine families went grocery shopping in the market or purchasing goods from freighters, they would purchase nine portions; this is how Chiufen earned its name. Until 1893, gold was found in Chiufen, large numbers of gold miners entered the village and brought prosperities to the area. During World War Two after restoration of Taiwan, gold fever subsided, gold mining industry officially ended in 1971.

Today, Chiufen features historical sites of Japanese styled architectures and a vivid old street that offers abundant local snacks and exotic traditional stores. Famous Chuifen snacks include sweet taro balls made by tapioca starch and taro, rice cake with Chinese herbs, red vinasse Taiwanese meatball; Red vinasse is the vinasse of Shaohsing Wine, and many others. Moreover, enjoying fabulous mountain and sea views with great teas from teahouses are popular among tourists and locals.

Another highlight of Chiufen is the Gold Ecological Museum. The museum offers histories of gold mining industry in the area. Various facilities include Museum of Gold, Environmental building, Crown Prince Chalet, Four-joined of Japanese Styled Residence, Gold-refining building and Benshan Fifth Tunnel. Visitors may take a walk through Benshan Fifth Tunnel to experience the working environment of gold miners in old days, or visit the Crown Prince Chalet for a beautiful Japanese styled chalet and garden. Enriched with beautiful nature views, architectures, and tasty local dishes, Chiufen is an excellent, memorable attraction for your Taipei travel !

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  • Personal expenditure such as drinks, food and souvenirs

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